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Oedipus the king research essay

Oedipus Hamartia

Aristotle once said that a heros downfall must be a result of some tragic flaw within the character. This flaw was known as hamartia in the Greek world of Aristotle. Since Aristotle greatly adored Oedipus the King, many people believe Oedipus need to have had a visible and intricate hamartia. Discovering Oedipus hamartia within the enjoy is rather than an easy job. In fact , it is impossible to point out Oedipus hamartia since I actually do not think that he offers one. Exactly what he says or does over the play is definitely justifiable in a single way or another. There is always some logical explanation behind his thoughts and actions and, thus, Oedipus does not have a tragic flaw in the character.

There are a number of different points that one can assess and claim to be Oedipushamartia. For instance, some people may look at Oedipus negative temper and label this kind of as the flaw that leads to his downfall. Oedipus becomes angered at Teiresias claim that dr. murphy is the one who killed Laius and he begins to believe that this can be an attempt by simply Creon to overthrow him. Despite Oedipus anger through this situation, his reaction can be justified. To begin with, Teiresias allegation that Oedipus is the monster is ridiculous to him since he would

by no means murder a king. As well, it seems rational that Creon would be lurking behind such a scheme seeing that he would always be next equal to the tub. Therefore , Oedipus bad mood cannot be deemed his hamartia.

Another characteristic of Oedipus that some individuals tend to label as his hamartia is definitely his deadly temperament. You can see this side of Oedipus when he recounts the storyline in which he killed the man in the wagon as well as a few of the guys servants. Yet , Oedipus deadly rage was completely validated in this condition. After all, this man fantastic servants had been trying to throw Oedipus off-road by brute force. Oedipus, in a sense, was merely guarding himself from these men and killed them only out of self-defense and rage. Hence, Oedipus murderous personality cannot be his tragic flaw.

Some people actually believe that Oedipus hamartia was carelessness. Certainly anyone advised about eliminating his daddy and sleeping with his mom would have prevented killing any man and sleeping with any woman. Oedipus, alternatively, did eliminate a man and he did sleep which has a woman. Therefore , some critics believe that having been careless. Oedipus, however , was completely very careful in that this individual did anything in his is going to to get away by his father and mother. The only problem was that the parents he knew all his life are not his the case parents. Yet this cannot be considered Oedipusfault nor may carelessness become viewed as his hamartia.

There are two other points that may be considered to be Oedipus tragic drawback. One handles his conceivable pride and arrogance. Some people think that he could be overly pleased about his success with the Sphinx. This cannot be accurate, however , because he includes himself in the curse he made and is also more than stressed to find the fact. The other point can be Oedipus perilous curiosity which will led to his inquiry in matters (Laius death) which may have been best left unexplored. This could hardly be considered a flaw simply by either the Greeks of ancient instances or by simply people today. The truth is out there and although it could possibly be unpalatable or perhaps dangerous, it is advisable than ignorance.

In conclusion, Oedipus the king of Thebes has no hamartia in the play. Every one of his feelings and activities throughout the enjoy are totally justified and, thus, he doesnt include a tragic catch. Simply because a hero suffers a awful downfall, it can do

definitely not result from his own problems.

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