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Psychology and support essay

Marriage these days does not apparently last very long. Two months after his wedding party, your good friend Tom confides in you that your dog is unhappy in his marriage. This individual tells you that he wonderful wife are most often fighting constantly, and nothing seems to get settled. He tends to be very high-strung anyway(His close friends call him “Type-A Tom) and now this individual feels like the tension of the constant bickering is affecting every aspect of his life, which includes his wellness.

Since if you’re in a Psychology class, this individual asks you for your thoughts on the chances of his marriage surviving and your guidance about what he can do about his anxiety.

Based on what you’ve examine (either in the assigned blood pressure measurements in this module or the own Internet research), you answer his questions by addressing 10 factors which may be related to his situation. In short , discuss these factors (and how it may relate to Tom’s predicament) in a 5-7 site essay.

The Factors will be:

Predictability of the stressor. In psychology, stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. Symptoms may include a sense of being overwhelmed, feelings of tension, overall frustration, insecurity, anxiety, social disengagement, loss of cravings, depression, panic attacks, exhaustion, large or low blood pressure, epidermis eruptions or perhaps rashes, sleeping disorders, lack of sexual desire (sexual dysfunction), migraine, gastrointestinal difficulties (constipation or diarrhea), and for girls, menstrual symptoms. It may also trigger more serious circumstances such as heart disease. Also, fresh research which has been performed in animals, also displayed results relating to stress and unwanted side effects on the body. It is often shown that stress contributes to the initiation and progress specific tumors within the physique.

A stress factor is any event, knowledge, or environmental stimulus that creates stress within an individual.[22] These events or experiences happen to be perceived as threats or issues to the individual and can be both physical or psychological. Researchers have identified that causes can make people more vulnerable to both physical and emotional problems, which includes heart disease and anxiety.[23] Stressors are more likely to impact an individual’s well being when they are “chronic, highly troublesome, or regarded as uncontrollable.[23] In psychology, analysts generally classify the different types of stressors into four categories: 1) crises/catastrophes, 2) major lifestyle events, 3) daily hassles/microstressors, and 4) ambient stressors.

Social support (human relationships) Support is the notion and actuality that one is cared for, has assistance available from the other people, and that one is component to a supporting social network. These kinds of supportive assets can be mental (e. g., nurturance), concrete (e. g., financial assistance), informational (e. g., advice), or friendship (e. g., sense of belonging). Support can be scored as the perception that one has assistance available, using the received assistance, or the level to which you happen to be integrated in a social network. Support can come by many sources, such as friends and family, friends, pets, organizations, co workers, etc . Govt provided support is often referred to as Public aid.

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