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Anitgone two essay

In the brief play Antigone, by Socrates, we find the chorus symbolizes the stationary voice of traditional society in many ways. From this play traditional society is following the guidelines and also obeying King Kreon and his rules. We will see how the characters Antigone, Kreon and Isemene relate with traditional world.

The character Antigone is dedicated to her friends and family despite the unjust laws of Kreon. Antigone shows this by saying Hes my brother and your own too and weather you will or not, I will uphold him. (Page 22) The girl with willing to die because of her belief of ethical value. The chorus pertains this to traditional contemporary society by Antigone is trying to improve society by going against the king wonderful rules. It appears that she is aiming to make a stand for her family as she is one of the last types left in her relatives. She also is affected with recklessness by her amazing benefits of her character. The girl shows this by burying her sibling and performing the right factor. Since she has committed these kinds of actions and broke Kreons rules her morals will probably be here own downfall.

Kreon is known as a ruthless person obsessed by simply power. He goes against tradition simply by denying funeral of Polyneices and will not take Teiresias advice. Kreon shows that he cares about electrical power instead of family values by condemning his sons new bride. This also shows that he goes against meaningful custom. The chorus shows that this individual fails to keep your laws of divine justice by leaving Polyneices body system uncovered. Since Polyneices fought for Kreons side he should get an effective burial. Kreon also is affected with recklessness since his achievement of power is wrecking him. In cases like this Kreon will probably be destroyed because he cant understand that his as well as moral beliefs should come first instead of his power.

Ismene is a persona that has merged feelings about the whole circumstance. This is tested when Ismene said, Promise not to say nearly anything. Keep this a top secret. Ill join you in secrecy. (Page 24) This kind of shows that your woman wants to support her sis and to perform what is proper but the girl with scared of what might eventually her. Ismene shows payoff when she gets she is a disgrace with her sister, and wants to die with her. Ismene contains a choice to go along with society or go against that. She decides to go along with classic society simply by going to Kreon and saying I did it. I talk about the blame with her and will blame additionally, it. (Page 42) This demonstrates she made up her brain and determined that probe and family value are definitely more important than any thing different.

In conclusion we find that people in traditional culture must abide by their own values. No matter what guidelines are getting implied in society, people make up generally there own code to live by simply. As in the situation of Antigone, Kreon and Ismene they each had to go by their own ethical code is to do what they believed was correct. Some instances it turns out for the best and sometimes the worst. They must look at themselves and make a decision what is great for them.


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