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Faculty of Business, Economics and General public Policy College or university of Brunei Darussalam Negeri Brunei Darussalam Semester 2 (2011/2012) Component Title: Supervision Information System (BB5107) Schoolwork: How can IS/IT help my personal Organization? A coursework published in partial fulfillment with the requirements to get the degree of Experts of Organization Administration (MBA) Name| Hj Mohd Shril Hj Matsawali| Registration Number | 11M0030| Programme| Expert of Business Administration| Lecturer| Dr Hj Mohammad Nabil Almunawarah| Deadline| 15th Apr 2012| , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , – Abstract

This research strategies the issues upon role of Information System and just how it help organizations, with all the aim of locating some conditions that make the organizational framework able to deal with the change process needed to really get the potential advantages of these technologies. This newspaper will further explain the procedure, types, rewards and how to guarantee effective execution of information program.

Introduction In just about any business corporation, data is the central thing. Different type of information is usually produced from data. When the volume of data can be large, it is more difficult to process this data physically.

In order to get fast and on time information, an info System is employed in almost all agencies. Information Devices (IS) advancement raises various important difficulties to agencies. Nowadays, depending on the type of corporation, to some extent organization processes happen to be supported by some type of IS. It is far from unusual to have in some agencies information and procedures island destinations lacking from a desirable included access to details. Managers will be increasingly realizing the competitive and ideal value of information systems.

It is often considered that information is among the most valuable property in any business apart from its personnel, economical capital, plant and equipment because it details these physical resources as well as the environment by which they exist. Owning and upgrading all their information product is now not an option in this technology-driven era, it is a requirement because organization apply an up-to-date details system to collect, assimilate, and evaluate interior as well as external information will be gaining competitive advantage over other firms.

What is an organisation? Organization is a socialunitof people, systematicallystructured and were able to meet aneedor to pursue collectivegoals about acontinuingbasis (http://www. businessdictionary. com). An organization is known as a stable, formal social structure that usually takes resources from your environment and processes these to produce results. (http://phaariz. documents. wordpress. com/2010/03/laudon-feature-3. pdf)

They are also bureaucracies with clear-cut categories of labor and specialization and organize these experts in a hierarchical manner in which everybody is accountable to someone and authority is limited to certain actions ruled by summary rules or perhaps procedures that has to abide by laws and regulations. The organization is usually devoted to the principle of efficiency: increasing output employing limited inputs. Other top features of organizations contain business processes, organizational traditions, organizational national politics, surrounding environments, structure, goals, constituencies, and leadership designs.

Organization is usually considered to be an information entity (Lucas H. L. Jr (1994). This means that business collect and assemble data from volume of sources. Data is considered simply by scholar to get streams of raw details representing situations occurring in organizations or perhaps the physical environment before they have been organized and arranged in a form persons can appreciate and use which is usually called data. Information is usually data that have been shaped into an application that is significant and useful to humans. The information however was viewed as a regrettable, costly by product of doing business ” simply “red-tape (Laudon K.

C, & Laudon L. P. 1995). Thus, all of these features around the organization has to be acquired and analyzed which affects the kinds of info systems employed by organizations. How organization job traditionally just before IS It is important to initial understand how firm operates typically way ahead of information system is introduced prior to it can display and review how details system increase and help organisation. Under the older paradigm, the firm was governed with a relatively strict functional structure inhibits cross-functional information flows.

One of the other important problems determined in regular organisation is usually working in silos. Silos are organisational devices where there is actually a breakdown in communication, co-operation and co-ordination with both external and internal parties. Within a paper quoting a the year 2003 Survey on Leadership Challenges by the American Management Affiliation, Florence Rock notes that: “,.. getting people who have distinct agendas to work together can be amongst the biggest obstacles facing business today (Stone, 2005, p 11 cited by Fenwick ain al p. ). In a recent newspaper Conrad Guelke notes that “,. organisational parochialism is definitely characterised with a lack of co-operation between [and within] companies. In a corporate environment exactly where decision-making will be increasingly “unbundled, and organization unit monetary performance is the priority, the values of teamwork and co-operation are usually neglected (Guelke, 2005, s 749 reported at Fenwick et al 2009 p. 3). Many organisations and organisational models will have some silo features at any given time.

