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The application of two persona theories to the

“One must have a pity party for those who have odd tastes, yet never slander them. Their very own wrong is usually Nature’s as well; they are forget about responsible for having come into the world with traits unlike ours than will be we for being born bandy-legged or well-proportioned. Marquis sobre Sade, “Dialogue the Fifth (1795). I was especially curious by this statement which offers justification on to whom we are and why we do things. In essence, it states that many of us do some things that may most likely be different via what the rest of us do.

All of us, however , should not fault these people for having completed the same nor should we all insult all of them because these things do happen and they can happen against the person’s volition. This is similar to a persona theory called the Biological Trait Theory which states that there are biological conditions that control man behaviors. These kinds of biological conditions can be followed directly to processes that happen in a person’s brain.

The theory that human behavior can be traced to biological causes was hypothesized by simply Hans Eysenck who thought that criminality resulted from a nervous program distinct as a result of most persons.

On the other hand, a few disregard the effect of internal mental processes to a person’s behavior. Some trace individual behavior towards the development of a person’s unconscious persona. Sigmund Freud theorized that human individuality develops in three levels: id, spirit and the superego, all of which may explain human behavior. (“Psychoanalytic Theories) The id represents the blockbuster of a person’s desires and wishes and is considered the most primitive with the three individuality.

From the moment of birth, every single human person possesses id which is described by the self-centeredness of the kid as he is more focused on the satisfaction of his wants and wants. The ego, on the other hand, presents a self conscious person who provides understood the actual world is usually not about him alone. It truly is at this stage the child understands to socialize and abide by certain sociable norms. The superego relates to the stage when the kid learns to distinguish between precisely what is morally right and incorrect. It is at this point when the kid develops the right values and gains an idea of values.

This dissertation is concerned with the two mentioned here famous persona theories. I actually aim to clarify these two concepts and apply the same using the personality trait of Jeffrey Dahmer, a famous serial killer. In my opinion that the two theories can adequately make clear the behavior of the serial fantastic and can both explain how come a person engages in deviant behavior. Personality Profile of Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer was a renowned serial fantastic who victimized 17 males and boys between 78 and 1991. What could have motivated or impelled these kinds of a timid young man to commit this sort of atrocities?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born on, may 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, wisconsin, Wisconsin. It was said that Jeffrey Dahmer’s challenges started even before he was created. Her mom, Joyce Dahmer constantly lamented of her morning sickness and even the smell of food preparing food bothered her. She also created muscle spasms which usually caused her to take medicines and pills. It was reported that her mother used up to twenty pills each day. As a child he found satisfaction in getting rid of and in mutilating animals like nailing a dog to a shrub and crucifying squirrels in the small family pet cemetery.

This individual also performed weird trials with these types of animals simply by performing surgical procedures on them. During his trial, it was found out that he collected lifeless animals and exhibited signs of necrophilia. His stepmother Shari Dahmer stated that when having been still young, he loved to use acidity to clean the beef off dead animals. The lady even recalled that there was one time an odor emanated from their basement and storage area. This motivated his dad to investigate. Having been surprised to discover that Jeffrey Dahmer accumulated bones and meat residue of animals and located them inside containers.

His family was known to be a spiritual family. By such a young age Jeffrey also experienced moving to different neighborhoods. By age of eight years old his family moved to Ohio. Nevertheless , because his father was so occupied with his function and his aspire to obtain a PhD, he put in little time with his family. His family fell apart when he would still be very fresh. His father left their home and eventually his parents got divorce. His mother had taken his buddy while he went on to have with his daddy. At this kind of a young age group, Jeffrey Dahmer felt the anxiety to be abandoned simply by his mother and close friend.

It was reported that as a child he was sexually molested by simply his neighbour. During his younger times he was really shy and was considered to be loner. Having been afraid to venture to school and he was afraid when he was with people. At school, he had no good friends and he did not like to be with people. His teachers noticed that Jeffrey had a diverse personality in comparison to the other boys for school and suggested that his father and mother should get support from authorities. But this individual did not. If he attended university, he was poor in class. Afterwards when he fallen out of class his daddy convinced him to join the military and he started to be an army team.

