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Give attention to the student essay

Task a: Learner’s Background

For the purpose of this assignment I chose Feruza, a great Eritrean high school graduation graduate. The lady was born and raised in Eritrea and came to stay in Jeddah just five in years past. She studied English in an elementary school in Eritrea and continued learning it within an Eritrean Foreign High School. The girl with not happy whatsoever with what this wounderful woman has learnt during those years. She explained that during her grammar school years her teachers seriously focused on composing while neglecting speaking.

Once she ongoing her learning process throughout Jeddah, her high school teachers focused just on speaking but not on the level she was expecting. After completing high school her learning was disrupted and there were little or no opportunity to read or speak in English. At the moment, she is participating in an intermediate level British course that enables her to get in touch with other students of the British language. Feruza says that learning English is definitely her most important in life.

Because, as she says: “English can be an international terminology. If you speak English you don’t want to learn other languages¦. She has as well indicated that she should learn British in order to gain employment. One of her dreams is to study in another country, but her financial situation is definitely preventing her from this. As states: “Saudi colleges and universities are free only for Saudis and then for others very expensive. Feruza’s desire to learn English is usually fueled by simply outside elements such as the want to live and study in foreign countries. According to Jeremy Harmer (Harmer 2001: 51) extrinsic motivation can be “caused by any number of outdoors factors, for example , the need to complete an test, the wish of financial reward, or the chance of future travel and leisure.  Feruza believes that without a sound knowledge of English language her wishes have little or no chance of materializing.

As a novice, Feruza is known as a shy and quiet woman. During course she by no means engages in virtually any discussion and refuses to answer questions even when asked to do so. When ever provided with a way to speak with myself in non-public and answer some concerns, she asked if she could response them in the written form. The reason for these kinds of behaviour could possibly be attributed to her educational experience in her home country where, according to Feruza, her teachers described everything inside their native vocabulary. Therefore she was not given an opportunity to exhibit herself in English and this could have considerably contributed to her lack of assurance when it comes to speaking. If one particular examines Gardner’s seven intelligences in a school program Feruza’s learning design would make her an Social Learner who likes to “work alone and pursue her own interests¦(and is good at)understanding self, centering inward on feeling/dreams next instincts, chasing interests/goals, getting original¦. (learns best by) working exclusively, individualized assignments, self-paced recommendations, having personal space¦

Activity b: Determining errors

Writing: Capitalization

In her producing Feruza has turned many capitalization and punctuation errors. The girl makes most of her increased errors by simply beginning a sentence which has a lower case letter. She also fails to make use of capital letters with proper nouns. This problem is probably presently there due to the writing system in Arabic language, where there are not any uppercase and lowercase words. Here is simply a small sample of a problem in using capital letters: “And I wish to live in Europe Nation specially laxa, sweden or london. To solve the situation of appropriate capitalization she would have to the rules. In addition , she should certainly devote more hours to examining. Reading magazine articles and circling or perhaps underlining the administrative centre letters is usually something that might benefit her greatly. I will provide the rules of capitalization and a hobby at the end of the assignment.

The rules of increased would be a wonderful help to her along with the activity I have designed which will let her, as being a visual novice, to see the principles in action also to figure them out onto her own. The first activity I provided for her is actually a list of sentences where zero capitalization utilized. She would have to write the sentences using proper capitalization rules that I as well provided for her. When the lady finishes the experience she can easily compare it to the response key (also provided) and discover if her answers had been correct. By approaching this problem in such a style she will hopefully be able to start to see the difference and understand the rules ofcapitalization.

Tenses: Meaning

Besides writing, Feruza’s is battling the correct action-word form consumption. When discussing events in her producing that occurred in the past she only uses the simple previous tense and oftentimes your woman even uses the Present Straightforward Tense once referring to a completed action in the past:

“she get merried before I actually come to Jeddah twelve months ago.  Feruza uses the right verbs but uses the wrong kind of the verbs, as in the example presented above. Here is one more model: “I finish my high school graduation last year¦¦

Although the lady had a possibility of getting acquainted with the fb timeline during the study course at the Uk Council, I recommend that the lady gets reacquainted with it, so the girl can better understand the several tenses then when to use these people. That is the easiest way for her to get over this kind of obstacle. Let me provide a fb timeline showing and explaining the standard tenses that she is probably to use in her everyday life. As well, I will provide a set of actions for different forms of the verbs for her to practice. I will place the time movement in daring in these activities so the lady can point out to herself which in turn time expression are common with which tenses.


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