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Command style paper essay

Leaders make structure in the company and give information to managers effectively to guide all of them. Leaders have the responsibility of completing exploration to guide you can actually path properly into earnings and better run the business. Leaders possess a perspective, and they develop plans for that vision. In accordance to Sullivan and Decker, a leader influences others to complete the eyesight. A leader develops the ability to carry out backward preparing. Leaders will be managers, nevertheless managers are not necessarily market leaders. Effective leaders know and understand their organization and continue to ask how we can do something better (Sullivan & Decker, 2009).

Management styles arranged direction for their team. It truly is known the right way to identify one natural design of leading, the actual needs and maturity with the team and knowing the ministry situation.

The topics resolved in this newspaper, will be: who also the writer see as having a effective leadership style? Why is this person, considered an excellent leader? What management and leadership theories does this person use? How exactly does leadership style compare with the writer and a successful head identified? What traits will the successful innovator have the fact that writer may need to develop? What strengths does the writer have got that the model leader can benefit? In addition , the writer is going to address the self-management evaluation.

Successful management style

Tommy lee jones is a 39-year-old actress, director/producer, wife, mother and humanitarian education. She is usually the biggest paydays in Artist, California. Your woman still detects time to always be the voice of the people. She became a member of forces with the United Nations retraite agency in 2001 like a goodwill delegate. Jolie has missions in countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan. Jolie eyesight is to end the problem of rape in war-torn regions. Ms. Jolie will be able to influence governments and maneuver public thoughts and opinions at the sametime; she chooses to use her global impact to highlight neglected human proper (“Fortune Rates the World’s 50 Finest Leaders,  2014)

Managing and management theories

When comparing the command style of Tommy lee jones, both the article writer and Ms. Jolie have organized management qualities. The writer could be autocratic, charming, bureaucratic, and democratic. Autocratic comes engaged when counted on thoughts and reactions devoid of someone else’s supervision, whereas, using personality and charm like a charismatic head to obtain people to the actual task without resorting to force, and bureaucratic reveals when needed to rely on the rules and guidelines in certain times such as security prevention. However , democratic should be a part of everyone’s style, particularly if he or she is working together with other associates.

Traits to formulate from a successful leadership

The traits study from Angelina Jolie to turn into a successful head is:

¢ Will not take points for granted

¢ Be considered a visionary leader and make up to one’s dreams and approach toward them

¢ Be courageous and deliver ideas in to public understanding

¢ Be partial to talking to a bigger group of people

¢ Being fluid of speech and thought

¢ Become more of an upbeat

¢ Have cardio

Strengths the writer has from which Tommy lee jones could gain from will be encouraging leadership focus on the needs of the person displaying matter for the well-being and creates a friendly environment (Sullivan & Decker, 2009). The ability that the writer has is to listen, determination to learn, thoroughness when performing duties and commitment. Being dedicated and thorough shows the best is committed and can complete tasks without constant guidance.


Command style is a way and method of providing direction, inspiring people and executing an idea. Individuals make use of a mixture type of his or her beliefs, beliefs, and likings as well as the structural tradition and best practice rules, which will inspire certain styles and disappoint others. This paper offers addressedAngelina Jolie’s leadership design and for what reason she is an innovator. It in contrast her command styles to the writer along with discovering any attributes that the writer has discovered from her success. Power and affect, in which could possibly be beneficial to her success being a leader. Even so, Angelina Jolie offers visions, and her visions make items happen. She is one of the most influential women in the world. Based on the leadership as well as the team self-management assessment the reader got a score of 77.


Bundle of money Ranks the World’s 60 Greatest Leaders. (2014, March). Fortune Journal. Retrieved via http://fortune.com/2014/03/20/frotune-ranks-the-worlds-50-greatest-leaders/ Sullivan, E. M., & Decker, P. L. (2005). Successful leadership and management in nursing (6th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Pearson.


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