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SECTION 1 The situation and Its Background Introduction The word “Overpopulation” is the condition where number of organisms exceeds the carrying ability of their an environment. It has impacted the life of common person and has been proven as one of the gravest difficulties which have to be fought against. It implies scarcity of resources and economic pumpiing, these are the monsters which can make life miserable.

The purpose of the analysis is to discuss about overpopulation in our region specifically in Manila. Employing library study and internet. e will elaborate the complexities and effects, as well as the possible solutions to this kind of social happening. A display such as this is very important for us to appreciate that our nation being overpopulated is alarming. I believe that behind this studies, we can help relating to this problem that not only the Philippines are facing, but likewise in our travel industry. The earth today must deal with many issues. Every global problems are to a great extent worsened due to overpopulation. Due to the deficiency of economic assets and property, people do not have the means required for their particular sustenance.

This kind of tends to result in wars since people guard territory which is not theirs. Overpopulation has a certain effect on a country’s economic system. People who terribly lack the capacity to master and have education give a significant effect inside our tourism industry. Why? Straightforward because of the waste products they add in our seas, seas and also other bodies of water. Even more people make more waste. Solid waste products such as plastic materials, tin cans and containers, when not properly disposed of, turn into eyesores in a place.

Garbage and sewage, if remaining untreated, may pollute the water supply. By doing so, many visitors will not check out that certain region because of the dirt or any waste products they observe. Also, we have to consider the lack of natural assets because of the overpopulated areas. There are tendencies that they destroy the resources just to get foods from this or to make use of it as their organization. With every fresh person adding to the planet’s total inhabitants the quality of your life goes down for all of us and the competition for assets goes up.

We must find strategies to cut down each of our energy ingestion so we can effectively boost the carrying potential of this planet, as well as maximize our solutions so we are able to continue to live normal lives. There will also be an excessive amount of some things, specifically trash and crime. It is just an break out of some form of virus holding out to happen mainly because trash can be everywhere. Offense is a duplicating cycle. A lot more crime there may be due to overpopulation, the more offense there will be. That usually takes an outside force to be able to the circuit. Crimes may possibly affect the tourists.

There are occasions that they will end up being the patients. Also, overpopulation is one of the reasons for spreading of disease. In such a case, the tendency of passing one particular disease to another may take place. Many visitors will frightened to go to all those affected areas. We, since tourism students of Centro Escolar University have heart pertaining to our region, and to have got that responsibility to take proper care the Organic resources and beautiful stage scenery given by each of our Heavenly Dad here in our country. We can say that the next generation will certainly gain a lot of benefits from these resources.

Likewise, by doing this remark we will certainly realize the value of the human population and how it can affect the tourism industry. Setting with the Study: City Manila Metropolitan Manila, the National Capital Region (NCR) or simply Metro Manila, can be the metropolitan region encompassing the City of Manila and its adjacent areas in the Philippines. It is composed of 16 urban centers, namely Manila,  Caloocan,  Las Pinas,  Makati,  Malabon,  Mandaluyong,  Marikina,  Muntinlupa,  Navotas,  Pasay,  Pasig, Paranaque,  Quezon Town,  San Juan,  Taguig, and Valenzuela, and the Municipality of Pateros.

Metro Manila is the most populous of the twelve defined locations in the Thailand and the 11th most populous in the world. Short History of Manila Long before the arrival in the Spaniards headed by Precoz Governor Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in Manila in 1571, a town referred to as “Maynilad” (from the word “nild”) was grow. Pre-Spanish Maynilad was formerly a Moslem settlement reigned over by a Moslem sultan, Rajah Sulayman of Borneon the aristocracy. It was a small but a prosperous trading interface lying among two (2) great bodies of water, Pasig lake and Manila Bay.

