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Guests arrive Launch EMCEE: Very good evening to all or any of us. Everyone should be open to Mapayapa Village, Clubhouse. Welcome to the party of your charming debutant who is now turning into an excellent lady.

This is certainly quiet an important event in her your life and she’s very much prize for your presence. She is at this point a real lady as the lady stepped upon the greater level of a strategy that we refer to as LIFE. People, sit back even as we groove, work out and enjoy her party to get tonight¦ EMCEE: But before we all go on, it truly is my wonderful honor to introduce every her exceptional guests for tonight. Dad- Mr. Eduardo Benitez Mom- Mrs. Marilyn Benitez Sister- Maybelle Benitez Brother- Joemark Benitez

Without one, her existence would be bare and unhappy. Let us all give a big round of applause to honor all of the people who she really loved. Sabi nga, marami tayong mahahanap na kapuso, pero iisa lang ang ating kapamilya. GRAND ENTRY of debutante EMCEE: And now¦. friends, friends, people, let us almost all stand even as welcome the debutant being a woman of grandeur. Let’s give a big round of applause Ms. Mary Anne Benitez. TOASTED BREAD IN HONOR OF THE DEBUTANTE INVOCATION OR PLEA EMCEE: To spiritually wide open the program, may I request everybody to please indicate the Lord’s Moment pertaining to our assistance and blessings to be led by EATING

EMCEE: At this point, I would like to announce that we will have our dinner this time around. After the supper, the family members would like to demand everybody to please continue to be for a while for the extension of our system. Thank you. (after dinner) EMCEE: Once again, a sumptuous evening to one and all! It really is my pleasure that you remain and let us rejoice for this. 18 Candles And to stand for Jane’s Group of friends of Essential People of her Your life, let us meet the following individuals who will talk about their wishes and offer Diamond ring of

Enlightenment which represents friendship which in turn binds two persons jointly, and the styles of light in the ring signifies all areas of hardship and joy to create them closer together. Naturally these people will be the ones who will give her advices and kind words along the way on how to be a perfect woman. * Leah Mae Benitez * Dawn Garvida 5. Cristine Garvida * Francee Cutamora * Maybelle Benitez * Angelica Benitez 5. Nerili Garcia * Reyeen Vergara 5. Regina Mitra * Angielly Decoy 5. Grace Villena * Valuable Feliciano 5. Jinky Aquino * Cha Sumacot 2. Donna Inguito * Christine Encomienda Quickly pull Ballos 18 Treasures EMCEE: Gifts represent ever going love, qualified and affection. * Mrs. Kristina Benitez * Mrs. Erlyn Villaruel * Mrs. Menchie Diaz * Mrs. Janeth Garvida * Mrs. Alma Illazar * Ms. Ruby Nacario * Mrs. Rosa Alcazaba * Mrs. Belen Navarro * Mrs. Fe Bulangis * Amy * Naranjas Sally 2. Lita Cutamora * Tita Lon EMCEE: After the giving of the presents, let us right now proceed to the most crucial part of this should we call it up rituals of turning 18? Let us now acknowledge one of the most loved and important folks in Jane’s life. Now to dance with her, let’s meet her father¦..

Mr. Eduardo Benitez (after the dance) EMCEE: Mr. Benitez, Jane’s loving dad will be and then Jane’s Group of 18 gentle bachelor who will provide to her tulips that stand for love. Like which Anne has on her family and all of the people in her your life. Each bachelors after supplying Jane a rose will dance with her for about 1 or maybe more minutes while using background music devoted by each guy to the debutante¦ let us commence with¦ (Modern Dance) PARTICULAR NUMBER OF THE CELEBRANT EMCEE: Sharing is among the virtues Her possesses since it is what her parents trained her.

To share to us one of her talents, we will hold our breath and fix each of our attention to what she will be given to us, ladies and gentlemen, a few welcome Ms. Mary Her Benitez! BREAD TOASTED FOR A EFFECTIVE LIFE EMCEE: Are you surprised with what she gets performed to us? Her is really such a skilled woman, packed with art and wonderful ideas for herself and of course for all the persons whom she truly adored. The wine symbolizes commitment and triumph. Her is considered victorious because the girl with able to reach the debutant age in fact it is a great time in this kind of celebration.

To toast with her the wine for a long lasting triumph of her life, let us all call in the following unique persons who also are in a single way or another became an integral part of her existence through thick and skinny, ups and downs, correct and incorrect and sometimes good and bad times of your life. Once again Jane’s Family to be with here for your wine toast. DEBUTANTE’S SPEECH EMCEE: To officially confirm the warmth and legitimacy of this get together, at pra na rin ipaliwanag ang lahat ng kaganapang ito¦ let us right now hear the speech to be given obviously by the gorgeous debutante¦ no additional than¦ Ms. Mary Anne Benitez! PARTY TIME!!

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