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Basics of writing a doctoral dissertation

As part of the Ph.D. program, the most important and voluminous element is the writing of a dissertation. During training and passing a series of courses at a particular faculty that are dedicated to the development of professional skills, you will definitely need to go through a seminar on the monograph prospectus. If scholars successfully pass exams, this often happens in the sixth semester.

The life goal of the dissertation prospectus seminar is to organize the general structure of the procedure for selecting the most suitable monograph projects, form a monograph board, design a dissertation plan in the form of a prospectus, and in some cases develop a plan to receive financial grants.

The organization of a monograph board who are involved in the selection of paper projects is a mandatory course requirement. It is important to note that the monograph committee consists of a director and two other members of the commission. When organizing the defense of the paper, the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) acts as the primary project manager for scholars and also conducts the necessary series of free consultations on drafting a dissertation.

At the same time, the Director of Graduate Studies appoints two other members of the monograph board, which are previously discussed by the student and the professor of the dissertation project. In general, the education committee is responsible for analyzing and evaluating a detailed written proposal from scholars regarding a monograph plan.

! Students must provide a detailed description of a plan no later than the end of the 6th semester and with the direct approval of the final version of the paper program.

Fundamentals of compiling the dissertation prospectus

The monograph prospectus is clearly structured and must be divided into four sections. These sections include:

  1. Historiography – search and an indication of the essential elements of information resources regarding relevant literature sources;
  2. Methodology – a detailed search and description of the approach and methods that scholars are invited to use as part of drafting a paper;
  3. Types of sources needed for search;
  4. Significance – an indication of why this paper is really significant and what is the need for this study.

Besides, college scholars also need to compile a bibliography of all primary and secondary sources of information (books, news, lab reports, etc.). According to the regulation, in the frame paper of the defense of dissertations, if the proposal that the student submits for drafting a specific monograph project does not meet the requirements of the commission, then this proposal can be postponed for re-submission until the end of the summer, which follows after the 6th semester of learning.


If the student is unable to submit information about his/her paper upon repeated appeal timely, the project under discussion is recognized as incompetent and excludes further funding from the department in the educational institution.

! Do not forget that if you need to send a petition to members in the academic department for a postponement of defense of a monograph and this should be done exclusively in handwriting form.

How to postpone the deadlines

Moreover, all such statements should be carried out exclusively with the study support and presence of recommendations from the faculty dissertation advisor. Among the list of central reasons why scholars have an opportunity to postpone the deadlines for submitting a monograph, the following should be noted:

  • Cases of prolonged illness;
  • Additional training load in addition to the standard educational procedure provided for the second year and 5th semester;
  • The emergence of unexpected difficulties with the formation of the dissertation topic;
  • Preparation for defense and exam.

Importance of consulting with a paper supervisor

After future candidates will undergo preliminary testing and get approval for the proposed monograph proposal from the board, scholars need to begin as soon as possible to conduct direct research on the paper. It is worthwhile to understand that when doing your studying, it is possible to obtain completely unexpected results regarding sources of information that were found in a library.

That is why the scholar must continuously consult with his/her dissertation supervisor and demonstrate evidence and progress when drafting a paper. Such procedures often occur between the scholar and his/her supervisor in informal free consultations in campus.

! Remember that if you are outside of the educational campus site (for example studying at home) while writing a monograph, you must, in any case, contact your professor at least once a semester for discussing news about the progress.

Undergoing the paper presentation

Also, as part of writing a school monograph, scholars need to conduct a public presentation in front of the Workshop and demonstrate all or a section of information that is contained in the dissertation or any other task regarding a chosen paper topic. As for the deadlines, the paper content must be completed within four years from the moment the scholar successfully passes the preliminary exam. Of course, several exceptions to this rule are allowed. However, for this, the scholar will need to contact and submit an application to the education department and obtain consent to postpone the deadlines.

After the teacher is assigned to the students, then the refusal to accompany the situational projects by the selected teacher can occur without specifying the exact reasons. On the other hand, the scholar can also submit a drafted request to the training department in order to replace the director of the monograph at absolutely any stage of preparing the paper.

A change of thesis director

If a situation that a thesis director decides to leave the faculty or university occurs, then this teacher must in a written form indicate whether he/she is ready to continue the administration of dissertations that are already in progress.

In any case, the teaching staff most often continues to manage doctoral monograph projects, even in case of leaving college and changing jobs. Nevertheless, if a scholar is faced with a situation when a supervisor leaves the walls of the school and does not plan to continue administering the dissertation plan, the studying board must make every effort, support, and supply resources to help a scholar to find a new supervisor on the assignment.

What elements does a persuasive dissertation include

In fact, the creation of a truly unique and robust dissertation (no matter history, medical disciplines, or in other fields) mainly depends on the proposed hypothesis of paper title, which in turn should be confirmed by the collected data in the framework of ongoing scholar research. Each dissertation plan must necessarily contain a precise list of crucial elements that include:

What elements does a persuasive dissertation include
  • A complete introduction to the problem statement;
  • Conceptual framework and research question for better accessibility;
  • References to the literature on the already published topic.

A critical condition for development a paper is that it must be relevant so that each student can independently examine the issues indicated in it. It should also be understood that depending on the educational institution where the student is learning, the amount of academic paper that must be performed according to the requirements can vary.

A mandatory element of each dissertation

A mandatory element of each doctoral thesis is also the usage of advanced research methods and information resources collection as well as the usage of various support tools that are used to prove the results. Besides, you need to understand that it is infrequent that a monograph can do without specific statistical and digital data on which the research is based. A similar sample used for research is necessary primarily for the qualitative defense of the thesis indicated in the monograph.

Today, the bulk of all present scientific publications is done with the condition that the academic thesis must contain not only the results published but also an analysis of these results and indicate what kind of life impact this has on the specific scientific sector on which the paper is done.

The phased monograph approval process

Even though most of the time university scholars spend on independent research and searching for public sources of information on their monograph, some educational institutions skip to main to conduct various kinds of consultations and revisions in the procedure of drafting a paper or a specific section. In this way, the educational board administers the progress in preparing each part of the work by the student.

At the same time, thanks to the series of various school consultations and presentations of their paper, students can sharpen the title, hypothesis of the monograph and different controversial search points much better before submitting their work to the board of education. It is essential to understand that the supervision by the university commission is not only necessary but also helps graduate students to write the paper step by step following all the rules and conditions of academic drafting.

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