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MARKETING TERM REPORT BY KHAN AKHTER RUMMAN SHAN FOODS ABOUT THE COMPANY: Shan Foods has been around since in 1981 when it commenced operations by a single room as it was Shan Masala in the past, launched full-range of seasonings to cater to local open public, due to its recognition Shan started exporting over time due to increased international recognition. But following sometime, the necessity to reposition the brand was sensed. It must be repositioned as a food manufacturer rather than a liven brand.

Re-imaging the corporation became essential for re-positioning of the brand, it was work well done and led to continuing success of Shan on national and international methodologies. The name of Shan Foods is becoming synonymous with highest quality and exquisite taste.. There are six broad types of varieties Shan deals in including menu mixes, plain spices, delicacy mixes. Shan Food’s vision is “to be a dominating global gamer in foods and socially responsible business that attains its quality standards so that Shan means tradition trust and very good taste. ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY: DIFFERENTIATION OF PRODUCT: Shan is able to differentiate from its competition through the added establishments of theV-looktechnology and the fossil fuel grinding technology is only the to their dedication toprovide only the bestto their consumers. It’s the first class quality that brings the blind trust of the customers on Shan products it can easily not only end up being hygienically ready but can be secure via any dangerous ingredients that loose spices give. TARGETED MARKET: Females aging from 18 to 45 years compose the main target audience of Shan Foods.

It is because of the purpose that in our part of the world, women are mostly related to the foodstuff and food preparation. Hence, Shan Foods evolves products which can be according the needs and wants of these women no matter whether they are stay-at-home or operating, single or perhaps married ones. POSITIONING WITH THE PRODUCT: Shan Foods location statement can be “To the confident and convenience seeking woman these days, our broad variety of Shan liven mixes present premium quality products, made with the finest ingredients like no additional. It is just for the fact the fact that consumers must be provided with answer of having a flavorsome meal very quickly with selfmade mixes of recipes and spices. MARKETING MIX PRODUCT: The products of Shan could be broadly classified into six categories, with multiple sub-categories. Looking at the product portfolio of Shan Foods, it is seen that Shan Foods provides given is definitely consumers a great offering for each occasion and every type of preference. Be it traditional cuisine combines like Biryani or an offering inside the Dessert category, Shan has an offering to fit all the good things in life connected with food.

Different product offerings of Shan Foods are: 2. -Biryani Mixes- * Stir Fried Foods- * Curry Spice Combines * -Deep Fried Foods- * Barbeque-Vegetarian Foods- 5. Instant Foods * Khushbudaar Lehsan 2. Zaiqedaar Adrak * Khatta Khatai 5. Qasuri Methi * Karara Zeera 5. Taiz Laal Mirch 2. Taaza Dhaniya * Zaafrani Garam Masala. * Teekhi Kaali Mirch * Khaalis Haldee VALUE: The pricing of all Shan offerings may differ and is determined by each Share Keeping Device (SKU). However , the price runs for five (out of six) types of Shan merchandise offerings happen to be as follows: 2. Recipe Blend: The Recipe mixes range between Rs. 0 to forty * Plain Spices: Pricing of Simple spices differs SKU sensible. For example , about 50 grams red chili powder is available at a cost of Rs. 20 and150 grams at Rs. 116 * Treat Mixes: Sweets are all priced at Rs. thirty five * Pickles Pickle charges is Rs. 170 pertaining to 1000 grms, pricing differs as per SKU PLACE: Shan is easily available at all general stores and departmental stores. Shan Food is centering on the roundabout marketing stations where they sell Shan items through stores. Shan Foods is also obtainable in 60 overseas countries.

The manufacturer is released to UK, USA, and Middle East and now to Far East parts as well. Salesforce in Shan Foods can be divided into three types: General Trade (general stores, Kiryana stores, Medical and Genaral stores), Local contemporary trade (super stores just like Aghaz, Naheed, Chase), and International Modern trade (Large houses including Makro and Metro). PROMO: It has begun to reach out to a wider audience keeping in mind the changing lifestyle to elemental families and convenience searchers. The advertisements of Shan’s offerings focus entirely in the females from the family.

The marketing strategy is incredibly customer focused i. e. Shan focuses on on advertising its products bearing in mind its clients thus using a customer centric view. Shan has recently noticed that a potential area of the population i. e. the teenagers are the ones that will become tomorrow’s decision creators. More recently, the major marketing or perhaps promotional expenses done by Shan Foods is usually on making deals with television set channels for their commercial surroundings time. PROMOTING ENVIRONMENT: There exists a lot of difficulty of this advertising environment happen to be low prices and unbranded competitor’s.

Due to high competition and low prices of competitors this gets difficult to attract buyers to buy their product. It is extremely difficult to generate brand dedication. Apart from this, a few of the major generating forces in the Pakistani essence industry are changes in social concerns, life-style and thinking, product creativity and within who choose the product and just how they use that. There are many causes of increased demand of spices in Pakistan, a major factor is definitely the changing lifestyles of people who today prefer willing to use substances over traditional home made seasonings.

Also, spices or herbs have always been popular dueto the sub-continental design of cooking. As there are a number of competition in the market, the consumers and buyers have substantial power to influence the marketing of Shan items. Major resellers and bulk suppliers like Community and Makro are generally employed for grocery shopping or perhaps bulk buying which is why Unilever also uses them being a forum to produce awareness of many. For example individual customized and decorated racks for display of all Shan recipes. COMPETITION:

Except for small unbranded products Shan has a large share of competition from Countrywide foods, Mehran foods, Ahmed Foods, Habib Foods, Zaiqa Foods and Kitchen Secrets. Only forty percent use the brand name product and 60% percent of consumers utilize unbranded merchandise, hence neighborhood spice producers and mills pose while major competitors. Shan Food and Countrywide Foods are nearly occupying the similar reveal in Amounts as well as in % but the regarding Shan Food is Exhibiting the stable increase even though the National foods is Displaying fluctuations in the market development.

