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Fahrenheit 451 1102 words essay

Fahrenheit 451

The world in Fahrenheit 451 has many similarities along with many differences

of our present day American culture. Some of the commonalities of our world and

the society in Fahrenheit 451 are that in our culture, which is becoming more

and more high – tech, individuals are strenuous things to turn into

faster and faster. Much like the contemporary society in Fahrenheit 451, everything is quickly and

readily accessible at the feel of a fingertip. Another likeness in our society

and the contemporary society of Fahrenheit (f) 451 is that things that may have been deemed

dangerous and rare, just like suicide and murder, is starting to become an everyday

thing or a usual happening in our society, and was a lot more routine in the

Fahrenheit 451 society. Another similar characteristic in our world and the

F 451 society is that increasingly more, our government is beginning to turn

the table within their direction aiming to make all of us conform to all their ideology

along with censoring certain things out of our lives. There are also differences

inside our society plus the society in Fahrenheit 451. For one, our society will not

make games out of criminal actions, as the society in Fahrenheit 451 does.

An additional difference inside our society plus the society in Fahrenheit 451 is that our

present day govt and culture does not find war as being a usual thing and does

require war softly, like the federal government and culture in F 451 truly does.

Our contemporary society is starting to become more and more fresh, and

consequently things are turning into faster and easier to use. In the society of

Fahrenheit 451 technology has evolved further than within our world and has

for that reason probably met the demands that we get now. Nonetheless, the citizens in

Fahrenheit 451 have increased their particular demand for rate and ease of use. For

case in point, the cars in Fahrenheit 451 exceed todays speed limits and are

allowed legally to speed. Within our society vehicles are also turning into faster and

faster, and thus, the speed limit is constantly getting broken. Likewise, in

Fahrenheit 451 the banks are open 24 hours per day with electronic digital

tellers, produce it easier for the citizens to get money faster and

anytime that they feel like acquiring it out with their account. In our society new

banking tactics are becoming developed. Such as ATMs which can be very similar

towards the robots in Fahrenheit 451, in the sense that they allow anybody with an

ATM account to pull away cash anytime of the day. This is evidence our

society is now more and more technologically advanced and centered and

insistent on faster things. One more similarity between our world and the

contemporary society in F 451 is that events just like murder and suicide have become

more common than they utilized to be. For instance , in Fahrenheit (f) 451 the moment mille

overdosed on her sleeping pills, instead of an mat coming to take her to

the hospital, a crew came to her property to pump her stomach, and flush her

blood. The moment Guy asked why that they didnt have to bring her to the medical center, they

advised him that it was routine and it happened several or 8 times on his block a night.

This is also obvious in our society. An example can be that our hostipal wards have

certain teams to respond to whatever from tried suicides to attempted

murders. Another model in our contemporary society would be that we get established

amounts that you can contact if an individual consumes a poison (poison control center)

were the operator can provide you with information on how to regulate the toxic or receive

it out from the persons system. One other similarity between each of our society and the

society in Fahrenheit 451 is that the govt in both societies will be gradually

turning the stand in their path and gradually trying to power their ideology

on all of us. Trying to type a Indoctrinate type of society. This is gradually taking

effect in our culture and we are generally not reacting to it in how that we ought to

rather were ignoring this and allowing it to take place. If we keep allowing it to

happen, than our world can conclude like the culture in Fahrenheit (f) 451, in which

the government essentially controls all their lives, and does not let them be exposed

to be able to ideas than the government views fit. Censoring out any outside

tips such as ebooks and education. As a result of censoring out these kinds of materials

our society can end up just like the society in Fahrenheit 451 in the fact the

government could make certain organizations, such as the firemen who burn books, to

stop all of us from sharing other people ideas. Along with commonalities, there are

as well differences in the society and the society in Fahrenheit 451. One of these

variations is that the society (at least not really yet) makes games away of against the law

activities. For example , in Fahrenheit (f) 451 Clarrise was stepped on by a person

speeding. This is considered an ordinary case, seeing that in this world there was a

game, which in turn teens performed, in which you received a certain amount of factors if you strike

a person. Although this may occasionally happen in our culture too, not necessarily

considered typical, and is certainly not looked upon since teens merely having fun mainly because it

is looked upon in Fahrenheit 451. This can be a distinct difference between our

society plus the society in Fahrenheit 451. One other difference between each of our

society plus the society in Fahrenheit 451 is that the culture and authorities in

Fahrenheit (f) 451 requires war extremely lightly and sees it as an routine occurring. There

are always bombers heading overhead as well as the wives in the men inside the army happen to be

always taking of how speedy the warfare is going to be forty-eight hours, it is going to always be

quick war. However , inside our society warfare is taken very significantly and usually

lasts for weeks in the event that not weeks, and the spouses and partners of associates of the

armed forces worry about how much time their partner will be apart and if the will die

or not. This is certainly another difference of our world and the world in F

451. These are some of the comparison of our contemporary society and the

world of Fahrenheit (f) 451. I am hoping that you have noticed by reading this article, that

the society can be not very unlike the Fahrenheit (f) 451 culture. Also that in the event that

we carry on the way were living that we may end up like the culture in

F 451. As well I hope that you have realized that the things which we are

taking for granted, such as books and other materials are slowly becoming more

and more unusual, and if we all keep currently taking these things with no consideration, they may

go away along with this morals and values while happened towards the society in

Fahrenheit 451. I hope you could have enjoyed this kind of essay which this essay has

taught you about the Fahrenheit (f) 451 society and each of our society and what the

differences and similarities between the two are.

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