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What must be done to become a seashore lifeguard

As you arrive at the beach you will usually see the lifeguard either browsing his structure or discussing with people going to the beach. People don’t shell out much head to the shield the rest of the day time unless of course, you need help. (Thesis)

The truth is various people that enroll in the beach how to start how hard you should keep hundreds and hundreds of people safe at the beach every year. This speech will take you in what becoming a beach lifeguard is all about.

(Purpose Statement)

The objective of this presentation is to inform you on what it takes to be a beach lifeguard, and hopefully you emerge from this with additional knowledge about water and its hazards. (Preview Statement):

First, all of us will look in what lifeguarding is; precisely what are the risks? What are the advantages? (Brotherhood) Second, we can look at the method to learning to be a beach lifeguard. (Training) Finally we will appear at implications of being a lifeguard.

Transition: I was initially introduced to lifeguarding through my father (Firefighter/ Paramedic) since the flames department is definitely attached to the marine basic safety department in HB. The first thing I was advised about this task was that this wasn’t a summer time task that any person could get. Simply a selected handful of could make the cut. MEGA-PIXEL #1: However may check out lifeguarding because an easy work, however , that demands a lot of persistance and effort both mentally and bodily. Ben Carlson’s death (brotherhood)

Everyone was affected by this disaster. (All organizations are lifeguards) Pictures (Instagram- #bendidgo)

“It’s a brotherhood that is very difficult to describe,  Newport cigarettes Beach Firechief Scott Poster said from the lifeguard community. “Unless you do it, you’ll never really know what it’s like.  (ktla5 news) Though it’s occasionally a big outstanding and its terrifying but all lifeguards at the sea are self-confident that they could bring one to shore. The praise and thanks that people receive by family members or perhaps by standers at a rescue is indescribable. We are the initial line of safety.

Transition: When I tell people that My spouse and i am a beach lifeguard the first question My spouse and i get can be, “have you ever saved anyone!?  This past summer there were a lot more than 200 rescues per day at Huntington Seaside. That is just one single beach. MP #2: To become guard you must be fit and a fast swimmer. You have to be dedicated and put amount of time in to train and prepare ahead of trying out. To tryout to become guard you have to go through a number of swims and runs. (@ 6 AM) 1, 000-yard open drinking water swim (under 20 minutes. )

Run-swim-run (600-yard run; 400-yard swim)

Huntington Beach Flames chief, Tanker McIntosh says, “Out of the 300 of you sitting down here today, only twenty of you will be hired as a beach lifeguard; Good luck!  After you are physically used up from the checkout (if you make it past) the teachers tell you to go home and get ready for a job interview. When you are wearing a match and ready for the interview, you keep coming back and take a moment with two State Park Police Rangers with nervousness of steel. They ask different kinds of queries involving your personal and professional life.

They also put you through different scenarios with what it takes to become a lifeguard. Finally, if you help to make it through the interview, you are in that case emitted in to an almost 8 day training program where you are skilled how to be a beach lifeguard. Each day in training you arrive at the beach when the sunshine comes up, and you simply do not keep until it falls off. On average you will run and swim 8 miles each day.

After all hard work is completed and you graduate; you start operating the best job of your life.

Transition: Acquiring this job has not simply affected my life in a big way, nonetheless it has also influenced others. Somebody my grow older it is a big responsibility just to save someone’s life.


Many teenagers can’t generate this much funds and a regular paying task. $6, 000 per summer season

Persons use this job as a profession

How many people have ever saved someone from dying?

Only a few people know that they have.

Personal story.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by 2005-2009, there have been an average of a few, 533 perilous unintentional drowning deaths each year in the United States ” about ten deaths per day. Conclusion: As a beach lifeguard you are expected to be notify and targeted at all times. You have to be responsible and study hard because anything that you learn in their classroom you will use for save someone’s life. 1st I explained what lifeguarding was everything regarding and the brotherhood and like behind it. Then we searched into how to become a lifeguard, and all the training it will take. Finally we discussed the implications penalized a lifeguard and how not all people are meant for this job.

Thesis: Hopefully you most realize how much difficulty it is to retain thousands of people out of danger each summer and have taken some interest in becoming a lifeguard. Closing Assertion: The dangers of this job switch many apart but there are a few amount of individuals that can carry out what we do. Being shown these skills features shaped living and offers lead me to find what I want to do throughout my life.


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