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The 7 Habits of Successful Teens is a book published by Mitch Covey. It had been in the year 2001 the Indonesian version from the book 1st published in Indonesia. Sean Covey’s daddy, Stephen Covey, is well-known for writing his intercontinental bestseller publication The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The eighth Habit: from Effectiveness to Greatness, and many other popular do it yourself helping ebooks.

Sean Covey himself produces other a lot of self aiding books as well.

If used, the six habits Sophie and Mitch Covey referred in their literature will make readers able to control their very own lives, to do more in fewer period, improve interactions with other persons, improve self esteem, rehab via addiction, become happy, discover the amounts between the coming back school, work, hang out, and many more activities. In addition, the readers will discover out so what do they worth the most in their lives. What do habits have to do with performance? Well, our habits is going to decide whether we will be powerful, and whether we will be happy.

An English poet person once declared at first all of us will determine our practices, and the subsequent our habits will decide who our company is. Our practices, good or bad will certainly shape the characters. People have good along with bad habits, and so everyone ought to deal with their particular bad habits and create the good habits. Yes, we are able to create, change and eliminate the habits. It is not easy to do that, when we are able to cope with our own practices, then we could ready to handle other people’s habits. In creating good habits, we should have got good paradigm in our lives. Paradigm means perception.

It can be like a couple of glasses that could determine if we will see things clearly or perhaps not. We all will never understand how poor our current perspective is, right up until we get a new and better pair of glasses. In the book, Sean Covey stated some assertions of several experts before that audio silly right now. One of them can be described as statement coming from Ferdinand Foch, a French Military Strategic Qualified who started to be a World Conflict I Leader. He when stated that airplanes are interesting playthings, but have no value inside the military. Ferdinand was sure about his perception, but it turned out that he was wrong.

No one provides the best and complete perception. Since an example, let us say that there is a number of blind people that never face any elephants before. We bring them a great elephant and that we ask them to feel and explain the hippo. One will explain that an hippo is like a huge snake. This individual actually is only touching the elephant’s shoe. Another will explain that an elephant is like a rope, but he is basically only touching the elephant’s tail. All of them will be very sure of their belief about the elephant, and they will argue.

The point from this analogy is, were like all those blind persons, trying to figure out something big and we simply see it from a single side but we are therefore sure that it really is as that which we see. Obtaining the wrong paradigm is just not great because it will be an obstacle in our lives. In this live, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), so in order to get the good items we must ensure that we see the excellent things. The best from Covey’s stories about paradigm is definitely the story of the Dauphine of France. Following King Paillette is locked up, the Dauphine is taken to a faraway community.

They are really trying to eliminate the Dauphine’s morality in order that he will not become the up coming King of France. They will introduce him to the community where persons use negative words, exactly where prostitution is definitely everywhere, and where folks are not respecting or relying other people. 6 months in such a community, not even when he uses their life-style. The secret is that he sees that he is created to be a King, and that is why he should not act like that. In this story, you observe how highly effective paradigm is definitely. Positive paradigms will make us great yet negative paradigms will hurdle us. first Habit: Be Proactive

Staying proactive means not being reactive. A reactive person is a person who seems that he could be a sufferer of life, a victim of conditions, and a victim of other people’s mistake. When a thing unfortunate happens to him, this individual always feels that he is a patient, and they can do nothing. He never considers that it is his own mistake. The blame is usually on other folks, or about conditions. This individual keeps complaining on items that he cannot control, like the climate, the traffic jam, etc . Reactive people tend to have bad worries and they are quickly irritated. In our lives, we need to lead our own way.

In case the journey of your lives is much like our journey in a car, being aggressive means being the driver. The reactive folks are the individuals in their individual car, and they are generally letting others or the state to drive for these people. While the reactive people wait for good things to take place to their lives, proactive people make them happen. They look for the things they desire and if they can not find one, that they create one particular. They really know what things they will control and what points they cannot control.

