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Motion picture review the help essay

“The Help” based on a best-selling novel by Kathryn Stockett, a story of three women who take remarkable risk in writing a novel centered on the reports from the perspective of black maids and nannies. Set in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 60s, a young girl sets out to change the town. Skeeter, who is 21 years old, white colored, educated by Ole Miss, dreams of becoming a journalist. The girl returns residence to find the family house maid, Constantine, removed and no one will explain to her so what happened.

Skeeter acquires a job as a columnist for the area paper at the being of the movie. Skeeter mother’s simply concern is for Skeeter to find a husband. Skeeter’s ambition to become a writer depends on her thought to write a novel about from the view of the black service personnel and nannies in Jackson. Aibileen, who shed her boy after he was ran over and dumped at a hospital, works as a maid for a family.

The lady watches following the seventeenth child of a white friends and family. Minny, Aibileen’s friend and a maid, raises children of her own and keep secrets of the white females she performs for.

The unlikely terno begins to write the reports of the existence of the cleaning service from their standpoint. It is socially undesirable and against the law in Mississippi to discuss integration. Skeeter needs to recruit more service personnel to tell their particular stories. However no maids will be willing to help until a series of events happen that transform their minds. The book released called “The Help” with all of the tales having invisible identities. The white girls of the community begin to question who the actual characters are and where book is actually taking place. Some of the ladies swear up and down it is not Jackson to protect themselves by humiliation. The movie along with the book the three wrote during the movie depicts how life was actually like in Jackson for dark families. There are numerous areas in the movie that describe what live is Jackson was like. There is a scene in the movie where Aibileen was in the bath room, built specifically for her because a white girl in the movies says that black people have different diseases than white colored people.

In several scenes in the movie, the maids travel on buses which might be for dark people only or are at the back of a bus with the white colored people at the front. Skeeter goes to the library in Jackson and gets a book with information about segregation and the laws and regulations. Blacks could not attend a similar schools and churches as the white persons. The shifting of books among whites and blacks was not acceptable. That they remained with whoever began using them first. They were to remain with the human population that started out using them. Additionally, they use distinct entrances to public buildings. Aibileen tells the story of how her son passed away and described that they the white companies loaded him up in the back of a pickup after being went over. They dropped him off in front of the shaded hospital, honked the car horn, and went away.

He later died at home with a collapsed lung simply because there was nothing at all the doctors could do to save him. Record above shows some of the issues that are within the motion picture about segregation and elegance. The movie, filmed well, shows the different sights of life and shows various things and values affect each person. There are several other movies that I have observed related to this one which includes Ali, a movie about an amazing African American fighter during the sixties and seventies and his way to winning the heavy weight title. Remember the Titans, a film related to integration of schools during the early on 70s. The movie is about a new African American soccer coach that faces the challenges with a racially bundled football team.

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