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Review on the Herricks Public Schools Parent Portal

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is the primary source of information for the parents of the children that attend the Herricks Public Schools. It contains all the data about your children that you may be interested in. Do you want to know your child’s assignments? Or the earned grades? Or maybe you want to check out the schedule for the next term? All of this and even more can be found on the portal.

The website has a very useful tool called Attendance. It presents the absences and tardies for attendance in all periods. You can easily navigate through terms and view types of absences. Moreover, there is a Report tool that collects documents relevant to the student, such as PDF versions of schedules, transcripts and report cards, others.

Besides, if you are registered in the parent portal there is no more need to go to the school when you want to know your child’s grades. Check out the Grades tool, it contains all grades for all tasks completed and in-progress during the selected term. Also, there is a Grade Book Updates feature that lists all of the assignments that have been scored in the last 14 days. And that is not all. Take your time and look through all of the useful information provided by the portal.

Contacts of the Herricks Public Schools Parent Portal

The following contact information is provided on the portal website:

About Herricks Public Schools Parent Portal

The Infinite Campus is the updated version of the parent portal. One of the new functions is the ability to view the portal on your mobile device. Moreover, there is a Campus Portal App created to enhance the user-friendly experience. Both, the app and the portal website were designed to provide real-time access to student information. The design is very easy to use and displays everything that is currently going on in the classroom, which makes a participant in the educational process.

The navigation is pretty simple. You can navigate between tools in the menu on the left. Such tools are available:

  • Announcements
  • Today
  • Weekly Overview
  • Assignments
  • Grades
  • Grade Book Updates
  • Attendance
  • Schedule
  • Reports
  • More
  • Notifications

Also, at the top right of the screen, you’ll find a Notification Settings tool. It allows parents to chose what kind of notifications they want to receive. Set thresholds to receive a message when your child receives a grade or score below the selected percentage.

Program Description of Herricks Public Schools

Herricks Public Schools is a combination of Searingtown, Denton Avenue, Center Street, Middle School, and High School. Which is the reason why we can’t provide you with all the details of the course components of the school curriculum. You can get any information that you need by contacting the specific school. The contact details are listed on the home page of the parent portal.

Each school district has a guidance program for all students. In grades K – 6, the program is designed in coordination with the teaching staff to prepare students to participate effectively in their current and future educational programs. In grades 7 – 12, the guidance program includes an annual review of each student’s educational progress, instruction at each grade level, counseling assistance. Each school district has a developed district plan.

Here is a shortlist of the Advanced Placement courses offered by the Herricks High School:

  • English Language and Composition
  • Calculus BC
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science Principles
  • Music Theory
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics 1
  • Physics C (Mechanics only)
  • Macroeconomics
  • Economics
  • U.S. Government and Politics
  • Psychology
  • Studio Art
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Others

In addition to the courses, the school also offers Honors Programs. They are Algebra Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Chemistry Honors, Geometry Honors, Living Environment Honors, Precalculus Honors, Spanish 4 Honors.

Also, the Herricks Public Schools have a great program for children of the age of 4 and residents of the Herricks School District. It is a Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program that is half-day and is funded completely by the New York State. If you wish to apply, it is possible to do it online or in-person at the main offices of all elementary schools. The selection process is a lottery and is done each spring, because of the limitation in only 55 students.

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About Herricks Public Schools

Searingtown, Denton Avenue, Center Street, Middle School, and High School are all a part of the HPS. The main goal of the Herricks Public Schools is to provide high-quality education to all students.

Denton Avenue is a school situated in New Hyde Park. Over 650 students receive education at this establishment. It services grades from kindergarten to fifth grade. The student to teacher ratio is 14 to 1. Searingtown is an elementary school located at Albertson, New York. More than 506 students are enrolled there. Center Street School is also an elementary one. It is a top-rated public school in Williston Park. Herricks Middle School is also a top-rated one. It has almost 1000 students enrolled. And finally, the Herricks High School – a four year, comprehensive one.

Every school offers a wide range of clubs that students can join. The goal is to satisfy the needs and goals of each and every student. One can select from a variety of clubs, including Korean Cultural, Robotics, Sports Forum, Garden Club, Greek Club, Chess Club, Cording Club, Jazz Band, and Table Tennis. The parent site has all the details and comprehensive information about the clubs.

If you want more information on the schools, go to the home page of the portal and use the provided phone number to contact the school that you are interested in.

Reviews for Herricks Public Schools

Almost every student claims that the Herricks Public Schools are academically competitive and have many hard-working and supportive teachers employed. Moreover, students say that they are left with four years of only positive memories. The school gives a good preparation for applying to college because it gave the necessary education, opportunities, and resources. Most of the students go to Ivy or top-ranking colleges. Also, it has a very respectful, helpful, and friendly student body.

Students that went through the Herricks elementary, middle and high school state that their experience was wonderful and that Herricks is like a second home to them. The schools want their students to succeed and do everything possible to make it happen.

Lots of clubs and activities are available to choose from. Sports are great at the schools, there is a great variety of them.

Most often students complained about the fact that there were only a few hands-on experiences and that school life could have been more fun. Also, teachers give huge workloads, which means that there are tons of homework. But for some, it is actually an advantage. There were some learners that claimed that bullying sometimes happened. But, the school always dealt with it immediately.

Pros and cons of Herricks Public Schools

It is difficult to give a proper evaluation of every school of the Herricks Public Schools District. Which is why we have chosen to create a pros and cons list of studying at the Herricks High School.


  • Excellent academics
  • Hard-working teachers
  • Gives great preparation for college


  • Few hands-on experiences
  • Huge workloads
  • Bullying

Does Herricks Public Schools have a campus?

The Herricks Public Schools consist of several schools. To get details about the need one, contact that school. Contact details can be found on the portal’s home page.

Tuition and Fees in Herricks Public Schools

Such dependable information is not given on the parent portal. If you would like to know the tuition and fee details of a certain school, you need to make a call.


The parent portal is the primary source of information regarding students. Parents can access a variety of educational details. It makes you feel like you are in class together with your child. Through the website, you can read district announcements, browse assignments by a specific class or due date, review attendance events with all the details, have immediate access to grades right as they are being posted, review the schedule anywhere and at anytime convenient for you.

Are you worrying that your kid skipped a class? Or maybe your child often forgets some of the assignments? Tired of contacting the school every time you need to know the class schedule? All you need to do is to take your time and register at the parent portal. You’ll have all those details and even more. And, what is even more amazing is that there is a portal app, so you will have all of that right on your phone, always with you.

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