Reactive persons complain and worry about items they cannot control while positive people deal with the things that they an control. We simply cannot control the conditions, but we can control our respond towards the conditions. For instance , when Amy has a issue, she becomes easily irritated, so when Beth informed her that the girl looks unpleasant, Amy get irritated and said negative things to Beth. If Beth is a reactive person, she could be inflammed as well, she will get angry and start a fight with Amy.

You go through ‘Summary: The 7 Behaviors of Successful Teens’ in category ‘Essay examples’ On this occasion, Beth is known as a proactive person, she does not like what Amy explained about her, but the lady pull as well as try to tolerate. Beth attempts to understand that Amy is undergoing a problem and she would not mean to talk about that.

In addition, she introspects herself, and the girl tries to put herself upon Amy’s situation, and the girl understands that if she was Amy, she will get irritated as well. In the morning, Beth apologizes to Amy and Amy tells her that in addition, she felt apologies for declaring bad what you should her. Barrack Obama’s “Yes We Can slogan is known as a proactive motto. By being positive, we should be sure of our own potential. If we are not able to trust each of our selves, how could other people trust us? Instead of saying “Okay, Let me try we need to say “I will do it. It is more efficient yet making sure.

Which sentence in your essay do you think is the best when one of your friends will give you a birthday present? Is it “Wow, Beth they are fabulous stilleto heels. I will try to wear them, or “Thank you Beth, I will use them? next Habit: Start out with the End in Mind When traveling our cars on the road, we will come across several twigs and we should certainly choose the one that will bring all of us to our vacation spot. How can we choose which way to go if we do not know our destination? When requesting people about directions, we should always refer to the destination so that they can show which the correct route is.

There are times when we need to make big decisions regarding the choices in our lives, plus the same rule will apply. We should find out where to go, we should know what the goal within our lives can be. Once we find out, we will see out which in turn route to consider, which choice we should consider. If we merely randomly opt for the route, in that case we will arrive at a random vacation spot as well. For this reason , we should start with the end. Recording our own quest statements is the foremost way to implement the second habit. These will be the guidelines and principles to aid us to choose which approach to go in our lives.

Our mission claims could be nearly anything, could be within our own or perhaps our favorite words, poems, images, photographs, quotations, etc . Several or many of us might think that this is not important. It is actually very useful not since it is written, but it really is helpful because when we need to write our work down, we need to be particular to put what together. Besides, it also provides a sort of psychological effect which it gives us spirit by having our mission transactions written straight down. 3rd Behavior: Put To begin with In the third habit, we all learn about goals and period management.

In the second behavior, we study that we decide what the most crucial aspects within our lives are, and then in the third habit, we all learn that people should prioritize them. In doing our daily activities, we are certainly not spending each of our time effectively if we will not set any priority. We have a famous analogy about goals, which is also described by Mitch Covey in the book. Let us assume that there is a clear container, symbolizing the time we have in a day. You will discover big stones representing the important things to do and there are also small stones representing a few other daily insignificant activities that will take some time.

When we put the pebbles into the pot, and the big stones after, the container will have no enough space for all of the stones and pebbles. There will be some big stones remain outside the pot. Now make an effort to do it reversely. If we put the big pebbles first, and the pebbles soon after, there will be adequate room for all of all of them because the pebbles can squeeze into small spaces between the huge stones. The message from this analogy is the fact we should the actual priorities first in order to get every one of them done. There is a simple approach to help all of us managing the time.

It is by setting a every week plan and that we can it upon our schedule. By having these people written straight down, we will not overlook our plan, deadlines or maybe other routine. In making the weekly strategy, we should determine what are each of our ‘big stones’ and set a schedule on their behalf. After that, we can schedule our ‘pebbles’ as well. Then we need to do each of our best to have all the focus of the week done. In the third habit, we likewise learn to confront our dread and pressure. We need bravery to hold in our earth principles, the standards, and our priorities. We need courage to walk out from our comfort zone.

