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Secrets of a professional resume

It goes without saying that the applicant’s paper needs to look professional and perfect. Otherwise, it will greatly decrease your chances to obtain a desired job position.

A poorly composed application is a nightmare for hiring managers. They don’t read this clumsy stuff and just throw it away. A professional resume doesn’t come with tons of errors and poor readability. Having to view thousands of applications every day, recruiters don’t want to waste their time trying to comprehend what should have been much clearer.

On the way to a perfect resume

Keep in mind, that the main aim is to include as much useful information about your skills and qualification as possible. A candidate will have only 20 seconds to impress a recruiter and make her/him invite you for an interview. This document should be:

  • Brief;
  • Effective;
  • Consistent;
  • Easy to read;
  • Clear.

Stay away from dense blocks of text, small fonts, vague language, too much jargon, not to mention clumsy formatting. View these tips to make your document much better.

Choose an appropriate format for your CV

In fact, there are several key resume types. Based on the personal situation, choose between a functional, chronological or combination resume. With the properly chosen resume type, it will be much easier to apply for the desired position.

Ensure it’s legible

This paper should have exceptional readability if you don’t want to irritate hiring managers and want them to throw it to a trash can. A resume should provide easy access to the accomplishments and work history.

So, you need to use a clear font. For example, these are Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman. The optimal font size for a resume is 10-12 points.

Make use of standard margins. When dealing with a physical resume, opt for cream-colored or white paper – it won’t distract hiring managers from comprehending the key content of your document.

Mind consistency

Any applicant can’t do without consistent formatting. When utilizing bullet points to illustrate the achievements and responsibilities, employ them for all other positions too.

Secondly, ensure the bullet points have the same formatting across the paper. Avoid using diamond bullet points in one section of your paper, and circle ones in another. You require being consistent with the font size and style in your document.

Make the most of templates and examples

They can really help you to cope with your paper. An example will show you what content needs to be included, while templates will guide you through formatting. Just don’t forget to customize the paper when dealing with templates and examples. A pure copy/paste approach can hardly help the applicant to attract the attention of hiring managers.

Creativity rules

Hurry up to take advantage of a free resume online resource to create a catchy resume. Apart from all the features of a traditional document, this paper may come with powerful add-ons such as infographics, video as well as links to the accomplishments of yours. However, it only makes sense if you are actually applying for a position in the creative sector. If not, you’d better stick with a traditional format.

Thoroughly edit it

If the application contains grammar or spelling errors, you have no chances to impress recruiters. That’s totally unacceptable. Ensure that your paper is absolutely error-free. It makes sense to ask somebody to check the paper or opt for corresponding online services.

By the way, such services can do more than just checking your paper. They can compose them for you. In this case, you only need to provide detailed information about yourself, your work history, education, the desired position, and the company. It is a good option if you do not have time or experience to write this paper on your own.

If you still have doubts about writing or editing your resume, contact a professional writing company. Experienced writers will prepare an impressive resume in short terms and reasonable pricing.