When the Spaniards heard of this Moslem settlement around the shore of your great bay in Luzon, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (who in those days was in Panay Island) directed forth his men advancing by marshall Martin sobre Goiti and Captain Juan de Salcedo to the initially expedition to Maynilad on May 8, 1570. Upon entrance in Maynilad, the Spanish Fleet was welcomed and feted by the friendly Filipino-Moslem natives. Yet , the morning of May twenty four, 1570 proved to be a crimson day for the two races- for there was a intense battle, as a result the Spaniards defeated the natives and conquered Maynilad under the name from the King of Spain.

Below Spain, Manila became the truly amazing entrepot inside the Far East. The Manila Acapulco Galleon Trade between Philippines and South america flourished from your years 1571-1815. So in the 16th for the 19th decades, Manila was Intramuros. And since Manila’s the majority of winning feature is their “inflappability” , the history of Manila is the history of the Philippines. Conceptual Model INSIGHT PROCEDURE OUTCOME Profile with the Administration, Determine the

Participants in terms Collection, Analysis and number of Of: Interpretation of population that could 1 . 1 Age Obtained data making use of affect the Tourism 1 . two Gender set of questions checklist Industry as responded 1 . several Status by selected people in the area of Manila FEEDBACK

A conceptual version shows factors in our matter on how the overpopulation impacts the tourism industry since responded by simply selected occupants of Pandacan, Manila, college year 2012-2013. This physique shows the profile of the respondents when it comes to age, male or female, and position. In the second phase, the researchers will gather data through survey. Then understand data through statistical method. Finally, give the answer to the presented difficulty. Statement with the Problem The research aims to decide the effects of overpopulation in Metro Manila in the Tourism Market as forwent by chosen residents in Manila.

Considerably, It sought to answer the following questions: 1 . What is the profile of the respondents regarding: 2 . you Gender installment payments on your 2 Grow older 2 . a few Status installment payments on your How the Overpopulation n this area affects the tourism industry in the Israel? Assumption with the Problem The researchers assume that: 1 . The respondents will be sincere and fair in answering the questionnaires and survey the researchers supplied. 2 . You will find factors for what reason overpopulation affects the travel and leisure industry in that area. 3. There are reason why the analysts chose to perform their analyze in Pandacan, Manila. 4.

There are some circumstances to know by the respondents also to inform them regarding the Importance of taking care of kinds of living conditions. Significance from the Study The research will inform people about how the overpopulation affects the tourism sector, specifically those people who have no care for our environment. In addition, it helps them to understand that our country has its own tourist destinations that they need to preserve these items for the next era. Also, this will help to the travel and leisure students to look for the answer intended for the problems described. Definition of Conditions The following terms are conceptually defined for additional understanding.

Overpopulation is a generally undesirable condition where an organism’s numbers go over the carrying capacity of its habitat. The word often identifies the relationship between the human population and its environment, the planet earth or smaller sized geographical areas such as countries. Overpopulation may result from a rise in births, a decline in mortality rates, a rise in immigration, or an unsustainable biome and depletion of resources. It will be easy for extremely sparsely populated areas to be overpopulated in case the area contains a meager or nonexistent capability to sustain existence.

Tourism is important, and in some cases, essential for many countries. It was recognized in the Manila Declaration in World Travel and leisure of 1980 as “an activity essential to lifespan of nations for its direct results on the interpersonal, cultural, educational, and financial sectors of national societies and on their international relations. Tourism produces large amounts of income in payment for goods and services available. We all know that Tourism is definitely travel for predominantly fun or leisure purposes or perhaps the provision of services to back up this enjoyment travel.

