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Money Back Guarantee

Our policy on Money Back allows you the freedom to claim your money back, if you’re not satisfied with our work. We believe in providing the best academic writing support to all our clients. With over 95% of our clients returning back with requests for more work, we’re proud to state that our success rate is near perfect.


  1. Applicability of Refund. In certain very rare cases, when we’re not able to provide you with a paper that meets your requirements in time, you can ask for your refund. It’s important to note the following situations for which refund will be applicable :-


  • Although highly uncommon, this may happen; but you need not worry, as we’ll notify you at the earliest. If you requested a revision, but no suitable writer could be assigned by us, your claim is forwarded to dispute department of our company. It’s then checked and processed for refund.
  • The refund in such cases will vary between 70% to 100% depending upon the work already carried out by the writer and the company.
  • The refund in such a situation will be around 50% only.
  • Sometimes the delivery of your paper may get delayed due to unforeseen emergencies like illness etc. We’ll refund and appropriate amount to you in such cases. The actual amount of the refund will be decided after interacting with you. However, it may be noted that no late delivery compensation will be admissible in case the delay is entirely attributable to a deferred submission of necessary input from your side. It’s therefore advisable that you must send all relevant information and input required for the job at the time of placing the order itself. If the original deadline of the order was eight hours, but the delivery was delayed by an hour, the order automatically falls to the next category of deadlines, which is 24 hours. It’s entirely up to you, whether you want to deliver the entire amount or not.
  • It’s our endeavor to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the paper and have requested for a refund, our administration will carryout an independent investigation. The decision on the applicability of refund will be taken based on the results of the investigation.
  • If you’ve placed an order by mistake and wish to cancel it, you must get in touch with our support team at the earliest. You’ll need to place a request for cancellation of the duplicate order before a writer gets assigned on the job. Otherwise the order will be treated as a separate order and the cancellation will be done as per the rulings given above.
  • Although highly uncommon, you may get billed twice for the same order. If you’ve paid twice for a single order by mistake, full refund is admissible for the extra amount that you’ve paid. This can be done by freezing or blocking the amount in your account for payment of the next order or by giving you discounts with total worth of the same amount.
  • If you’ve demanded a refund claiming that the paper is plagiarized, you’ll need to submit a turnitin report. Please note that we don’t accept reports from any other plagiarism software.


  1. Non-Applicability of Refund. It’s our primary focus to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients; however, at the same time, we also have to look after the interests of our writers. In view of the same, in some cases as given below, no refund can be made to you:


  •  If 14 days have passed after delivery of the paper, the order is understood to have been accepted by you. Claim for a refund can’t be processed after that.
  • If you’ve accepted the paper and submitted it at your school, but received a grade lower than what you excepted, it’s not the writer’s fault. Please bear in mind that we never promise high grades because that’s out of our control. We work within the guidelines provided by you and hence we can only guarantee your satisfaction.


  • Please note that the delivery date of your paper commences after you’ve successfully made the payment. Even if you made the payment, but it got delayed from your bankers, the deadline countdown will start after the payment is received by us. In case the paper was sent back for a review, the deadlines are changed. Hence, the “Delayed Delivery Refund”, as mentioned in the previous section can’t be applied.
  • Any intrinsic errors of contextual nature in the original paper submitted by you for these services can’t be attributed on our company.


  1. Processing of Refund. After the refund is decided, you’ll get notified about the same. The refund is then processed within five working days from the date of this notification. Please keep in mind that we’re not responsible for any transfer and handling fees levied by your banker, banking delays or anomalies.


Just like you had the freedom to choose the payment method at the time of initial payment, you’ve got the option to either go as per the Money Back policy or freeze the funds with our company for your future orders. There’s no expiry date for using the funds, nor any limit on amount that can be frozen.




There’s a provision of loyalty programs with the company, under which credits are awarded to our loyal customers to use while paying for their future orders. Each credit is worth $1.00 and can be collected and used easily. The request for a refund claim has to be initiated by you on email within 14 days of receiving the completion notification. Please ensure that you provide all relevant input and exhaustive instructions at the time of ordering your paper in order to get a topnotch paper within your defined deadline.