Nevertheless silos become problematic when develop into a point that good performance suffers. The challenge is to indentify silos that are problematic or that threaten to be so , and also to identify and take remedial steps. A good way to conquer this problem through the setting up an information program in the business. What is Information System? An info system is a couple of organized techniques that, when ever executed, delivers information to compliment the organization (Lucas H. C. Jr 1994). According to Laudon E. C. et al. 1995), an information strategy is a set of related components that sense, talk, analyze, and display data for the purpose of boosting perception, understanding, control and creative capacity. Alter S i9000. (1991) on the other hand argued that information method is a combination of job practices, info, people, and information solutions organized to accomplish goals within an organization. Information systems (IS) are models of elements that are arranged in a way that helps the execution of several function(s) (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Executive IEEE, 1990 cited in Obeng S i9000. 010). Nickerson (2000) will not limit the constituents to becoming only technical ” including computers and code ” but perceives that the persons, the processes, plus the information can also be parts of an information system.

You read ‘Economics and Open public Policy University of Brunei Darussalam Negara’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Therefore it can be said that an info system is a method that provides supervision and other personnel within an corporation with up dated information about the organization’s efficiency, for example , current inventory and sales. As a result, it is important to understand the relationship or perhaps role details ystem in any organization and how it would directly help them. A great IS program isn’t just a collection of hardware and software, it can much more than that, it’s a tool. This tool can be used in many ways, plus the value of computer really is determined by how a business opts to apply it (Goessl L. 2008). Information systems are rarely ground breaking or , out of the box’ business alternatives. However manager will not be able to design new systems successfully or understand existing systems with out understanding your own business organization. Marriage of Information System with Corporation

All businesses share one common advantage, regardless of the form of business. No matter if they manufacture products or offer services. It is just a vital a part of any business entity, whether a sole proprietorship or a international corporation. That common property is details. The amount of data in businesses is greatly increasing and it has become vitally important to successfully manage and share information within the organization (Anna, 2009 offered at Obeng S. 2010). Information means that we can00 determine the requirement to create new products and companies.

Information lets us know to move into fresh markets or to withdraw from all other markets. With out information, the goods do not get produced, the orders are not put, the elements are not procured, the deliveries are not sent, the customers are generally not billed, plus the business are unable to survive. Information is considered to be the lifeblood of any firm (http://wiki. answers. com). They have far reduced impact the moment presented simply as natural data. Alternatively damaged or lost data due to unorganized might cause disruptions in normal organization activities ultimately causing financial deficits, law matches, etc .

Businesses have to be altered in adopting new technology in order to remain competitive in a consistently developing business environment. This is how information systems (IS) enter into play. In other words in order to take full advantage of the value of information, it must be captured, analyzed, quantified, compiled, manipulated, made accessible, and shared via an information program (IS). It should be designed, produced, administered, and maintained which usually suits company needs and requirement. Info systems happen to be organizational subsystems that conduct ork linked to information (Lucas H. C. Jr (1994) p. 52) Companies and also other organizations happen to be investing wonderful sums in introducing information systems inside the organization hoping to be able to make business better and info sharing smoothly (Anna, 2009 cited by Obeng H. 2010). A classy computer data system allows companies to monitor personnel, to keep managers and workers informed, to coordinate activities among partitions, or even to trade their products to customers via the internet.

Moreover, in the era of information technology like this, information has become valuable company asset the same as human resources and inventories. Furthermore, a good details system may facilitate immediate communication between firm and suppliers, suppliers, dealers, and marketers. With each other, they can make a value sequence as though we were holding in one firm (Axos 2008). Information devices, which contain hardware, software program, data, applications, communication and folks, help a company to better deal with and safeguarded its important corporate, buyer and employee data.

Data systems likewise improve the use and job processes and organization can easily gain constant benefits. An info system can be a mainframe, mid-range or network computer strategy that allows allocated processing for any group of users accessing a similar software application. These types of systems offer management with control over all their data, with various tools to extract info or view data buildings and documents. The role of an info system is to foster a data management environment that is solid and can be expanded according to an organizations’ ideal plan for data processing.

An info system also satisfies varied information requires in an firm Roles details System within an Organization One particular reason info system performs such an important role in corporation and have an effect on so many people may be the soaring electricity and the decline on cost of computer technology. Corporation nowadays can use powerful communication networks to access different spots around the world and coordinate activities across some space. These types of networks happen to be transforming the form and the sort of business enterprises.

This report will never look into details on the network used, rather will be concentrating on the position and the capability of information system which required the organization to redesign, change structure, scope of businesses, reporting and control mechanisms, work techniques, work goes, products and services (Lo P. 2005) Information program can trim organizations which mean it might reduce quantity of employees and management levels. In other words, firm can reshape and retrench employee that is in redundancy and no much longer need a number of the positions.

