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Prayer of a dark colored boy dissertation

In the poem The plea of a Dark-colored Boy the writer had written the composition in the standpoint of a young black young man which is the speaker from the poem. who was a slave at this time.

The poet tells us that the dark boy doesn’t want to go to a white people school as they they are teaching him a fresh culture that he does not like it this individual finds it uninteresting because is actually a new lifestyle and they do things that he doesn’t perform at home, he also says that he doesn’t need to be a lady of the city because there is a sad lifestyle.

The poet had written this composition like a story story and he makes the poem very descriptive and he likewise makes his point across by using alliteration which will create a certain sounds or images stick out, he as well uses metaphor to make pictures of the actual slaves went throw.

The writer shows us just how desperate the and humiliated and worn out the dark-colored people was. The article writer uses metaphors for example when he reflects in the first line of the poem the word “tired This is a metaphor frequently used by seniors when they possess lived through many situations. They are not really physically fatigued but mentally exhausted. This suggests that the young boy has experienced many atrocities and tradition changes caused on his race by the white-colored culture.

The poet also gives us to understand that for a black person to attend school was very difficult because of the way having been seen and mistreated and humiliated for that reason. he pleads to god for not going to school “Lord, I don’t want to go for their school please help me that I need to go again the boy says it was to hard because  the road to varsity is steep By this this individual means that the school isn’t basically on top of a hill, but it is a mental ascent to have the courage to accept another culture teaching him western attributes, most of which will aren’t in accordance with the life this individual wants to keep and that he thought that he was gonna loose this individual culture and way of learning which was simply by traditional dances and by tale telling underneath the light of the parish lantern “who do not know how to party by the mild of the moon.

The poet person gives us to understand the fact that boy likes to carry on with his own custom  I want to follow dad into the amazing gorges because he finds his culture better we can see this kind of when he publishes articles a representation “when the night is hanging over magic forest he uses a personification in right here to create an image of the evening floating within the trees which can be obviously not the case because the nighttime is a normal thing which is everywhere, this individual also displays freedom and happiness of his ants esters by writing “Where spirits play before the daybreak.  This individual shows independence of how the spirits perform o the night time.

By the writer using alliterations he makes an image of your ship throwing out just like animals their crew “a ship within the sugarfields

Property and spits its crew he likewise gives a picture of dark-colored workers worthless after they have got finished all their shift

The writer produces again “Lord, I do not want to go to their very own school

Please help me which i need no to look again, the writer repeats this expression again to show how needy and disappointed the son is and show that the boy doesn’t want to be the “gentleman from the city or perhaps as the whites “call it a real gentleman, in here the writer gives us to understand which the boy does not want find out by the way the whites study by using books of additional countries and learning points that they no longer now or perhaps seen before, we see this kind of when he say “Why will need to we learn again coming from poreing


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