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Vapeusa marketing campaign through ecommerce essay

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The role of eCommerce inside the success of Vapeusa, a great eCommerce business that is B2B and B2C – by using a website to sell vaporizer products and accessories to consumers looking for an alternative approach to smoke cigarettes. The company uses Symantec security and safety for its product sales and shows that all acquisitions and shipments are certain by Norton Guarantee – which is supposed to give customers peace of mind about doing business with this website. This is certainly a way of isolating itself from the other players in the field along with looking more professional and credible. It shows that they have the support of a respected company – so this is one way it is using eCommerce to generate its marketing. Another way would be that the company uses big info on buyers to gather private information about users history within the Internet, what they like, that they shop, their current address, how outdated they are – all of this to produce ideas of their consumer basic and concentrate on at an person level fresh marketing strategies that are directed toward these consumers. Aside from this, the online business uses product sales and external reports to build interest in the organization and its products: favorable information on the sector are promoted using social networking and so are product sales and the shipment of new products as well. Therefore, social media is the final method that is used to aid the company exceed in its marketing campaign.


VapeUSA is an eCommerce firm that offers portable vaporizers, desk top vaporizers, containers and chambers, batteries and chargers, herb and essence grinders, e-liquids made in the united states, replacement parts, instances and more – offering free shipping on almost all items and therefore making themselves an attractive one-stop shop for most consumers vaping needs. The style of the website is very clean and simple to navigate: groups are creatively represented according to type, with huge but not too big pictures to catch you eye and direct the browsing experience. The routing bar near the top of the site serves a similar purpose nevertheless the rectangular box category backlinks on the web page that are found via a straightforward scroll down are the most appealing approach to shop. Simply clicking on a hyperlink takes on towards the desired church aisle where the consumer can choose to search or type according to best selling, most expensive, least expensive, and so forth The site is very well organized and uncluttered which is effective in building product sales, as a jumbled site would not facilitate returning customers. As well as there are no distracting advertising or movie star endorsements – a popular approach to web 2. 0 dystopia (Serazio, 2010): the eCommerce site is appealing to customers who really know what they want and the way to get it in order to consumers who want to browse, compare, research, and get.

Assured Security

They also show the consumer inside the bottom corner that all product sales are certain protected by Norton, which in turn shows that consumers can shop with total ID theft protection, obtain guarantee (up to $1, 000) and lowest price assurance (if the retail price drops, their grocer pays the difference). As a result, the site is definitely secured through Norton which can be in turn run by Symantec. This is a best selling way for e-commerce sites like Vapeusa to raised secure their position with consumers; and there is a lot of scam websites on the Internet, consumers want to know that they are shielded by a supply they can trust – and Norton, through its popularity as antivirus security protection software agent, is one such origin. So I approached the customer support department of Symantec Authentication Services to find out how they through their e-commerce ingenuity helped sites like Vapeusa develop their marketing strategy, organization, merchandise and support. I as well contacted Vapeusa to see just how it was behaving as its very own eCommerce advisor, by starting a lot of strategies by itself to obtain its marketing strategy where it requires to be.

1st, Symantec was reached through phone support and the question I put to the support staff was how SSL certificates, code signing and the Symantec Seal on the site helped a company like Vapeusa market itself to clients. The response was very standard of what I expected: the support staff said that these kinds of security elements help customers to feel safe and this their obtain will be protected; when websites display a sign like the Norton/Symantec Seal, this sends a message to the casual web browser that here is a internet site that is legit, safe, and authentic; any kind of transaction that may be made is definitely guaranteed with a reputable company, which is backing

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