It’s a known fact that almost all websites use some or the other type of technology for gathering information about the visitors. Such technologies are mostly harmless for the user and only aim to get information related to customer’s login data, likes and dislikes etc. Although a few of these online files could also be used to collect some sensitive data, they can be easily dealt with by blocking them. In this document, we cover the use of cookies and other similar technologies for collecting information about our clients.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are nothing but mini text files that get downloaded and stored in your device when you visit our website. In general, cookies can be categorized into two types based on their life. Session based cookies, which are alive only during a particular session and get deleted on their own as soon as the session is closed. On the other hand, persistent cookies are those text files which remain on your device for continuous monitoring till you delete them, which is as easy as child’s play.

Why Have Cookies?

Contrary to the common belief, cookies aren’t meant to collect your vital information to use against you. They’re in fact useful pocket-sized text files that only serve to enhance your experience on our site. They keep track of your activities, note down your interest areas and store your login information to enable us to provide you customized and smooth browsing.

With a cookie file storing your login data, you don’t have to login every-time you visit our site. The watchdog cookies that monitor and record your activity while surfing allow us to provide you information that’s relevant to your interests and you can easily place and track your orders. Few cookies also assist our messaging and other platforms as well as security services to keep your data safe from Trojans and malware.

The Advertisement Cookies.

Cookies also play a vital role in advertisements and hence are an important tool to compete in the market. These cookies record your preferences by monitoring your activities online. You gain by getting to know about the latest offers on the services and products that you want rather than having to search again and again.

Want to Block Cookies?

Blocking and deleting cookies is a very simple task and you can just get it done by using your browser’s settings. Almost all browsers have an inbuilt capability to block third party files like cookies and delete the ones that may be on your system. All you need to do is to activate your browser’s cookie manager tool and it’ll automatically take care of the issue. Some of the most widely used browsers that provide cookie blocking and deleting options are:

  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • Opera;
  • Android Browser;
  • Safari.

Even if your browser doesn’t appear in the above list, it’s still most likely to have a cookie management tool, which only needs to be switched on through its settings. Simply read the browser’s manual and follow the procedure to change the settings as per your requirements. The third party programs can also be disabled through Google Analytics. The advertisements that keep popping on your screen as you’re surfing on the website can also be blocked from the Digital Advertisement Alliance.

Why Have Cookies?

It’s important to note that although it’s fairly easy to block cookies, doing this can have an adverse impact on your experience on the website. First off, you’ll not be remembered as a registered user and you’ll have to login every time you visit our site. Moreover, you may face problems in simple actions such as ordering, order-tracking, chatting with the writer etc.

Which Cookies Do We Use? We use only the bare minimum cookies that are essential for the best customer experience on our website. Based on their uses, these may be categorized as under :-

  • Cookies for Identification. These files store your login information and let us remember you thereby allowing you faster login;
  • Safety Ensuring. They protect your data from being stolen by malware by monitoring other sites or software that may try to access your details;
  • Preference Monitoring. By keeping track of your activities, these files record statistics about your visit, thereby allowing us to provide you a customized interaction on the website;
  • Advertising Cookies. We also use some marketing cookies to promote our services to you. You’ll only get information about the services and products that you’re interested in;
  • Research and Analysis. These files provide us data about the user’s likes and dislikes, which lets us improve our services for you in your future visits. The data collected mainly includes your activity logs.