Strategic circulation of both Shaan and National goods pose as being a major competitive advantage because although Chef’s Pride contains the third placement is market share, it should be noted that it must be not available in several retail outlets around Pakistan and particularly Karachi. RESEARCH OF RIVALS: Due to the unbranded products having 60 % with the market Shan only must compete intended for the forty percent of the share of the marketplace. The major competition of the forty percent market will be National food, Mehran food, Ahmed food, Habib food, Zaiqa foods and Kitchen secrets.

When it comes to food products, flavor development and loyalty are major problems which are well considered simply by Shan Food in contrast to it is competitors as they target taste values and customer satisfaction a lot more than they concentrate on family principles like marketing campaigns of National Foods. As a result of having opponents making almost the same items as Shan there is strict competition available in the market on selling price and top quality both of which they cannot give up on or else the other product takes industry. CHARACTERS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR:

The major attractive characteristics of Shan include its prolonged good style, maintained high quality, health friendly and attractive packaging and availability. Furthermore, it keeps the faithful customers satisfied with delicious taste. Moreover, the wide range of products and SKU’s offered consolidate Shan’s presence in several niches and keep its consumers loyal for the brand. On this factor, Shan’s ‘Oriental recipes’ demonstrated very effective in the preservation of customers. Using their introduction, various housewives are now able to make cafe standard food at home.

Which attracted the current youth to eat at home because they prefer ls food. An additional attractive characteristic is that Shan foods is a leading exporter of foods from Pakistan providing this an opportunity to engage the large global market which will helps this to expand at an instant pace. Simultaneously, the consumers have been greatly inclined by brand communication of Shan. Shan’s technique of displaying mouthwatering meals on their invoice boards and advertisements continues to be an tremendous success. This kind of “Big Idea” has been running for more than 3 years and still has not lost their relevance.

Consequently, the nature and intensity of these campaigns have already been bolstered by Shan’s exterior marketing through bill planks, television advertisements, high repeating and transientness messages on TV, cooking applications for regular folks and financed events. OBTAINING DECISION CONDUCT: As persons live in city cities they have a tendency to go for branded items compared to unbranded ones. Inside our product’s circumstance, customers are likely to have complex buying patterns. This is due to the fact there is a large perceived difference among the brands of recipes. In Pakistan, people love their particular food.

And want it in accordance to their classic taste. This encourages a complex procedure of choosing between brands. However , the customers who are conformed for the taste of Shan will never go for the additional competitors no matter their online marketing strategy. Moreover, the purchase of Shan Masala requires a great amount of buyer involvement. This is because the acquiring Shan’s items changes in accordance to months. If using one occasion Fruitchart masala is at demand as a result of Holy Ramadan, BBQ integrates could be indemand on Eids or in summers when ever families request friends above on BBQ GRILL parties.

The Haleem & BBQ blend are in greater demand during the winter months whileChana Chat mix is usually purchased more often in summer. This requires continuous attention of customers in their buys. Hence the high consumer involvement and significant perceived differences between brands involves a complex obtaining behavior. BUYING DECISION PROCEDURE: Since Shan is a popular product with its own marketplace, customer’s decision making process will not be very extended. However , many customers might undergo through the following methods: Need identification: At this stage, the customer recognizes the problem or will need.

In Pakistan, the busy schedule of people and easy-living trend has made Shan Recipes an inevitable element of every household’s grocery. Likewise in international countries, the feeling of house and desirability of traditional food stimulates the maneuver towards Shan Recipes. Info search: at this time measures like internet sites, TV advertising and conversation with peers, etc happen to be taken by distinct customers to get to to a ordering decision. In Shan’s case, very few consumers will carry out this step because of its strong company position in Pakistan.

The reason is , of Shan’s strong historical past in Pakistani households, it truly is passed on coming from mothers to daughters, just like values and beliefs. In the same way in foreign countries the sources of data are the newly shifted family members, online search engine plus the availability in shopping marts. Evaluation of different: Different buyers have different evaluation process. This depends upon a lot of factors which include their holding and previous experience with the product. In Shan’s case, most of the Pakistani customers are old regular users and are not likely to go through this kind of stage.

Yet , in overseas countries, new customers may go for the alternative brands to get the best. This kind of stage is dependent upon the availability of other competition. Purchase decision: Generally this decision may be influenced by attitude of others or unforeseen situational elements. However , inside our products circumstance, external determinants are mainly financial factors and demeaning product quality. Post purchase tendencies: Shan has established certain objectives with its company which this aims to satisfy. Almost all of the buyers take selected actions following their ingestion based on all their satisfaction or perhaps dissatisfaction.

Additionally they undergo cognitive cacophonie, which means that the satisfaction or dissatisfaction consists of certain compromises. In Shan’s case, the compromises created by new customers would be the advantages of close competitive detergent. BIBILOGRAPHY http://shanfoodspk. com/ http://www. scribd. com/doc/37193856/Strategic-Management-Comparision-of-Shan-Foods-and-National-Foods http://www. land. com. pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/business/04-Jul-2010/Shan-Foods-promotes-healthy-environment http://www. importgenius. com/shipments/shan-foods-private-limited. html http://pakbiz. com/profile/Shan-Foods/

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