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Middle east foreign plans essay

Disaster! Fear! Terrorism! What seemed to be a scene from Die Hard is what struck home in America on Sept. 11. The attacks on the World Trade Center leads back to many problems with each of our foreign contact. Our overseas relations guidelines have been lately getting a lot of countries irritated and frustrated, the major issue being that we interfered with Palestinian and Israeli conflicts by offering battle support to Israel. Aiding one aspect or another is a very tricky organization, especially when it involves a religious war.

We need to have just presented support to try using the two countries to peace, not military support. Surprisingly, the plan of aiding Israel still continues, building settlements on what everyone knew was Palestinian land and advertising weapons to Israel. We should not have interupted by assisting Israel as well as for so long. It is hard to take a seat aside and stay a spectator during a warfare, but when it involves faith, I would keep out. Religious wars are struggled with a profound vengeance. It will not become the first time that America has tried to stay out of a battle, we have succeeded in doing so in more dreadful wars just like the genocide put on by the Nazis. I think America intervened in Israel for further political reasons than everything else.

Due to the foreign plan in the Middle East, over the years weve acquired various enemies and adversaries, one of them being Osama Bin Laden. When we set up military bases in Arab saudi during and after the Gulf of mexico War, this exaggerated Osamas anger since Saudi Arabia residences two of the holiest Islamic shrines. The build up with this anger generated the miserable tragedy from the September 11th terrorist assault on America. The point We am trying to make is that it could have been avoided if we worked on the foreign insurance plan more with Saudi Arabia and Israel and didnt let the anti-American bitterness get thus strong. What is done is done, and the simply thing we can do now could be to learn from your mistakes. I think the initial order of business is usually to prosecute Bin Laden great terrorist unit. The next step is to slowly take out support in Israel. I emphasize slowly mainly because we previously helped these people for many years, and cant suddenly end that. The first thing we ought to wean is a selling of weapons to Israel. Advertising weapons to just one side from the conflict is pretty much an act of war on Palestine. Next, we need to pull our troops out of His home country of israel and only create peace associations between the two countries as we have tried prior to. That would help settle down a lot of anti-American opposition in the Middle East, and show our great intentions pertaining to peace. We need to also move some of our military electricity out of the region, yet still retain some angles for tactical purposes for worst circumstance scenarios.

Overall the disaster of America has awakened many Americans to realize that some thing we are undertaking with our overseas relations is wrong and getting many Middle section Easterners irritated. Some could even go as far to call us unaware or harming our Arrogance of Electricity. The only way we could move forward is usually to learn from our mistakes and address them. It may need a long gradual process but I think all of us will recover. God bless America. Terms

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