We’re pleased to welcome you to our website. At the outset, we take this opportunity to request you to spare some time and go through our Terms and Conditions that govern the usage of our services. If you continue to use this site, whether after registering yourself or just as a guest, it’s implied that you agree that :-

  • The information that you’ve provided or will provide is complete and accurate.
  • You undertake to update the information, when it’s required.
  • You’re 18 years or older, which means that you can enter into legal agreements such as this.

If you’re not 18 yet, but older than 13 years, you can still use our services, but only under guidance of your parents or any other accountable adult. In such a case, your guardian will be considered to enter the legal agreement as per our Terms and Conditions.

By agreeing to use our site, you accept that we can terminate any/all of our services anytime without having to inform you, if you’re found to have violated any of our terms given here. Your account could also get suspended, if we feel that you’ve misrepresented some information, which needs to be investigated.

The Contract

You must not confuse the information that we provide on our website as an offer that’s binding on us. On the other hand, the information about our services is an ITT or an Invitation to Treat, on which your action of ordering is required to make it an agreement as per our Terms and Conditions. By placing an order for our services, you provide your voluntary consent to accept our rules.

Please note that after you’ve placed an order with us, you’ll receive an order number as a confirmation of receipt of your order. Any such confirmations through text SMS, phone calls or emails are simply acknowledgments of the receipt of your order and not a confirmation of our acceptance.

If, however, you’ve not canceled your order and haven’t received any notification from us regarding its rejection, it implies that your order has been accepted by us. The acceptance of your order makes us responsible to deliver our promised services to you in accordance with these Terms.

The decision to accept or reject an order or a part thereof solely rests with us and we’re not obliged to give any reasons for our decision to anyone. If your order or a certain portion of it has been rejected, we’ll refund the amount paid by you for the same.

Price Structure

You must understand that your order will be processed only after you’ve successfully paid for it and we’ve received the fees. You must make sure that you’ve understood the pricing of your paper and that you agree to it before you hit the “Proceed to Payment” tab.

In case there’s any mismatch between your initial order instructions and your final requirements, you’ll be required to make an additional payment. Unless you pay the extra fees, this order will be considered as unpaid and no action can be taken on it from our side. You order’s final payment will be inclusive of the Copyright License fee as per the Terms and Conditions described herein. Your total payable amount will depend upon the services that you’ve chosen to use.

All our prices are worked out and mentioned on the Website in USD. In case your banker or the credit card company doesn’t deal in USD, the price will automatically be converted to your currency as per the currency exchange rates at the time of payment. Please note that your final payment may include VAT, if you’re staying in European Union or as per the local tax rules of your location.

We’ve standardized prices for all types of services, but we may decide to price your project based on our assessment of the work required. This changed price will be offered to you through notification; you can get complete details about the final price of your order in the Control Panel or the Order Form.

Once you’ve been informed about the price of your order, it’s entirely your choice whether to proceed ahead or to cancel the order. You can also utilize the Store Credit Balance or bonuses to make the payment for your order.

In order to make the payment using a debit or a credit card, you’ll need to authorize the payment. You may also have to undergo a third party confirmation in order to complete payment through a card. You must also note that the successful completion of payment is your responsibility and your order can’t be processed in case of any authentication or technical issues from your bankers.


Please go through our policy on Money Back Guarantee before you proceed ahead. Refunds are applicable as per the Terms of use as defined in the policy and the same shall be deposited in the account through which the payment was initially made.

Commissions and Referrals

We’ve got a referral program through which you can earn money as per our Terms. This money can be used to pay for your future order or even to withdraw through the payment systems. You get a commission of 10% for purchases made by the users who had been referred by you. In case you wish to withdraw money using any of our supported international payment channels.

You can contact our Customer Support team to get more information about the systems that we support. Please bear in mind that the commission normally gets delivered into your account by 20th of the next month. However, we reserve the right to change the payment date. You must also note that we can deny the payment of commission for referrals if :-

  • The referral account is disclosed to be a computer generated fake account.
  • We notice any kind of dubious activities like similar orders from different accounts that have the same referral.
  • If our links are changed.
  • You try to monetize our referral codes from other sites.

Guarantee for Revision

You’re allowed to request for free revisions within the stipulated time in accordance with our “Revision Policy”.