As a result, it reduces the number of levels in an corporation by providing managers with information to watch over larger numbers of workers through giving lower-level employees even more decision-making power. Team members can collaborate strongly even coming from distance spots which means that the management period of control also been broadened. This means managers can take care of and control more workers spread over greater distances. Through information system it is now feasible to separate function from location and they can organize internationally while functioning locally by the usage of e-mail, internet, and video conferencing.

According to Laudon E. C., Laudon J. G. 2000, it may link people, assets and ideas to make and deliver products and services without having to be limited to classic organizational limitations or physical position and hence allowing different corporations to join collectively to provide services and goods without physical linkage. This may also help to reorganize work goes and processes and have been gradually replacing manual work types of procedures with computerized work types of procedures. It allows organization to slice costs significantly through displacing paper and manual schedule as well as enhancing customer service.

Remodeled workflows could also facilitate organization efficiency and may enable fresh organizational set ups, products and services. Data system can increase overall flexibility to equally small and large organizations by increasing their very own ability to interact to changes in the market and to make the most of new chances. It permits transactions such as payments and buy orders to get exchanges in electronic format among distinct companies, thereby reducing the expense of obtaining product or service from away from firm. Corporation can share business info, catalogues or perhaps mail emails through this sort of systems.

It can create new relationships between organization, the customers and suppliers since information program automates the flow info across organizational boundaries (Laudon K. C., Laudon T. P. (2000). Information System concepts Laudon K. C., Laudon L. P. (1995) p. six stated three common activities in an data system create the information companies need for producing decisions, managing operations, analyzing problems and creating new products or solutions. Input is a raw data from the universe around us (Laudon E. C. ou al (1995) p. 2). In other phrase input reflects or gathers raw data from within the corporation or from the external environment. For example , Consumers information, company products and services, internal operations, competitors and all the external info on the economic climate, markets etc . Processing comprises converting this raw info into a beneficial form which means that computers are accustomed to store data and then change, rearrange, and analyze this data in accordance to a group of instructions called a program or perhaps software. The result of processing alternatively is called outcome.

Output requires displaying info to users which means that that transfers the processed info to the people or activities wherever it will be applied. For example , various organizations wants their information to be displayed and shared to the exterior parties that include the public, stockholders, government and the like. Types of Information Systems in organization Info systems must be sufficiently adaptable to meet the needs of users in different levels in an business. Facilitating the input, control and output as mentioned before requires the use of several different types of information program.

Thus, you will discover different types of data system found in organization. For instance , transaction finalizing systems, administration information systems, decision support systems and executive data systems. Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) , Transaction finalizing systems support production personnel to method transactions. Deal means a celebration surrounding the availability, distribution, sales and transport of goods and services (Laudon K. C. et approach 1995), cash deposits, payroll, credit decisions and the circulation of material inside the factory (Laudon K.

C., Laudon M. P. 1995). The powerful feature of TPS is their ability to record program and well structured processes (Rowley J. 1996). It also really helps to record sales, inventory or perhaps financial data. For example in the event that an item had been sold, the transaction digesting system will ensure that the sale was published in the sales record and later when the invoice is usually raised for the accounts receivable file also to the products on hand records. Output would be a printed list of comprehensive monthly statements for customers or possibly a screen screen of the share levels of things in share.

Management Details System (MIS) , Supervision information systems support managers in making decisions and to develop meaningful reviews for managerial use (Rowley J. 1996). The purpose of this system is to help the business company integrate new knowledge into the business that help organization control the stream of paperwork (Laudon T. C., Laudon J. G. 1995). LOS are suitable to use in decision making circumstances where the information requirements may be gathered and access ahead of time and the dependence on information arises regularly.

The highly organised information offered by these systems allows managers to evaluate an organization’s functionality by comparing current with previous outputs http://www. chris-kimble. com/Courses/World_Med_MBA/Types-of-Information-System. html code. An example could possibly be the decision to modify the price of a given product. Produce such a conclusion it is helpful to have data on development costs, existing profitability in the product, previous sales of the and other items, and the impact that a previous price climb had upon sales, as well as data regarding the prices of comparable items from competition.

