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Correction in marks, farrenheit any, needs to be communicated to my job of CEO in the format prescribed within just ten working days after the day time of examination of the last theory paper. The marks properly secured by student in the test out examinations after and before addressing the refinance shall be displayed on the department recognize board. Site 12 lit) Absentee assessment a.

To get GU Programmer under autonomy Students who also remain missing in a Test-I and or Test out II examination will be subjected to absentee evaluation after Examen as per the academics calendar.

The absentee examination would be intended for 15 Marks only. Students who continues to be absent for both Test-I and Test-II would be assessed for 12-15 marks simply and will shed 15 markings. This dotacion Is made simply for situations Where the absence will either be due to the scholar representing the college in an academic/ co-curricular and extracurricular activities at University or college r region level or due to cause of disease, death of any near kin, attendance of state or perhaps national level competitive examination, placement activities and other circumstances beyond power over the student.

To avail this kind of provision, students is required to connect with the COVER with suggestion from Study course Coordinator with relevant papers. It is the discretion of the COVER and Training course Coordinator to consider application and make a decision the function of evaluation. No scholar can acquire this provision for both the Test out examinations in just about any one program in a Term. B. To get PIG Programmer under autonomy Students who remain missing in a Test-I and/or Test out II assessment will be put through absentee test after Test-I and/ or Test 2 within 12 working days of the end of test assessment.

This provision is made only for situations when the absence will either be due to the student representing the school in an academic/ co- curricular and after school activities at University, State or country level or due to cause of condition, death of the near family member, attendance of state or national level competitive test, placement actions and other situations beyond charge of the student. To Vail of the provision, the student is required to apply at the COVER with suggestion from Training course Coordinator with relevant paperwork.

It is the discretion of the BONNET and Training course Coordinator to consider software and decide the function of examination. No college student can avail of this provision for both the Check examinations in a one course in a Term. , v) Assessment of Internal markings for theory courses Test-I , 12-15 marks Test-II , 12-15 marks Attendance , some marks Teacher’s assessments , Two assessments of 3 signifies each (The mode of teachers’ evaluation shall be reported by individual course educator on the schedules specified inside the Academic Calendar). Total continuous assessment represents for theory course , 40 marks.

Teachers Examination a. B. C. Deb. Teacher’s assessment of students’ performance of 6 marks shall be completed on the basis of modes such as home assignments, courses, open publication tests, seminars, group discussions, projects, quizzes etc . The course planner shall file the mode(s) chosen for every course, within the date approved by the Dean Academics. In case a course is being trained by more Page 13 than 1 subject educator, the settings for teacher’s assessment may be declared by the respective tutor, section wise.

A student who also skips teacher’s assessment or a part thereof shall be granted zero markings under the respective head. Vi) Assessment of continuous evaluation of signifies for sensible courses Students shall be examined for his/her academic functionality in a sensible course based on continuous evaluation and End Semester Sensible Examination. Vii) Marking for continuous evaluation of useful courses could possibly be done depending on the following parameters a. Diary completion m. Performance in each functional c.

Interior Practical Examination d. Viva-Voce Total represents for ongoing evaluation of practical training: 25 marks. The course coordinator in consultation with Chairman Plank of Research and the individual course instructor shall announce the allocation of markings in the parameters as applicable within the date prescribed in the academics diary. In case of efficiency oriented useful, the evaluation shall be performed on the basis to overall performance in practical examination and viva-voce/bob]active test.

Setting of evaluation for nonperformance type of functional shall be declared by the training course coordinator in the beginning of the treatment. Type of practical course I. E. Functionality type or non efficiency type should be decided by the respective REAR END. The seminar shall be evaluated through the quality of work completed, the statement submission and presentation’s as per the guidelines approved by the individual BOSS occasionally. Project operate shall be examined by mid-term seminar’s, the quality of work accomplished, project statement submission as well as the viva-voce evaluation.

Notwithstanding a part of above, virtually any specific rules in respect of assessment, criterion of passing, outcomes, valuation, grading, discipline, honor of level, attendance will probably be prepared by the respective department faculty panel, approved by MANAGER and Academic Council, if perhaps required. Iii) Attendance: The attendance of the students theoretically classes needs to be encouraged. 4 marks are allotted pertaining to attendance. The distribution of Attendance represents is as succumbed Table 1 below. Desk 1: Division of marks on Attendance S. No . 1 twenty-three 4 Attendance %, =75 or, 75 or or perhaps, 65 Honored Marks some 3 a couple of 1 a.

All the pupils are expected to become present in every single lecture, tutorial, practical, NC / INS / SSP / Online games, Sports / Yoga scheduled for them. Presence will be closely monitored throughout a semester in accordance with the guidelines. Site 14 w. If a scholar is constantly absent in the classes for over four seeks without telling the Course Coordinator, the Coordinator shall immediately carry it to the recognize of First Year Coordinator/ the Head from the concerned division as the case may be and so they in turn is going to inform the same to the Office of Dean Scholars.. A student will need to have a minimum attendance of 60 % of the count of classes including lectures/ tutorials, in a course separately in order to become eligible for appearing Evaluation I and Test II examinations in such course’s, failing which usually he/she will be declared not eligible for appearing in the stated examination in such course’s and will be granted zero signifies.

Attendance awarded to the scholar for the period of the related activity/ function shall not be regarded as while establishing minimum presence. Minimum physical presence from the student with the total number of classes including lectures/ tutorials, held in a program is required for being eligible for appearing Test out I and Test 2 examinations. Deb.

The names of the students that have remained lack of, for more than 25% of the actual classes in a course will probably be intimated by the Course Planner himself for the last teaching day of every month of the respective session, to the college students in the lass with crafted intimation towards the HOOD as well as First Season Coordinator, who will arrange to consolidate the list for all this sort of students for all your courses and display this on the see board from the department with an intimation to Dean Academics. At the. A student must have an overall seventy five % presence of the total number of classes including lectures/ tutorials and practical. F.

Student is not authorized to appear pertaining to the End Semester Examination if the shortfall of attendance exists. His/her registration for that semester will be cared for as terminated, and he shall be granted , Z’ grade because semester. This grade shall appear in the grade greeting card till the successful achievement to training course requirements because semester. Ix) Connotation to Attendance: These students that have more than 74% attendance pertaining to the period other than their medical leave be regarded as for significance of attendance provided their very own overall attendance in a study course including the amount of illness would not fall below 60%.

Students has to apply for leave in medical grounds to the Mind of concerned department and such application will be accompanied with a medical license from a registered medical practitioner and endorsed by parent’s or protector. However the decision in this subject will be finally taken by the main. Records keeping: All the information of presence in Test out Examinations, Question papers, valued answer bedsheets, summary of marks sheets, and screen of represents should be properly maintained for academic monitoring.

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