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Capstone project course syllabus dissertation


BSC is usually committed to generate globally competitive graduates imbued with solid value system through its relevant work-related, professional and technological exercising in the field of The fishing industry, Agriculture, Skill and Research, Information and Industrial Technology, Environmental Scientific research, Tourism, Hospitality Management and Education and undertake on time research and community solutions along their core competencies to promote self-reliance, social responsibility, science and technology, Philippine culture and sustainable advancement.


The BSC is a premier company of higher learning in Batanes effectively instructing and teaching people for self-reliance and global competition in the aspects of advanced scientific research and technology community creation, and sustainable development, and is committed inside the preservation and promotion of culture.

Batanes Point out College

Information Technology Education Department





SUBJECT CO-REQUISITE: ITM thirty seven, ITM 37, MATH 13i, & ACCTG. 30


NO . OF CONTACT HOURS: your five Hrs. (2 hrs. lec. & 3 hrs. laboratory. )


I ” Subject matter Description:

This program offers BSIT students a chance to demonstrate that they can indeed fulfill the levels of overall performance expected of the ITProfessional.

It includes job proposal, feasibility studies, intellectual property, teamwork, budget, timetable, and managing, professional marketing and sales communications (i. elizabeth. reports, delivering presentations, planning, design, implementation, application, and tests. Moreover, the Capstone Project is a way of determining whether students are prepared to graduate.

II ” Objectives:

At the end in the course, trainees should be able to:

1 ) Show competence and productivity in application development.

” To analyze a current system and to offer a style (capstone project) for the advance of the system.

” To develop and implement the proposed capstone project.

2 . Practice professionalism in carrying out task within a time period.

” To effectively and successfully perform duties and responsibilities to meet the needs of a client.

III ” Instructional Modes

1 ) Lecture Technique using the sequential (logical business presentation of topics) and transition (in-depth treatment of the topics) technique.

2 . Discussion ” Graded and ungraded recitation approach. Make college students focus their particular attention about certain set of questions with regards to a specific subject.

3. Activity Approach ” Pupils are energized to action to accomplish a learning (laboratory) activity.

4. Initiatory Method ” Process of generalizing that is via simplex to complex.

5. Investigative Method “using the problem solving technique.

IV Course Outline

TimeTable| Topics| Certain Objectives| Recommended Activities| Lab Equipment| Evaluation| 54 hours. | Orientation on the university and plan vision-mission, objectives, and rules and regulations. Pre-proposal Stage¢ Capstone Task Orientation¢ Short Listingof Possible Capstone Projects¢ Title Critiquing and Patentability Check (Patent Searching)¢ Pre-Proposal Statement Preparation¢ Pre-Proposal HearingProposal Stage¢ Composing of Chapters I, 2, III, and IV (planning and design and style only)¢ Pitch Manuscript Submission¢ Proposal Hearing¢ Proposal Manuscript RevisionsOral Security Stage¢ Analysis¢ Design¢ Development¢ Testing¢ Original Submission¢ Oral Defense Manuscript Submission¢ Oral Defense Proper (Public Presentation)¢ Oral Defense Manuscript RevisionsPatent Process¢ Obvious Drafting¢ Obvious Application¢ Technology Transfer| To help students appreciate, implement, and achieve the vision-mission, objectives, and rules and regulation of the college and program. 1 ) Bring together and integrate know-how and abilities in the course overall; 2 . Reinforceand develop expertise that have not been completely emphasized in thefundamental themes; 3. Determine a substantial engineering study or design process and transporting it to completion in a specified time and to a professional standard; some. Complete a extensive written and bound report that locations the Capstone Project in context, specifies its goals, and explains the work completed with the causing conclusions orrecommendations; 5. Connect the space between the undergrad studies plus the professional foreseeable future, and demonstrating professional expertise and capacities; 6. Illustrate initiative and creativity, currently taking pride inside the achievement of a difficult task. | LecturesDiscussions| Laptop/ PCProjectorSpeaker| 2. Capstone job manuscript pitch defense 2. System Dental Defense (Public presentation)|

Versus ” Student Requirements:

1 . Oral Security CDs.

a. Total Documentation

i. Final Oral Security Manuscript (Word file)

ii. Last Oral Defense Manuscript (PowerPoint Presentation file) iii. Final ACM-Formatted Manuscript (Word file)

n. Developed Program

4. Installation or perhaps Setup Files/Folders

sixth is v. Installation/or Users’ Guide

VI ” Grading System

1 . Manuscript Proposal Defense50%

2 . Program Oral Defense50%


Completing Mark: 75%

VII ” Textbook

1 . What is the difference among textbooks and reference ebooks?

VIII ” References

1 . Methods of Exploration

installment payments on your Technical Composing

a few. System Research and Design and style

4. Advanced Statistics / Probability and Figures

5. Technopreneurship

6. Application Engineering

7. University or college of Cebu-College of Information and Communication Research (UC-CICS). 2011. Capstone Job Guidelines. almost eight. University of Cebu-College of Information and Interaction Studies (UC-CICS). 2012. Capstone Project Guidelines. 9. Mental Property Business office of the Thailand. 2013. http://www.ipophil.gov.ph/

IX ” Committee:

Program Title: | Date Effective: | Time Revised: | Prepared by: | Approved by: | SYSTEM SUPERVISION MANAGEMENT| very first SemesterSY 2013-2014| May 28, 2013| ____________________RICARDO Q. CABUGAO JR. Behaving Chairperson, ITE Dept| ____________________APOLINARIA A. CIELODirector of Recommendations

one particular

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