In 1988 nevertheless he was caught for sexually fondling a 13-yr-old son for which he served one year in a operate release camp and was required to register as a sexual intercourse offender. However, it is interesting that his thirteenth victim was your older brother from the 13-yr-old son he molested. During his lifetime this individual killed seventeen victims: a few are white and 13 are dark-colored. Most of his victims had been African American and Asian teenage boys. During his trial this individual however denied that the mother nature of his crime was racial. Every he stated during his trial was “it was my selfish lust (Reader’s Guide to Jeffrey Dahmer).

But it really can not be rejected that race was mostly the reason for his murders. The amount of black persons he murdered as against the white is going to highlight that race not lust was his main motivation. Jeffrey Dahmer passed away in year 1994 when he, as well as another defendent named Jesse Anderson, was killed with a white inmate, named Christopher Scalver, who also suffered schizophrenia and delusions. They were crushed to death by a lead pipe. It is known that the reason for the killing was furthermore racial. Modus Operandi Dahmer was 18 when he began his heritage as a dramón killer.

His modus operandi was to get young lgbt or androgino men in bars. He offers them money so they really could take pictures of them or he basically invites these to watch movies at his house and drink beverage. Dahmer will drug his victims in order that he could have sex with them without the response or perhaps reciprocity. He will eventually drill holes in the skull of his patients and serve acid in these slots to destroy their minds. The effect of the mad research is that that makes the victims alive although semiconscious. Dahmer will then produce sex slaves out of his patients.

The victim’s head and genitalia had been eventually held as trophies and the muscle tissues would be iced to be eaten later. Dahmer also conducted medical tests on his victims by going holes and pouring chemical p to the gap. Jeffrey Dahmer’s cannibalistic habits as a child fantastic practice of necrophilia became manifest only at the age of 18. It is said the number of subjects he killed would not possess escalated to 17 acquired the police strongly looked into the disappearance of gays or black persons within the area. Likewise the courts had been considered lax on crimes he fully commited earlier in his life.

The social personnel were furthermore negligent in failure to monitoring him despite the previously offenses he committed. This bears straining that it was only when he was in fact caught that the police found out that there were a racist killer on the street. An example of this is just what happened with this 13th victim Konerak Sinthasomphone. 3 police officers had been called during those times. Upon coming to the landscape they observed 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone who had been running around undressed and to some extent confused. That appeared that he was operating away from Jeffrey Dahmer. Two girls seen and they educated the police relating to this.

But the police however presumed Jeffrey Dahmer who convinced them which the 14-year-old young man was actually 19 years old and was his lover and they are simply having a lover’s quarrel. The police in that case escorted the 14yr outdated Konerak Sinthasomphone back to Jaffrey Dahmer’s flat. This proved to be a mistake since eventually the 14-year-old youngster was identified dead. When he was trapped the police discovered in his apartment a newly severed brain in the refrigerator, several pairs of hands and male organ stocked in the back of the wardrobe, there were two boiled and fleshless skulls on a wardrobe shelf.

There are also photos of dismembered bodies and skulls which are taken by Dahmer before and after the killing. Biological Trait Theory From the point of view of Biological Trait Theorists, scientific research may have the answer to get the stew brought by human behavior, especially deviant behaviors. They believe that human brain may possibly have the response to violent human behavior. (Ingrid Solano) It is known that there are particular areas inside the brain which may provide clues for dramón killers just like Jeffrey Dahmer and that specific changes in the human brain may cause an alteration in man behavior.

They will cite including the case of Phineas Gage who was, prior to his incident, well loved by his co-office workers. It came out that while at the job, Gage suffered a serious incident. Gage, who was a foreman, “triggered a premature exploding market that launched a pointed straightener rod, heavy as a broomstick, right through his skull. The rod rocketed through his face, excising his kept eye, and exited skyward through the leading of his head. Astoundingly, Gage was able to stand and speak in a few minutes. His intelligence was intact. Nevertheless later it became clear which the once straight young man was altered.

