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Critique training and learning essay

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Learning and Creation Critique

Because of the complexity of the human brain and head function, teaching and learning can be a complicated process. That is why, it is often preferable to use a mix of approaches to ensure that teaching and learning takes place in an optimum way. The modified strategy that has been advised is the Intel-Hybridism theory, which usually combines Skinner’s behaviorism theory and Piaget’s cognitive development theory in order to provide a balanced basis for educating and learning within a very deamnding environment. The combination of these two ideas into a form of hybridism makes sure that the talents of the two theories go with each other although also removing the individual disadvantages of each. As a result, a more powerful approach is usually developed by applying what is greatest about equally theories.

Skinner’s beahviorism, for example , concerns the perfection of concepts that have been previously learned, whereas Piaget relies on strong syntax to get the advertising of his theory. Piaget, as such, is involved with stages of expansion and the way in which children build for themselves a vision and concept of the world. In this way, his theory could be combined with Skinner’s behaviorism to arrive at teaching tactics that are most appropriate for learners at certain stages with their lives, ensuring that cognitive digesting and learned behavior work in tandem to get an ideal learning knowledge. Hence, amounts of information and cognitive digesting of this kind of information are combined inside the hybrid revised learning approach suggested. As such, cognition can be used to manipulate mental data financial institutions that are made by means of constant repetition. As a result, the premise is that rapid behaviorism theory and cognitive development theory have advantages that can affect learning outcomes better in combination than either theory when applied on its own. When critiquing the modified strategy according to the natural basis pertaining to learning and memory, plus the motivation and self-regulation approach to learning, it might be clear the fact that Intel-Hybridism theory works similarly well on both platforms, being both a biological and emotional approach to the learning process.

In accordance to Outer skin (n. deb. ), the biological basis for learning and recollection begins with Pavlov’s theory of biological conditioning, in which repetitive activities are used like a basis pertaining to learning new tasks. This correlates well with both the behaviorism-based responsibilities suggested simply by Skinner plus the developmental measures identified by simply Piaget. At a certain level of advancement, for example , a learner can respond far better to repetitive learning tasks. It must also be known, however , that later cognitive development levels would cause higher-level types of learning behaviors.

Outer skin also implies, for example , that memory might be increased or stimulated by the addition of emotional events. In a learning environment, adding an psychological component will then increase the learning and memory space that occurs. Additionally , sensory stimuli in addition to visual materials can

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