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Sports development continuum essay

Sports expansion continuum: this is certainly a 4 stage pyramid that talks about the phases of becoming a great athlete. An athlete begins at the bottom and work their particular way up by positioning motivation and consistency into the sport that the player is definitely using. costly explanation of how participation and ability may be quanitfied in sport and it is typically illustrated with a triangle shape: foundation at the bottom getting the largest engagement, less taking part in participation, then simply performance as well as the top of the triangular is superiority.

You will discover four amounts:

Foundation-basic level, involves basic abilities; catching, tossing, movement with the body Participation-playing sport just for fun, enjoyment, fitness and health Performance ” club and county/regional level in your offered sport Brilliance ” nationwide and worldwide standard.


This level provides the base with the pyramid. During this stage there ought to be more individuals learning/experiencing simple sporting expertise. Examples of actions which contribute to this level are: Primary PE lessons, Top Perform activities (sports development), variable sports periods (sports centres).

The acquisition of good exercise/skill patterns provides a basis for personal creation and future participation inside the sport of their choice.


This kind of stage can be when kids begin to be involved in specific activity on a regular basis to get enjoyment purposes. Sports expansion contributes significantly to this stage with its community tops plan (after college coaching), university festivals, variable skills golf equipment and offering club/school links. Sports golf clubs become essential at this stage as they make the connect to the next level of development.


During this stage young people start to concentrate on sport specific expertise and begin to build up talent in specific sports activities. Quality instruction is an important part of participant development at this level and the following schemes

bring about this: Organised by sporting activities development-coaching several weeks, Shropshire youngsters games. Various other: Active sporting activities, club activity.


The brilliance stage supplies the peak from the pyramid, and demonstrates the level where individuals reach sporting excellence. Certainly the pyramid narrows right here as the amount of players is going to reduce at this point. Governing systems of sport are responsible pertaining to development with this level since players go from county to regional to nationwide squads.

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