Stepping away from our rut is necessary to challenge and to improve yourself. There would be hazards, but devoid of taking the risks, we simply cannot learn and grow. An individual who risks nothing at all does practically nothing, has absolutely nothing, and is nothing. We shall certainly not let each of our fear generate decisions in our lives. We might fail many times, but we need to never surrender. Our very best glory is usually not in never slipping, but increasing every time we all fall (Confucius). 4th Habit: Think Win/Win In the society, most of us do not think win/win. Some of us think Win/Lose, Lose/Win, or Lose/Lose.

The Win/Lose people imagine everything since competitions high is only possibly win or lose, and this when contending with other persons, they should be the winner, so when other people end up being the winner, they become the loser. They think that nothing is enough for everybody thus they should remain competitive. The Lose/Win people feel that they should allow other people end up being the champion by making everybody happy and sacrifice their particular need as well as feeling (become the loser). The Lose/Lose people feel that if they will fail, everybody should are unsuccessful as well. This will likely happen once two or more Win/Lose people meet.

The Win/Win people feel that everyone could easily get all they desire because everything is endless. Sean Covey illustrates the situation as people going out to consume at a buffet, and so everyone can have all you can eat. Now that we know what the Win/Win attitude can be, we might want to know how to think Win/Win. The initial thing is to succeed our own success, which means that we should have a fantastic level of assurance. The second thing is to avoid staying competitive and comparative. It will be an endless effort to be the best lawn mowers of everything and be best in anyway.

Nobody excellent and we should certainly embrace each of our strengths and weaknesses. Once we feel secure about themselves, then we can avoid becoming competitive and comparative. fifth Habit: Look for First to Understand, Then to get Understood Many people are too occupied talking they own no time to pay attention. God made each of us with a set of ears in support of one mouth area. It lets us know that we should certainly spend more of our period listening than talking. We should stop speaking and try to listen to and figure out other people, and after that it will be the turn to be listened to and understood.

People tend to always be egoistic, so they want other people to listen to these people because that they just care about their own trouble, but they neglect to listen to other people. What happen when everyone is chatting? No one is usually listening. We want other people to comprehend us. Let us look at a situation where Amy has a conflict with her parents. Amy talked to Beth about her problem, but before Amy done sharing with about her feelings, Beth keep interrupting with her story with regards to a conflict the girl had with her parents and assuming that Amy is having the same issue Beth ever had.

Amy will not be happy since she feels that Beth can be not taking note of her, and Beth will not understand her. Later, Amy will not be accessible to Beth any longer, because what Amy actually need is Beth’s attention and sympathy. Not paying attention is just one of the poor listening designs. There are some others like posing as listening, selectively listening, verbal-only listening, self-focus listening and wandering brains. In order to understand other people, we ought to sincerely tune in to them when they are talking. You will find three steps in sincerely being attentive.

First, we need to listen to his/her verbal (words) as well as nonverbal language (intonation, body language). Secondly, we need to try to see things from his/her perspective, and the last is usually to be a mirror. What it takes by to be a mirror is to repeat what he/she informed us with different words while our react to show that individuals are paying attention. 6th Behavior: Synergize Folks are all different, they may have different requires, different interest, and different abilities. There is no one particular like you and there is no one with this problem in this world. Variations can break a land apart, although differences could also form a strong nation.

This will depend on how they will deal with their very own differences. There are plenty of cases of differences that cause disputes. However , in several parts of the world, the areas have people with different religious beliefs, culture, race and nationality. Differences are generally not always regarding those. People from the very same hometown, culture, race, nationality and religion have variations as well. They may be different inside their social position, their skills, etc . Some people deal with the differences by avoiding, and some tolerating the differences. Currently people usually campaign about toleration.

