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Throughout the good literature, there are lots of situations that may prove that the arrangement of political electricity does the truth is impact the thoughts, thoughts, and actions of the persons being ruled. In Adam Micheners novel The Bridge at Andau, the oppressive nature from the Hungarian national politics, specifically the AVO, impacts the citizens of Hungary by making these people feel inferior, unsafe, and eventually leading to the Hungarians rebelling.

In Micheners novel, the Hungarian people are encountering severe oppression by their govt, specifically a bunch called the AVO, who also set a lot of rules and regulations that served to help make the people of Hungary experience inferior in their own region. For example , the Pal family explained that they can could hardly feed themselves because “food was expensive, ” but then stated that “communist books were cheap” (Michener 58), which shows that the relatives felt poor to their govt leaders since the only things they could afford had been the elements that the govt was looking to force after them. It was embarrassing to get the father, who had been trying to submit an application for jobs but unable to manage a match, to have to visit a job interview within a windbreaker. Undoubtedly that this treatment and firm of economics caused the Hungarians to feel substandard. Another case is a history of a couple in Hungary who were unable to shop in the marketplace that experienced cheaper products simply because they had been Hungarian. The wife explained to her hubby that “there was a incredibly good shop for Russians only, “(Michener 158) that had the best Hungarian items at up to many of these off. The wife completed by outlining that “when everything good has been used up by individuals stores things that are left is positioned in stores for us workers, and we pay the most costly prices” (Michener 158). Your spouse and partner felt inferior due to their oppressive government since even the shops were segregated ” the wealthy were given the low-cost, high-quality products while people who were previously poor were being forced to pay extreme rates for the things that were merely leftovers. This sort of treatment, especially from kinds own authorities, is more than enough to generate anyone experience inferior.

Additionally , the Hungarians were affected by the oppression with the AVO for the reason that methods of AVO rule made the people of Hungary feel very unsafe in their own nation. Michener identifies a man who was beat every single day for 33 days by AVO mainly because the officials didnt like that his fit looked “American. ” When ever asked in case the AVO had been allowed to maintain him captive for thirty-three days due to the go well with he was using, the man replied, “They could have held me personally for thirty-three years” (Michener 138) which demonstrates just how unsafe lifestyle was although under the power over the AVO. Innocent guys were being chucked into penitentiary and overcome simply because the goverment didnt like what they were putting on. If this kind of act doesnt make someone feel unsafe then and what will? Another female was noticed to have a disformed hand. Once asked what happened to it, she responded that the “AVO broke that, ” and they smashed her fingers “with a plastic hose” and burned two holes into the back of her hand with “lighted cigarettes” (Michener 138) all as a distant good friend had escaped across the boundary, which even more proves how dangerous it had been to live underneath AVO regulation. The organization of the political electrical power in Hungary was significantly unfair towards the citizens and caused these to be patients of pointless violence just like that was committed against these faithful people.

Finally, the oppression with the AVO affected the activities of the Hungarians, as the citizens sooner or later rebelled against their rulers. The Russians came to an area where they resorted to using containers in the pavements of Budapest to keep the citizens of Hungary under control. The Hungarians, however , had had enough of the AVOs torture, and “of every hundred Russian tanksin the streets of Budapest, regarding 85 had been destroyed simply by young people under the age of 21″ (Michener 174), which demonstrates the power that existed in the rebellion. eighty five percent in the AVOs reservoirs had been damaged, and the fact that it was carried out mostly simply by teenagers is usually remarkable. This proves that the horrible firm of government in Hungary acquired fueled a fire so firmly in Hungarian youth that they can were able to assault ” and succeed ” against educated officers exclusively. Another episode that displays the rebellion against the Russians is if the Hungarians were under assault but taken no weaponry. The citizens were forced to unite together, after which one man said, “You can end a tank in case you have no guns. You do it with gasoline bombs” (Michener 41), and then continued by teaching the large group to all put together these bombs until a big collection had been created. This represents a turning point inside the rebellion ” the Hungarians were centralizing together against one single enemy, the AVO. Their toturous, murderous government had moved them all towards the point of rebellion, as well as the fact that the individuals united collectively to destroy it simply proves the effect that a badly managed political system is wearing a group of people.

Ultimately, the simple fact that the Hungarians felt substandard, unsafe, and eventually rebelled against their own federal government demonstrates that the management of political power is very important in determining the result on the citizens minds and actions.

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