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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: https://astischool.com.

During your interaction with our website, we aim to ensure that you are aware of any regulations and procedures in place to comply with privacy-related legislation. Our privacy policy has been carefully considered to comply both with active legislation and with your comfort and confidence when it comes to your use of the website.

The following document is a binding, legal document with encompasses matters related solely to privacy during your interaction with the website and once you have read, understood and consequently agreed to its contents, you have entered an agreement with our company. This result in a series of mutual obligations in which both the company and yourself must abide. Opening this website on any device, using any browser inclusive of mobile browsers, you automatically agree to all details provisions and henceforth form an expression of consent. This is a generalised policy and it should be understood that the following terms cannot be altered and are inclusive to all who choose to use the website. Should you disagree with any of the terms, we would recommend you do not proceed further nor do you purchase any of our services.

General Provisions

  • As a company, we work exceptionally hard to ensure that we provide the customer with a fulfilling service and a smooth experience throughout. To ensure that we continue to meet these exacting standards, we have developed a simple and effective process of identification and communication. This is to ensure that both the user and customer are satisfied with the transaction process, starting from your first use of the website and resulting in a completed transaction.
  • Throughout your use of the website, we will collect specific and useful data to improve the experience for yourself and other users.
  • Upon agreement to the content of this document, you are agreeing to provide us with accurate personal information. This allows us to ensure that any changes made are reflective of accurate needs. You are also agreeing that the methods in which we collect this data is legitimate and you are comfortable with this.
  • Any data is collected with your knowledge and permission. All information pertains to the rules as outlined within this privacy policy.
  • The bulk of the information we collect comes directly from the user. Any extra information we require must be expressively obtained with the user’s permission.

Information that you must agree to provide

  • Any answers you provide filling in online survey’s and forms.
  • Information you have provided that alludes to aspects of your personality.
  • Any details from communication you have at any given point with our customer service team.

Information that we collect

  • Information regarding your activity and use of the website, and all pages within.
  • Cookie files acquired detailing any information regarding your use of the website and associated services.
  • Information regarding any transactions you make during your use of the website and its services.

Information that we NEVER collect

  • Any information detailing your political views.
  • Information regarding your sexual orientation.
  • Details regarding your mental and/or physical health.
  • Any information regarding any criminal history you may or may not have.
  • Any information regarding your religious affiliations.

Information that is automatically collected when you use the website

  • The time in which you access the website.
  • The type of browser you are using.
  • The operating system you are using.

It should be noted that none of the above information is used to identify specific personal information such as your location. These are generic details that are associated with your use of the website in regards to the platforms. At no point are we looking to extract vital personal details that you hold closest to yourself. The aim of collecting data such as the above is to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible service that reflects user experience, website interface and custom content.

Information that is collected upon purchase of our services

For us to fulfil your order to the highest possible standard, there is some information that we will collect during the transaction process. This is from the moment in which you select the services you require right to the point of transaction. During this process, we will collect the following information:

  • Your contact information, namely your contact number.
  • Your email address.
  • A copy of the identification document as provided by yourself (relevant ID such as a driver’s license).
  • The last 4 digits of your credit/debit card and the name on the account.

Upon collection of the above data, we will use the email address you have provided to send you notifications regarding the process of your order and any questions pitched from the writer which require your attention to ensure a complete service is provided. As you move onto the payment page, you are agreeing to receive notifications via SMS and emails regarding the latest offers, news and other such promotional and marketing information regarding the company.

We as a company are incredibly stringent on ensuring that our service is safe for the user. As a result, we look to protect you where possible from fraud by correctly processing your payment. We reserve the right to ask you to provide identification, such as a Driver’s License for us to ensure that your payment details match. It should be noted that we only need to see proof of name and the last 4 digits of the card number in this instance. Where you choose to use the secure online payment system rather than enter your card details, we may ask you to provide a copy of your receipt for our records.

Final Provisions

We work hard to ensure nothing but complete confidentiality in regards to any information you provide us. This includes the information that is collected automatically as well as further information you choose to supply us with. Our staff have been appropriately trained to manage and protect your data from any illegal use by third parties. However, in the event in which your information is requested by the relevant legal authorities, we reserve the right to provide this.

This document regulates any contact made between yourself and the company. No other source should be trusted concerning the information provided in this policy.

In matters whereby something within this policy cannot be followed, this does not excuse the same provision from being followed in lieu with this policy in the future. Exceptions are relative and will not be universally applied. Whereby provisions cannot be met as detailed within this policy, we can alter them to implement them as closely as possible to the original purpose.

All the information enclosed within this document will be considered read, understood and accepted within one day of it being supplied to the user.

The information provided within this document does not provide the user with any right to act as a third party agent for the company. There are no business relationships attributed to the use of this website and any service provided on here can be sold exclusively by this company alone. There are no third party obligations as a result of this policy. Any obligations are exclusive between the company and yourself.

All communication on this website shall be through the use of the English language as this is the native language used for the company. Should you wish to express any views or communicate in any way with the support team, it will be in English.

The headings within this policy should not be considered when interpreting the privacy policy. The information beneath must be considered in context and is not limited by the heading.