In fact, there is the best way to deal with right after. It is to take hold of the differences and utilize them. It is not about how to let different people do various things. It is about how precisely to let two different individuals work together, synergize to get a better result that they could never achieve in the event that they work alone. For instance, when Amy and Beth want to put a business to earn their own money, Amy wants to start a bakery business while Beth wants to start a creative art business. Amy is in baking bread and cookies while Beth is in to creating decorative stuffs.

Some may fight regarding which organization to do that may result in simply a fight. They might also do it their own way. Amy alone could do her best and earn CHF 800 from her bakery business. On the other hand, Beth could do her best and earn UNITED STATES DOLLAR 700 coming from her innovative art business. However , there may be another solution to their different business interest. They will synergize in which they recognize orders intended for cakes or perhaps cookies because wedding or birthday party souvenirs. Amy will certainly bake the cupcakes and also the cookies although Beth can handle the labeling. Then together, they could earn up to USD 2000.

When they do the business exclusively and we sum up their revenue, USD 800 plus UNITED STATES DOLLAR 700 is merely USD truck. 7th Habit: Sharpen the Saw There are four key dimensions in our lives, that happen to be body, mind, heart and soul. These key sizes should be sharpened regularly. Regardless of much strength we value to cutting trees and shrubs with a straight-forward saw, it will takes permanently. If we use our time to sharpen the saw just before cutting the trees, we will not need very much of time. We have to regularly touch up the 4 key sizes. If we just sharpen our body intensively, with out sharpening each of our mind, we will be the brainless athletes.

Whenever we only touch up our head intensively with out sharpening various other dimensions, we are the unsocial geeks. Nor one is great. We should balance between the four dimensions. Initial, we will discuss about how exactly to sharpen our bodies. We can do it by consuming healthy food because we are what we eat. We can also relax in the bathtub all in all, exercise or do any sorts of sport we like, have enough sleep every day, and refusing for taking any unsafe intake. Obsession with tobacco, liquor and/or drugs is extremely risky. It will not just blunt 1 dimension, although also various other dimensions.

Secondly, to touch up our mind, we should constantly learn about whatever. We should hardly ever stop learning. Learning does not always mean going to institution, college or any type of academic institute. School and college are very important for each of our future, however the thing can be, we should be sure that we are in fact learning, certainly not achieving ratings only. There is absolutely no point of going to college or university with great GPA whenever we learn absolutely nothing. There are many methods to learn plus the most frequently employed is examining. We do not have always to read institution textbooks to learn something. We are able to choose any subject of our interest.

No matter how trivial a topic seems, we are truly learning something and broaden the knowledge once we read about this. Other ways to sharpen our mind happen to be playing games (chess or logical games), traveling, attending workshops, watching television, studying newspaper, learning how to play a music instrument, and so forth The third dimensions is the heart, and that we can sharpen it because they build good relationships with other people as well as yourself. A good marriage with ourself means that we trust yourself, that we happen to be content and confidence in our own skin area.

In other words, we could treating ourself nice. While a good romantic relationship with other persons means that all of us make sure that were trustworthy, kind, loyal and understanding. Depressive disorder is a demon for this sizing, but we can fight depressive disorder with hope, faith and laughter. Hardly ever underestimate the strength of hope, hope and fun. The last however, not the least dimensions is the soul. Exactly how sharpen our soul? There are lots of ways to take action. We can meditate, write a diary, go on a trip, paint, hope, write a song, listen to the background music, play musical instrument, and many other actions.

Going on a trip to see wonderful view exactly where we can rest and enjoy the lovely view. It will help all of us to get in touch with the nature. Nature has the healing power to get our soul. Writing a journal as well heals us by enabling us to convey our emotions, and by a record we can also learn from our mistakes since we might just forget about that lessons in the future. Furthermore, reading, being attentive or viewing an moving media will likely help us to touch up our heart. Reading is advantageous to sharpen our mind but depending on the content, a lot of can sharpen our soul as well.

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