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Factors Affecting Weather There are many different factors that impact climate around the globe. The most important elements are: – •Distance Through the Sea •Ocean Currents •Direction of Existing Winds •Relief •Proximity Towards the Equator •The El Nino Phenomenon •Recently, it has been approved that human activity is also impacting climate. Distance From The Sea (Continentality) The sea affects the climate of any place.

Seaside areas happen to be cooler and wetter than inland areas. Clouds form when hot air from away from the coast areas satisfies cool air from your sea. The centre of continents are subject to a wide variety of temps.

In the summer, conditions can bevery hot and dry while moisture through the sea evaporates before this reaches the centre from the continent. Sea Currents The Ocean Currents of the World http://www. itl. net cean power can boost or lessen temperatures. The diagram to the left shows the ocean currents of the world. The main ocean current that influences the UK is a Gulf Stream. Can you discover where the gulf of mexico stream is usually? The Gulf of mexico Stream is known as a warm marine current inside the North Atlantic flowing from the Gulf of Mexico, northeast along the U. S shoreline, and following that to the British Isles.

The Gulf of Mexico provides higher air flow temperatures than Britain since it’s nearer to the collar. This means that mid-air coming from the Gulf of Mexico to Britain is also nice. However , air is also quite moist as it travels within the Atlantic water. This is 1 reason why The united kingdom often obtains wet climate. The Gulf of mexico Stream maintains the western world coast of Europe totally free of ice during winter and, throughout summer warmer than other places of your similar lat.. The data below was the first graph drawn with the Gulf Stream. It was drawn by Dernier-n� Franklin in 1770.

The Gulf Stream , As Drawn Simply by Benjamin Franklin http://www. cnmoc. navy. million. educate Course of Prevailing Winds Wind gusts that strike from the ocean often take rain to the coast and dry climate to inland areas. Winds that hit to The united kingdom from warm inland areas such as Africa will be dry and warm. Winds that blow to Britain from inland areas such as the Holland will be cold and dried out in winter. Britains prevailing winds come from a south westerly direction above the Atlantic. The winds happen to be cool throughout summer and moderate in the winter. Relief Climate may be affected by mountain range.

Mountains receive more rainfall than low lying areas because the temperatures on top of mountains is lower than the temperature in sea level. That is why you often see snow on the side mountains throughout the year. The higher the location is above sea level the colder it will be. This kind of happens because as altitude increases, air turns into thinner which is less able to absorb and retain heat. Proximity For the Equator The proximity for the equator impacts the climate of a place. The equator receives a lot more sunlight than anywhere else on the planet. This is due to its position in relation to the sun (see right).

The plan shows that the equator is usually hotter for the reason that sun has less area to temperature. It is chillier at the north and southern poles because the sun recieve more area to heat up. It can be cooler as the heat is spread over a wider location. The Earth’s Position regarding the Sun http://www. itl. net El Nino El Nino, which affects wind and rainfall habits, has been blamed for droughts and massive amounts in countries around the Pacific cycles Rim. Este Nino identifies the unusual warming of surface normal water in the Pacific cycles. The drier water sends energy and moisture in the atmosphere, altering global blowing wind and rainfall patterns.

The phenomenon has caused tornadoes in California, smog in Indonesia, and forest fire in Brazil (see below) Devastation The effect of a El Nino-generated tornado in Florida http://news. bbc. company. uk Smoke In Indonesia http://news. labellis� basse consommation. co. uk El Nino Causes Forest Fires in Brazil http://news. bbc. company. uk Human being Influence The factors previously mentioned affect the local climate naturally. However , we are not able to forget the impact of human beings on the climate. We’ve been affecting the climate seeing that we made an appearance on this the planet millions of yrs ago. In these times, the affect on the climate was small.

Trees and shrubs were lessen to provide wood for fires. Trees ingest carbon dioxide and produce o2. A reduction in trees and shrubs will consequently have improved the amount of carbon dioxide in the ambiance. The Industrial Wave, starting by the end of the 19th Century, has received a huge effect on climate. Introduced of the engine engine as well as the increased losing of fossil fuels have increased the amount of co2 in the atmosphere. The number of forest being reduce has also improved, meaning that the additional carbon dioxide produced cannot be become oxygen.

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