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School scheduling program essay


Through the past year, a lot of people are not comfy working with a pc, and carry out better while using paper and pencil program. The manual system performs, even if electric power is off, contrary to most pc setups, and there is no data corruption or duplication, as sometimes happens with accounting application. One of the disadvantages of manual accounting strategy is the amount of time most placed into it. Since you don’t have some type of computer categories and totaling numbers, you must do this yourself.

It will take a lot of time to complete manual accounting that it does computerized accounting system. From this generation, pc is being employed by industry, corporations, school, and specially place of business. They used computer in making their very own task simpler with fewer times, from manual into a computerized one particular.

The come up of computer system gives a big contribution to business and education. Ever since, computer advancement technology become a great advantage on the business replaced the work intended for human being primarily to lessen manpower.

By using pc reduce the time consumed in recording info, computing transaction and finalizing information. A computerized product is designed to execute one or more devoted functions is often times with real-time computing constraints. It is also designed to do some specific task, rather than become general-purposed computer system for multiple tasks. Regarding this, the research workers proposed digital accounting system of C/A+CT college or university to lessen the works from the accountant. This study will develop researchers the skills and ability especially in planning, studying and creating a system.


In 1997, the Cadena A+ Software (C/+ACT), noticable see-act, had taken a ribbon and bow as it opened to 17 wide-eyed and eager high school graduates. We were holding as enthusiastic as the first three (3) educators: Mrs. Gladys Mae To. Garcia, Mrs. Nerisa M. Orodio and Ms Donagil Alipio. Two Technical two year courses were offered: Computer Secretarial and Computer Specialist both closely watched by the Technological Education and skill Advancement Authority (TESDA). On its second yr, C/A+CT expanded its providing through two new 2-yr courses Computer-programming and Connect in Computer Science. The school population grew steadily and its Initial Commencement Plan inMarch 1999, C/A+CT AND 5 Pc Technician participants. In June 2000, the Commission about Higher Education (CHED) favorably approved the appli9cation of C/A+CT College introducing the way to get the connect in Laptop Science being ladderized to Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology.

Geared in the direction as a center intended for Science and Technology, other course offerings are under study-courses that shall talk about the time requirement of the Cordillera Area as well as the larger market as well as the intercontinental markets happen to be being designed and sent applications for. As a new among the Higher Education Institutions [HEIs], the Cordillera A+ Computer Technology College looks into the near future with confidence that it will make a difference to individuals of kalinga as an alternative learning center to get Science and technology-a school close to house and family, an alternative to the expensive possibility of learning in the primary centers of education including Metro Manila, Baguio Town or even Tuguegarao City.


C/A+CT College or university is focused on the idea that cordilleras especially the zone of kalinga and Apayao be completely provided personal strength for its recruiting to break free from the disparaging and degrading stamp of and backwardness.


C/A+CT College is envisioned like a leading educational institution in the kalinga region committed to growing the total person into dependable citizens essential to local and nationwide development.

W. Scope and Delimitation with the study

The scope of the study focuses on the accounting approach to Cordillera A+ Computer Technology school. It only covers the monitoring of accounts. That benefits personnel particularly the Cashier and the Manager.

C. Value of the research

The accounting system provides a great impact in the university. It has a wonderful help in terms of time supervision. The significance of the study is usually to design and improve the accounting system of C/A+CT College by implementing a computerized accounting system. Through this system, the C/A+CT school will not be hard- up in applying the accounting procedures because they willspend minimal time and effort in working together with it. The consequence of the study will certainly benefit the school. It very well lessen almost all manual songs done by the Administrator and help them develop reliable and accurate survey needed by C/A+CT. The analysis also advantage the accounting In-charge in order to process the Accounting Approach to C/A+CT much more accurate.

D. Objectives with the study

Standard objectives:

The main objective of the analyze is to develop and designate a more up-to-date system about the account of C/A+CT. With this study all reports regarding the accounting of C/A+CT will probably be done in a dependable and appropriate format.


1 . To distinguish the actual publication keeping and accounting procedures of C/A+CT.

installment payments on your To determine the types of accounting system by simply C/A+CT.

3. To distinguish the problems experienced by C/A+CT as a result of maintaining improper linked accounting program.

4. To identify the factors responsible for these problems of retaining adequate information of accounting system by simply C/A+CT.

5. To formulate and examine a system that is more accurate and efficient in recording and computing the accounts of C/A+CT.

6. To make and produce a well designed program that is competent of computer all accounts.

several. To design something that makes job easier and lessened manual computation and recording.

Electronic. Data Gathering Procedures


The researchers evaluated the Officer. Researchers applied this method in order to gather a few information that are related to the study. RESEARCH

The analysts were able to be familiar with existing of accounting program through this approach. They designed proposed system immediately also read various other books and sample thesis related to the researchers system.


The researchers used this method in order to understand the existingaccounting system.


The analysts used this approach to gather details about the proposed system. They used books in the library because their basis and source of data.

Statement of the Difficulty

Depending on the statement of the experts on the existing accounting system of C/A+CT college, they came across the fallowing problems:

1 . What is the current position of the system?

installment payments on your Will a computerized accounting system assists the accountant or cashier to make a simple, faster, and efficient method of computations?

3. How was the proposed system developed?

5. Will a computerized accounting system is a user friendly system?

Overview of related literature

In accordance to Baysa and Lupisan (2011) described accounting like a service activity. They said the fact that main function of accounting practices is to provide quantitative information, generally financial in nature, about economic entities that is intended to be useful in making economic decisions. They stated that the principal duty of accountants is to render solutions by providing details about economic entities that is assess in terms of cash. Accounting is usually undeniably important to most individuals. It serves a number range of place in our contemporary society. Many researchers and authors have defined the part of accounting in the daily lives of people in the world. The primary reason for accounting is actually to help people generate decisions throughout their everyday lives. It gives you service to several organizational systems from a small time business into a multinational company.

In another accounting book, Manuel (2011) gave the definition of accounting being a language that communicates necessary information for decision making. The writer also noted that all businesses have one common factor: they each need vital information before making critical decisions. This is where accounting comes in as it plays a vital role in tracking down the activities and resources of the business and reporting backside these actions in the form of relevant information. In another literary job, Abelada (2010) stated in among his catalogs that accounting is presented primarily for the business enterprise. He specified the fact that practice of accounting has evolved in response for the need of business managers for relevant financial informationnecessary to run a small business effectively also to guide them in making short and permanent plans or perhaps making decisions. F. Methodology of the examine

For the researchers to cope up with something to be designed, they present an approval page to the Accounting personnel, Mr. Christopher Libunao by requesting permission to conduct the study. Through Mister. Christopher Libunao’s approval, the researchers were able to gather the necessary data to get the completing the study.

Meaning of Terms

Accounts ” means by which a person can gain access to a computer program Accounting ” is the creation of financial records about a business. Accounting System ” can be an application software program that data & techniques accounting orders within practical modules just like accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance Analysis ” is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain an improved understanding of this. Computerized Accounting System ” a software operate on computer equipment to record, store and analyze information on financial orders from external and internal operations of both minor and major businesses.

Data- are principles of qualitative or quantitative variables, belonging to a set of things. Library ” is an organized assortment of information assets made accessible to a defined community for reference point or asking for. Registrar ” is the official keeper of records manufactured in a register. System ” is a pair of interacting or interdependent elements forming an integrated whole or maybe a set of components and human relationships which are different from relationships of the set or perhaps its components to different elements or perhaps sets.


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