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Romeo and juliet act 5 essay

What news truly does Balthasar deliver Romeo?

He brings the news of Juliet’s death. A note from the Friar about death.

Following hearing good news, where really does Romeo decide to go?

Towards the Capulet burial place for mourning.

Exactly why is Romeo sense cheerful at the beginning of scene one particular?

He had a dream that he was dead but Juliet kissed him and brought fresh life into his body system.

What does the speed with which Romeo makes his decision tell you about his character?

He can a strong and decisive person.

Just how is Friar John avoided from going to Mantua to provide Friar Laurence’s letter?

There was clearly a problem in Mantua

Why does Paris visit the Capulet burial place?

To put flowers besides Juliet’s burial place and mourn her death.

How would you think Paris, france feels about Juliet?

By this time, Paris, france is committed to marrying Juliet. He may not really love her in the way Romeo does, because this was being an “arranged marriage.

But at the conclusion of the play he was naturally willing to guard her and her relatives.

What is Romeo’s genuine reason for sending Balthasar away from tomb?

To provide a letter that he had for Montague. But in fact Romeo failed to want him around when he drank his poison.

Why does Paris, france think Romeo has come to the tomb?

To spit upon Tybalts burial plot. (juliet and tybalt will be in the same tomb)

What does Friar Laurence discover when he gets into the tomb?

Romeo’s dead man remains and Juliet waking from her concoction.

How exactly does Juliet eliminate herself?

Initial she tries kissing Romeo to acquire poison coming from his lip area. But in the end she runs on the dagger to stab very little.

What may cause Lady Montague’s death?

Serious grief above Romeo’s relégation from Verona.

Who have tells the storyline of the occasions to the Knight in shining armor?

Friar Lawrence

What does the Prince indicate when he says, “All will be punished. 

Everyone has shed someone in this feud between your two households.

At the end of the perform, what happens involving the Capulets and the Montagues?

Installed their dissimilarities aside and end their particular hatred for every other.

In this last act, exactly how are Romeo’s activities guided even more by feelings than cause?

His like for Juliet and grief at the obvious loss of his lover led him to decide on death rather than seek answers about why Juliet had died or if your woman even really was dead.

By family, list the folks who have passed away in the enjoy.

Montagues: Juliet, Tybalt

Capulets: Romeo, Lady Capulet

Mercutio a friend of Romeo

Paris, nor a Capulet or Montague


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