He now heart-broken, lied and behaved and so abominably that he could hardly hang on to a job or maybe a friend. The balance “between his intellectual teachers and his pet propensities was destroyed, composed Gage’s doctor, John Harlow. Gage was no longer Gauge.  (Claudia Wallis) Applying this theory to the circumstance of Jeffrey Dahmer, it appears that there were indeed something in his mind that made him devote these atrocities. Firstly, his parents, even though they received separated were normal persons. His father was a chemist and his mom was prior to divorce an excellent mother. He came from a relatively loving relatives.

There was practically nothing that will present that having been abused or perhaps maltreated as a child by his parents. Actually his father and mother even tried to bring out the best in him by sending him to a good college and a fantastic environment. Although he was reported to have been sexually molested by a neighbor when he was older, this is at the time if he was already exhibiting violent behaviors. Secondly, the accounts in Jeffrey Dahmer’s life says that through the very early age of four he already demonstrated no sorrow for pets as he played around with on them and decapitated all of them and scraped their epidermis off.

It could not have been possible that he acquired this kind of behavior by his father and mother or his neighbors. As a result, his patterns could just be attributed to the inner processes of his mind which is demonstrated by the fact that Dahmer’s violent behavior showed even at the time when he was two years outdated when his father pointed out that he appreciated to strongly push prevents and fiercely rip up leaves. It absolutely was as if his violent tendencies was in-born on his component. There is nothing at all that could describe this chaotic behavior except that it was the chemical reactions in the brain that trigger these kinds of violent outbursts.

Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory Alternatively, Freud provided another description for deviant behavior. He thought that dramón killers happen to be narcissists or what this individual called the stage of pure id. (“Freud Narcissist Theory) A narcissist is an individual without having sense of empathy. They have no feeling of the world without regard pertaining to the feelings of other person aside from their particular. A person who engages in deviant tendencies has the a sense of self-importance and obsession with fantasies of unlimited success.

He is confident that he can special and unique and he feels that every persons deserve to get punished and hurt. He can a person who is concerned only with himself and has real self-love. In respect to Freud, human individuality is divided into three stages: id, ego and superego. The objective is made for human persona to progress from the id towards the superego. The web that some people are not able to progress to superego and remain in the stage of id. Serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer, are never able to progress from the infantile and psychological development level of the id.

This theory can aptly apply to Jeffrey Dahmer. It is worth nothing that Jeffrey Dahmer was an anti-social when he was still being a child. This individual disliked taking part in competitive and physical game titles with the additional child. In facts, accounts show that Dahmer was more captivated by games just like hide and seek or perhaps games that involved stalking or camouflaging. At institution, he would not talk to the other kids which alerted his educators. Indeed, Dahmer had challenges maintaining romantic relationship with other persons which is the building blocks of the following stage of personality theory ” the ego.

This personality characteristic continued till he come to his adult life. He was poor in school, acquired kicked out of the military and was under no circumstances able to stay in any kind of function. According to Freud, this kind of feeling of overabundance narcissism can be associated with creating a lack of sex libido. It is because of this reason that Jeffrey Dahmer when his victims are semi-conscious would usually have repeated love-making with his sufferer first before this individual kills them. His purpose is to release his sexual libido. In accordance to Freud, this narcissistic feeling is usually manifested together with the manner the serial great kills his victims.

Regarding Jeffrey Dahmer, he would usually degrade his victims, humiliate and simple them by simply drilling gaps to their head and flowing acid upon these slots so that they continue to be alive but are semi-conscious. The dismembered areas of the body will later on be positioned inside the refrigerator to be eaten later. Conclusion We learn about serial criminals almost all the time in our culture to the stage that it is becoming normal for all of us to hear and find out people staying killed, mutilated and broken. Our world is furthermore fascinated when the life of serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer, happen to be portrayed in the movies, televisions and newspapers.

Even though it is true that people hate all of them but in the back of our thoughts there is a a sense of awe whenever we watch a film about serial killers. I think this is due to of our like for violence and threat. This on the other hand only speaks of the debase condition of the current society. Were not aware that perhaps it’s the society’s captivation for dramón killers and our appreciate for lust and physical violence that provides an impressive thousand associated with Jeffrey Dahmer. The author seems that as long as this condition persists we will see 1000 more of Jeffrey Dahmer being born.


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