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The Effects of Disney Films

Specific Purpose: To tell my audience about the several stereotypes Disney portrayed in their movies. Central Idea/Thesis Affirmation: Different types of stereotypes in Child effect kid’s view on male or female roles.


I. When you wish upon a star; makes no big difference who you are¦. Or does it? In case you recognized this kind of classic Disney song, that means you were raised watching Disney during your child years.

II. The Disney movie franchise has been creating movies for quite some time now.

The Walt Disney Studios Firm began in 1923 in Los Angeles. Around 1937, Disney became famous for their creating the first full length animated feature (Walt Disney Studios). The first full length animated characteristic was Snow White and the Several Dwarfs.

III. I chose to do this topic because I write a newspaper in my Sociology class based upon movie named “Mickey Mouse button Monopoly. This movie brought up the different stenotypes that took place in famous Disney films that people were ignorant about once growing up.

4. This matter is relevant as it informs people about different stereotypes that occurred in Disney films. Which can bring awareness to people therefore it would not impact a infant’s or an adult’s perspective on how they will view a particular person or group.

V. Many grew up with the Disney movies, their appealing songs and fantasises in regards to a special knight in shining armor or queen. In the document, “The portrayal of more mature characters in Disney cartoon film, , the experts stated, “Disney films happen to be passed along from mother or father to child, which features each fresh generation new values, philosophy, and attitudes¦ (Robinson, Ben 206). When Disney movies brought positive emails for children to master; it also described negative effects in the society. Disney films recognized different stereotypes and cultural stigmas that later affected children’s take on society by childhood through adulthood; particularly girls. In today’s society there are a lot of different explanations on how persons view gender types. Let me talk about the several stereotypes that occurred in Disney movies.


My spouse and i. Disney movies characterized woman stereotypes and male stereotypes.

2. Stereotypes could be an idea and also the image of a specific type of person or factor, which can influence a little one’s perspective in the society.

A. Women happen to be portrayed as rich beaufitul princesses to carry the image of looking like a Barbie doll. Women are even pictured as evil-step mothers, or even poor servants. Regardless they always desire a man; both they need a prince or maybe a father figure to save their lives.

  • 1 . For example , through a look at Pocahontas, Cinderella, Belle, or Jasmine you will see that they are beautiful females. They all share the similar traits of a perfect, very small waist, and huge breasts. Based on the article “Images of Gender, Race, Age, and Sex Orientation in Disney Feature- Length Animated Films,  the author Towbin mentioned that one of the prevalent characteristics to a female Disney character was “a can certainly appearance is usually valued a lot more than her intellect (Towbin, Mia Adessa 2004).
  • 2 . Queen Ariel who had been a mermaid traded her voice for her love Prince Eric. The moment she was at trouble the girl needed her father to rescue her from the wicked witch. Even though you sit and think about the complete Little Mermaid story; you would see that her only target was to locate her royal prince and marry him. a. The only position that women play is either the beautiful princess, or the evil incredible witch.

B. When you watch princess movies you will see that males are only as o as the females. Guys are made to become tough, strong, and sometimes damaging. 1 . Inside the article, Sexuality Role Characterization and the Disney Princesses, the author wrote about the different assertive characteristics that Disney films portrayed. A few of the characteristics had been brave, aggressive, unemotional and physical good. (England, Start 2011). a. In Aladdin, he was described as a fearless man. Having been able to protect against a huge leather with simply a blade and surely could defeat dozen of criminals. b. In Beauty and the Beast, we all remember that the Beast was abusive toward Belle and Gaston only objectified her. He was attracted her because of her splendor, and discouraged he idea of her examining. What kind of message are we teachingchildren?

III. The different stereotypes which were portrayed in Disney films had an have an effect on on kids during their childhood.

  • 1 . According to the Chef Family Base Report (1999), children wristwatches an average of 2 to 5 hours of tv per day.
  • installment payments on your Disney makes most of their very own characters so attractive to young girls that they want to be like all of them in every way. a. That they feel as if they have to have best bodies just like the princesses by putting on stylish and expensive clothing. b. If the child recognizes a character that they can like, they might end up selecting to imitate that character’s appearance, behavior and their actions. c. “Little Girls of Little Women? The Disney Princess Result,  written by Stephanie Hanes, talks about how little girls will be losing their particular sense of imagination. Instead of them using the back garden they are now using dresses to try to make themselves look fairly (Haynes, Stephanie 2012). Disney films simply cannot only impact your years as a child, but it could also affect the adulthood.

IV. The stereotypes that occurred in Disney film may also affect a person during their adulthood. The characters portrayed in Disney films make these fake ideologies of what women should increase up to always be. 1 . On the bigscreen, the princesses are always paired with princes that reside in castles. The movies usually exaggerate the prince and princesses’ marital life. a. A lot of women discover how to assume that associations are all regarding love to start with site. b. Women usually get disappointed when they understand that their particular man will not immediately adore them similar to the Disney Princess movies. 2 . Girls tend to idolize a particular figure from their child years and replicate their appearances or their behavior. a. For example , when you see Ariel’s physique, women are likely to believe that their bodies ought to look like hers. b. That leads them in going in serious diets and even having eating disorders.

TRANSITION: The Disney Typical films we grew up with perpetuate more than a storybook ending. These films employ subliminal messages that sends false images of the world based upon stereotypes that their heroes are based on. These images not merely teach kids the wrong factor, but theyteach them ideals that they keep on through adult life.


My spouse and i. In conclusion, Child played an essential role in our childhood lives.

2. Disney Videos portrayed different stereotypes that not only influenced our child years, but also our adult hood.

III. So as you watch another Disney Film, remember is usually not genuine.


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