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Ptsd posttraumatic stress disorder ptsd term paper

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, 2003).

The results of the study discovered that cocaine/PTSD were youthful that alcohol/PTSD subjects (Back et approach., 2003). In addition , the research workers found the fact that alcohol/PTSD participants were more likely to be married and have more intimate close friends than the cocaine/PTSD participants. In addition , the study discovered that alcohol/PTSD participants were more likely to be used full time (Back et approach., 2003). The alcohol/PTSD individuals were also very likely to be employed longer periods of time (Back et al., 2003). In addition , women with cocaine/PTSD were more likely to become arrested intended for prostitution than alcohol PTSD. The study also available that there are high costs of intimate trauma associated with the development of PTSD (Back ou al., 2003). In addition , the alcohol/PTSD teams were more likely to have developed PTSD as a result of an auto accident or some additional severe happenings.

Overall, the researchers assert that the examine revealed, “women in the alcohol/PTSD group were rated as having higher PTSD symptoms. The greater interpersonal and job impairment coupled with less extreme PTSD indication profile observed among women inside the cocaine/PTSD, compared with the alcohol/PTSD, group could possibly be attributed to the substance-specific homes of liquor and crack. For example , applying alcohol may worsen PTSD symptoms but not necessarily worsen cultural or efficient impairment for the extent that cocaine dependence, or elements related to cocaine dependence, may possibly (Back et al., 2003). “


Once again, this study confirms that results of past analysis, which claims that PTSD and alcohol abuse, are interrelated. Additionally , the researchers found that those that used liquor had more serious cases of PTSD. This means that that the use of alcohol can be more effective in anesthetizing the anxiety linked to PTSD. There is some sign that the elderly participants have problems with more severe PTSD because the alcohol/PTSD was older than the cocaine/PTSD group.

Review Study three or more final research entitled Victimization and PTSD in People with Substance Work with Disorders: Gender and Racial Differences” tries to report the gender and racial differences between Victimization and PTSD in Individuals with Substance Use Disorders (Dansky et al. 1997). The individuals in the research were ninety five inpatients (34 male and 61 girl patients) (Dansky et al. 1997). There have been 41 African-Americans, 52 Caucasians, and a couple of other minorities (Dansky ain al. 1997). The participants were examined for compound abuse/dependence, shock, and PTSD (Dansky ain al. 1997). Most members abused with cocaine or perhaps alcohol (Dansky et ing. 1997).

The results of the study says nearly all of the ladies and males who wanted treatment for substance make use of disorders reported that they had experienced a sexual and physical assault during their lifetime (Dansky ainsi que al. 1997). Additionally , “more than forty percent of this treatment-seeking sample had current crime-related PTSD (CR-PTSD)… The lack of racial or male or female differences for all those types of direct invasion except rasurado is a notable finding… In addition , contrary to a few evidence that African-American females are at improved risk for certain types of assaults (18), it is possible that in samples of substance-abusing people Caucasian and African-American individuals are equally more likely to have an attack history (Dansky et ing. 1997). “


This study is definitely significant because it reveals that among people with substance abuse disorders there is not significant difference in the charge of invasion. This shows that attack is a predictor of foreseeable future substance abuse in spite of race. In addition , the study reveals that attack is a predictor of the advancement PTSD.



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Dansky, B. T., Byrne, C. A., Brady, K. T. (1999). Close Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among

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