A prime factor in the tourism industry is the “Tourist” a tourist by a few is defined as folks who travel and stay in spots outside their particular usual environment for more than 24 hours rather than more than one successive year to get leisure, business etc . In my opinion that the tourism industry is definitely the different types of services provided in a country for these “tourist”. For example hotels, air transportation and accomodation, restaurants, bars, restaurants etc . All of these is used to boost the level of tourism within a nation. CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies

This chapter will assist us to know more about how the population affects The tourism industry throughout the Israel, specifically the population in City Manila. Related Literature This is a major aim of ecotourism and in some areas is the reason why travel and leisure has come to a lot of the area neighborhoods sourced from this study. Yet, in this area delete word studies maintained to show that tourism provides mixed final results in regard to the protection and conservation of natural areas in and around the Metro Manila area. Travel and leisure was creating a negative influence on the physical environments within nd surrounding area areas. In these research tourism creation was leading to the following environmental problems in Metro Manila, the build up of trash, deforestation, polluting of the environment of property and normal water supplies and erosion. Metro Manila is the most populous with the twelve identified metropolitan areas in the Philippines as well as the 11th the majority of populous in the world. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 11, 855, 975, comprising 13% of the national population. [2] The sum total inhabitants of zone with a provincial density over 700 people per square kilometer more than double the national average) in a continuous zone with Metro Manila is 25. 5 mil people since the 3 years ago census, a great way to refer to the conurbation around Manila. Metro Manila produces about almost eight, 400 to eight, 600 plenty of garbage daily which is similar to 25% with the national waste generation. Conventional paper wastes are the cause of 17% in the daily total while 16% are materials. Efforts to reduce pollution is one of the metropolis’ main public supervision concerns particularly with the drawing a line under of a few garbage remove sites in Greater Manila. At present, gathered waste in the metropolis re disposed to various MMDA-designated garbage disposal facilities, particularly the Rizal Provincial Hygienic Landfill (SLF) in Rodriguez, Payatas SLF in Quezon City and Tanza SLF in Navotas. These services service almost all 17 LGUs in Metro Manila plus the dispose of the garbage collected by the MMDA Agency from the different esteros and pumping channels. In addition , the agency also maintains shut down disposal establishments in San Mateo, Carmona, and Antipolo (Boso Boso). CHAPTER three or more Procedures and Methods The goal of this research is to decide the perceptions of selected people about Metro Manila and to execute some survey.

Research Strategy A descriptive research strategy was used with this study. A survey was administered into a selected test from a certain population determined by the National School Panel Association. The definition of ‘survey’ is usually applied to an investigation methodology designed to collect data from a unique population, or possibly a sample as a result population, and typically utilizes a set of questions or an interview as the survey device (Robson, 1993). Surveys prefer obtain info from individuals about themselves, their homes, or regarding larger interpersonal institutions (school boards).

Sample surveys are an important application for collecting and inspecting information by selected individuals. They are broadly accepted being a key device for doing and applying basic sociable science exploration methodology (Rossi, Wright, and Anderson, 1983). Sampling Strategy The research was stratified strategy. The specialist divides the prospective population (People around the Pandacan, Manila) in different subgroups (people in each and every barangays) and after that randomly selects the final themes proportionally through the different subgroup.

In every barangay, we will certainly choose 95 people to be provided with the set of questions and become the respondents. By using this testing method, the study would have a thought on the significance of the obtained responses, as we would be providing an questionnaire to unknown persons around Local area Manila specially in Pandacan. Consequently , garthering answers based on all their opinions. Scope and limitation The experts will perform with the persons in Pandancan Guinto, Manila. The study was approximately 55 respondents. You will discover 15 to 30 years old.

Procedure of information Gathering The researcher chooses to use the survey customer survey as a means of gathering details. The specialist should have 12 multiple choice and close-ended questions. Additionally, construct a basic material that may be easy to employed and understand. The number of replications of questionnaire are created with respected number of respondents from Pandacan, Manila. The answers towards the questions will be standardized. When possible secondary data would be utilized provided that will be relevant to the study.

These comes with personal interviews, past reviews, newspaper and magazines. The information founded on catalogs and periodicals can also be a secondary study. From the presentation, the investigator assembles the data, collect published researches and exploration from international and local literatures and bits of writing via various pc journals. The researcher as well conducts interview arrangement and initiate articles analysis from the verbal and documentary components collected. Lastly, the investigator sums up everything and make a conclusion.

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