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How to choose the right size for your research paper

Perhaps you’ll not surprise anyone with the fact that all the students have to write a research paper in college or university. Even while at school, you have to write at least a dozen different term papers or academic assignments. Writing a research paper in the first place involves an in-depth study of a specific topic or subject. Nevertheless, you also need to concentrate on how to arrange the paper in the right way in order to get a high rating.

Formatting a paper is as important as its contents. However, following the specific formatting requirements of the work isn’t difficult. The most important thing is to pay attention to the conditions put forward in writing this type of task by a professor. Thus, one needs to meet all the requirements he/she received.

Perhaps you haven’t come across formatting the documents before. The requirements for applying for work in high school and college can be dramatically different. Even if you’ve previously edited and formatted some academic assignments, research is an entirely different matter.

Some of the professors at the university or college have become famous for being careful about various formatting details. Moreover, if you follow the formatting rules this will exactly affect the final assessment of your work.

Create the right header

Absolutely in all academic tasks, you need to create a title for your work. Depending on the requirements made by a professor, as well as on the subject in study the design of the headings may differ slightly. Nevertheless, any heading will necessarily contain the following data:

  1. Name;
  2. Professor’s name;
  3. Course name;
  4. Date.

In some cases, students do not pay attention to this detail and simply miss it. Nevertheless, absolutely all teachers ensure that the heading has been compiled according to all the requirements. Many have heard more than once that instructors significantly underestimate the score for incorrect entries. Therefore, pay attention and remember that the title always takes place in the upper left corner of the first page of your document.

Pay attention to the correct indentation

Even the most attentive students often forget to correctly set the fields at the very beginning before writing the paper. Therefore, take care in advance to configure the fields in Word or Pages. Nevertheless, many people do not even know that they can change these parameters.

Make sure to keep one inch of indentation on each side of the page. Keep in mind, that teachers will 100% notice if the indentation is done incorrectly. Besides, failure to comply with this requirement will be perceived as inattention to details and requirements put forward by the professor.

Check the originality of the article’s title

The originality of the chosen topic directly tells your professor that it was you who wrote the article. This approach’s fundamental if you:

  • Write criticism of a literary article;
  • Justify the protection of a legislative act;
  • Discuss a specific situation from alternative points of view.

After you’ve made sure that the title’s really original, place it directly in the center at the top of the page. Please note that there are alternative heading options. In some cases, the title should be directly on the cover page at the top of the paper. Try to find out about this parameter in advance so as not to make irreversible errors.

The correct font selection

Often the academic tasks that you’ll need to write in college require using the Times New Roman font. In this case, the paper should be typed 12 in font size and with double spacing. This way you facilitate the work of your teacher when reading the paper.

Besides, this requirement is mandatory, and its non-compliance seems merely impossible. If you could not find this item in the list of requirements, just check it with your teacher. This way, you can avoid considerable problems in the future.