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Who makes the journey evaluation essay

Cathy Song, an Asian-American poet who were raised in Beautiful hawaii, wrote, “Who Makes the Voyage. ” This lady has gotten several awards, like the Yale Group of Younger Poets Award and Song the Shelley Funeral service Award, in her career. Cathy Song’s poems have been completely filled with symbolism and tone that have still left readers awestruck. “Who The actual Journey” is around growing old and growing up too fast. In the poem, the reader is taken up through an older woman’s your life through a third person’s perspective.

In the first stanza of “Who Makes the Journey, ” Music introduces lifespan of a widow and a widower in a sad, soft tone. “In most cases, is it doesn’t old girl who the actual journey; this man having had the impression to stay put and die by home” (Song, 1-6). This kind of describes just how women would be the ones to maneuver forward utilized to, while guys are the ones that are likely reminisce about old points, or consist of cases, to die just before their wives.

This sets a remorseful, similar tone pertaining to the poem. The sculpt she has made helps a single understand the misery that comes with aging and the prefer to go back in time.

In stanza two, the Azores and the Orient are mentioned: “She comes from the Azores and the girl comes from the Orient. It makes zero difference” (Song, 10-11). This kind of suggests that she actually is a woman of many places, and she has viewed many things, and she has been many areas in her lifetime. This mix sets a empathetic tone, making you respect the wisdom and experiences of the old female.

In the third and next stanzas, symbolism is released. “The brief substantial hip and legs buckle within the weight with the ghost child she carried centuries back like a pack of rags” (Song, 14-19). The “ghost child” in this passage identifies an old memory space she has been carrying about inside of her. By using a simile, comparing the old woman to a bundle of rags, suggests that the old girl has most likely been haunted or placed down with this old memory space, speeding up the inevitable technique of time and maturing.

In the fifth and sixth stanza, another view from the old girl has been put into suggest the passing of the time and just how quickly life movements. “The grown woman stops impatiently and self-consciously to movement Hurry to her mother. Dripping into your area view mirror like a dark mushroom blossoming in a plate of water, the stooped gnome figure wades through the lake of automobiles hauling her sack of cabbages, the white and curved, translucent leaves of which she will wash individually as though they were porcelain cups” (Song, 23-37).

By utilizing “the stooped gnome determine, ” someone is able to understand just how older the woman is definitely, indicating poor and further going down hill health due to old age. This continues to support the empathetic and respectful tone collection earlier inside the poem. In the last few lines of the seventh stanza, this describes how the old woman will separately and carefully wash every single leaf of lettuce. This reinforces the age of the widowed old female, showing that she has time and the persistence to independently wash leaves of lettuce. It also creates more empathy, cluing someone into her loneliness.

In the last two stanzas of the composition, the passing of time is summed up and described in a simple, impactful fashion. “Those cryptic eyes snooze on your small reflection pertaining to an instant. Years pass. History moves like an old girl crossing the street” (Song, 40-44). The cryptic eyes watching the old woman make reference to the people, ultimately the readers with the poem, and the mirror they are looking out of symbolizes the fact. By observing the old female cross, they are hit while using cold, conclusion that time moves so quickly and life is too precious to squander.

Cathy Track fills “Who Makes the Journey” with gorgeous imagery that puts a crystal clear, brilliant, mental graphic inside your head. Selecting words plus the way they can be arranged makes such images that transports the reader in to the world where poem occurs. In the beginning from the poem, the mood is very sad and remorseful; while the poem continues about, it changes to a more happy, lighter disposition. This produces verbal paradox because the aging process often brings on unfavorable moods, instead of positive.

Cathy Song’s poetry have been described by Richard Hugo, from your Yale Series, as follows, “Her poems happen to be flowers: colorful, sensual, and quiet, and they are offered almost shyly since bouquets to people moments is obviously that looked minor but in retrospect count the most. She often will remind a deafening, indifferent, hard world of what truly things to the man spirit. ” Overall, this kind of poem tries to sum up the meaning of lifestyle and the passing of time by a unique perspective. Imagery and tone happen to be two primary literary elements in this poem, and understanding them is key to deciphering the meaning with the poem.


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