Decision Support Systems (DSS) , Decision support devices help managers monitor, control, organize function, (Laudon E. C. ainsi que al 1995) decision making, and administrative actions (Laudon T. C. & Laudon T. P. 1995). It is an details system that assists managers with exclusive, non-recurring strategic decisions which might be relatively unstructured (Rowley J. 1996). In respect to Enthusiastic and Morton 1978, the systems support non-routine making decisions (as cited in Laudon K. C. & Laudon J. P. 1995, g. 13).

A decision support system must be extremely flexible http://www. freetutes. com/systemanalysis/types-of-information-system. html This typically supplies periodic information rather than immediate information on businesses. It is therefore usually support technical and strategic decision making in situations where the risk associated with any error is usually high and a mistake can have serious consequences. These systems are often used to analyze existing structured details and allow managers to task the potential associated with their decisions into the future.

The is a new house purchase control system that reviews on the total moving, home hunting, and home auto financing costs for workers in all company divisions, remembering wherever genuine costs go over budgets. Professional Information Devices (EIS) , Executive data systems are designed to assist top-level executives inside the acquisition and use of the information that is necessary to support these people in their top rated management in the organization (Rowley J. 1996). In other words it will help them to deal with and treat key tactical issues and long term require, both in the firm and in the exterior environment.

Exec Information Program are designed to be operated directly simply by executives without the need for intermediaries and easily tailored to the preferences of the individual with them http://www. chris-kimble. com/Courses/World_Med_MBA/Types-of-Information-System. code. EIS support them by giving them quick access to details and research of a trouble once the difficulty or chance has been recognized. Output around the screen often uses a mixture of graphics and tables. Advantages of using Info Systems

Corporation practicing pervasive as info systems contains a wide range of significant benefits. They often view these as resources and a means to gain a competitive business lead in their individual industry. You will find number of rewards that corporation could gain are as stated below: Boost jobs , Implementing Information Systems will make jobs more efficient in terms of releasing employees to accomplish other significant tasks. It can be no longer for staff needed to spend beneficial time selecting through stats, data and other pertinent data because the system has ability to gather that for them.

Info System supplies a cost-effective approach to conduct transactions, significantly cutting down the time involved in control. Differentiation , Information System provides the ability to strategically determine organization in a manner that makes the organization stand out from competition. Information systems can be integrated in such a way wherever customers could be offered a thing no one different provides. Having a unique design which enables your business attractive to do business with, it is simple to increase your customer base. Decision Making , Information systems allow the vital element of featuring “real-time” details.

In today’s competitive environment, a manager must make rapid decisions also to do this efficiently and they need more up to date information available to support them. Effectively designing all their IS to customized the requires will allow them to make this happen. Communication , Information devices possess ways to effectively and efficiently reveal information. Automated communication is actually a time and source saver and may add huge value to business. By making use of information program, communication could become cheaper, more rapidly, and more efficient.

Organization are now able to communicate with any person around the globe by just text messaging all of them or sending them a message for a instantaneous response. The internet has additionally opened up face to face direct interaction from different parts of the world thanks to the allows of video conferencing. Globalization, IS hasn’t only helped bring the world closer together, nonetheless it has allowed the world’s economic system to become a solitary interdependent program. This means that business can not just share data quickly and efficiently, nevertheless they can also reduce barriers of linguistic and geographic restrictions.

The world has developed into a global village as a result of help of information system allowing for countries by different country who are not only separated by simply distance nevertheless also by language to shares suggestions and data with each other. Increasing Revenues , IS used technology to generate earnings, for example by causing information products obtainable through personal computers (Lucas L. C. Jr 1994). There may be an abundance of monetary databases and services where one can sign up to. It is possible to have hundreds of types of data regarding companies and the financial conditions.

The Internet is an essential source to promote your goods. Information system on the other hand has also helped to computerize the organization process therefore streamlining businesses to make all of them extremely cost effective money making machines. This in turn increases productivity which in turn ultimately brings about profits that means better spend and less challenging working circumstances. Reducing Costs -One with the main advantages of implementing IS/IT in organizations has been cost savings. For instance, corporation has computerized clerical duties to reduce costs.

Insurance companies and banks on the other hand create products which might be really data, bills, updates, renewals, etc represent end result, products that needs to be printed and distributed to customers. These systems have resulted in elimination of existing positions, whereas other folks have lowered the number of further employees necessary in the future. Choosing Ernst &Young for example , the organization has efficiently reduced it is office space by simply 2 , 000, 000 square feet by allowing their particular employees to work from home. http://www. bukisa. om/articles/20243_the-importance-of-information-system#ixzz1rMCWg2Uz Improving Quality , 1 reason to work with IS/IT should be to improve the top quality of end result: computer assisted design is an excellent example. A great engineer or draftsman utilizes a computer fatal to create anatomist drawings. He / she stores the drawing on a pc file, it might be recalled later for easy modification. A system similar to this will also story a pulling copy, improvements are redrawn in minutes. The system reduces much of the time of style work and has dramatically reduced the advantages of draftsman.

One other example can be through the usage of electronic info interchange (EDI) which links firms to each other electronically. A normal application can be order access and acknowledgement. The use of EDI contributes to quality by lowering the opportunity to get errors as data will be entered only once. An information program offers a litany of advantages that make the process of handling information easier. Central access, easy backup, central circulation of information, convenient record keeping, easy duty preparation, and also easy consumer trait identification http://www. blurtit. com/q8104822. html code

More and more people work from their homes nowadays. Technology has become therefore sophisticated that allows individuals to choose to work at home. Teleconferencing and video conferencing enable employees to column in anytime needed The right way to ensure effective implementation of IS in organization When manager has chose to change processes along with software, they have to create a phased in way of their companies changes in in an attempt to make the modify successful. Usually the drive towards a brand new software system is definitely backed by a need to change organization from the current way of performing things.

Organization will become more effective, to reduce newspaper usage, to provide better examine trail, to higher market and care for a customer base and many other reasons. In order to put into practice change it is way better to use alteration strategies in which to put into practice new system they cannot just simply forget the outdated system completely, it must completed simultaneously in order that change could become more powerful. This is because if there is anything affect the new program, the old program can still easily be retrieved. Changing too many items at once may well overwhelm organization’s staff.

Additionally , unless this can be a very large business with a dedicated project staff, it is very most likely that they will not need the resources effectively supervise and implement both equally new software program and fresh process. You will need to really be familiar with full operation of the system until it can be implemented and are utilizing it for any period of time. Supervisor in business will make better process decisions after experiencing the peanuts and mounting bolts pieces of the conversion and will now give attention to all the special features the software offers. Organization need to provide adequate training.

In addition, it allows staff to brainstorm with one another as they are getting used to the software’s features. It is vital to adhere to up schooling after setup of the system, even if it is just a brief review. Doing so, allows manager to realize the full benefits associated with their system. It will also give organization up to date information on the system. It is vital to involve the best people in the organization. Additionally it is important to identify a winner in every single key part of the organization that may ensure the success of the setup.

The champions do not automatically need to be administration, or administrators. In fact , a reliable peer that is dedicated to the project may be able to better connect to the staff on the level of their daily duties (as well since provide exceptional feedback relating to implementation details during the project). No matter what procedure is being employed by organization, putting into action new application can definitely become a busy and stressful. Using these tips can assist more or less assist organization into a successful execution. Conclusion

In conclusion, it is unexpected facts that you have many more corporations still do not use data system inside their organization. Information system permits companies to react, respond, cater, store, retrieve, share, and control their fresh valuable property that is information. In the a long time, a good details system in a company will be no longer a choice, it will get a compulsory in determining achievement and to gain competitive edge. Implementing a fresh system commonly comes with a significant price tag, but once business requirements and processes are effectively and accurately identified, the payoffs can be big.

Purchasing information devices keeps a business competitive and helps an organization take the ability to maintain visible position in the global economy. With out IS, a small business will more than likely fall season rapidly behind. The benefits of integrating technology during an organization may truly always be limitless depending on level of creativeness, strategic preparing and creativity in the decision making processes. REFERENCES Alter S i9000. 1991, Information Systems: A Management Point of view, Addison-Wesley Posting Company Inc. Axos 2008, The Importance of Information System http://www. bukisa. om/articles/20243_the-importance-of-information-system Fenwick Capital t. et ing. 2009, Lowering the Impact of Organizational Silos in Resilience, Resilient Organisations Research Report ” 2009/01. http://www. resorgs. org. nz/pubs/Silos. pdf Laudon K. C. & Laudon J. P. 1995, Basics of Management Information Program, Prentice Lounge Inc. ________________________ 2000, Management Information Systems, Prentice Area, New Jersey http://www. bonissen. de/ib/summaries/Business%20Informatics%20(2-3). PDF Laudon K. C. et ‘s 1995, I . t: Concepts and Issues, Boyd & Fraser Publishing Organization.

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