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My own product might be a new Nokia Mobile Phone made up of the new pursuing


. Big t. V. + Cable, and an Antenna

. Video recorder

. Tape participant

. CD participant

. New Video games

. 2 Audio speakers on both sides of the phone

. Headset + Remote control

. Videotape + COMPACT DISC holder

. A Stand in the back of the mobile

. 3D Design

. GPS (Global Positioning System)

This Cellphone still is made up of all the other features the Nokia phones

have recently like MMS, Bluetooth, The airwaves, Voice recorder and many others The new features

will be very advanced and useful for customers.

The T. V will have 50 stations from music-video to videos and Information, there

is likewise Arabic channels and Indian channels.

To get wire there will be a little chip (card) that will be put in the

back of the phone. This chip can connect to the satellite dish that you

possess at home, whether or not your outside it will nonetheless connect. But if you dont

have a satellite dish it will not connect. There will be fresh mini

videotapes, and tiny Cds the size of a dirham, these will be sold at video

and music stores everywhere on Dubai. The Videos will be sold for 62 dhs

every and Compact disks for 65dhs each. You will see a wide selection of movies

within these kinds of new technology.

New games like The Simpsons and The Hulk will be in this mobile, in the event you

want more games you can get from Video game Shops everywhere they will have

mini Cd albums that will be sold for 55 Dhs each.

To each side of the phone you will see 2 audio system to hear via, headsets

will come with the phone in addition to a remote control. The video tape and Cd

holder will be a single side with the phone. The Stand behind the portable

will keep the device up in any position you want, so that you can lay as well as

watch T. V.

Wallpapers will have 3D IMAGES graphics, the place that the wallpaper jumps out in your

face, spectacles free. The use of the Global Positioning method is very useful

to the consumers specifically tourists. This kind of feature is known as a map that could guide

one to anywhere in the region, it is very helpful. The physical features

of the phone will come in many different colours like Crimson, Pink, Green

Blue, Dark-colored, White, Purple and Orange. It also has designed mobile phones covers

as well. Plain colored covers will surely cost 95dhs and designed shaded covers

will definitely cost 100dhs.

There is certainly all these features the phone will cost 6, 000 Dhs, naturally this is

not really a cheap mobile phone including the expense of the videotapes and compact disks. So

customers would have to always be quite well off to afford this kind of Mobile Phone.

I believe this portable would be powerful because a lot of people want to

have the most recent mobile out and this could be the hottest point ever!

Created by: Sara Al-Ali

Grade: 12G

Must Find Rating: picpicpicpic/picpicpicpicpic

Film Assessment


Jian Yu

Industry when thus few motion pictures leave an effect, Fight Membership

refuses to end up being ignored or dismissed. The feeling lingers, demanding to be

considered and considered, and, contrary to most of the contemporary thrillers

we have a great deal right here to think about and argue more than. Fight Golf club

presents an overload of thought-provoking material that works in so many

levels as to give grist pertaining to the mills of 1000s of reviews, feature

articles, and post-screening discussions.

Pre-release desire for Fight Team was obviously high, mainly

because of these involved with the project. Sean Uhls software is based on an

influential story by Chuck Palahniuk.

The lead professional is the ever-popular Brad Pitt, who have makes his strongest

bet to date to shed his pretty son image and don the mantle of any serious

thespian. Those suspicious about Pitts ability to pull this off in the awaken

of his attempts in movies such as Seven Years In Tibet and Satisfy Joe Dark

will suffer a big change of center after seeing this kind of film. Pitts male co-star

and the protagonist, Ed Norton, is widely recognized as one of the the majority of

intelligent and flexible performers of his generation. Furthermore, Battle

Clubs overseer, David Fincher, has already made a huge impression on movie-

goers with only three movies to his credit: Alien 3, Seven (starring Pitt)

and The Game.

The film commences by introducing us to our narrator and the protagonist

Jack, who is superbly portrayed by simply Norton. In Fight Membership, the acting professional fits

correctly into the element of a negative but mild-mannered employee of your major

vehicle manufacturer that is suffering from a bout of insomnia. If he

visits his doctor for a remedy, the disinterested physician tells him to

quit whining and visit a close acquaintances for testicular cancer remainders if

he wants to fulfill people who really have problems. So Jack truly does exactly that

and understands that getting together with these subjects gives him an psychological

release that permits him to rest. Soon, he’s addicted to participating in support

conferences, and features one lined up for each night of the week. Thats

where he meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), another faker. Unlike

Jack port, however , the girl attends solely for the voyeuristic entertainment value.

About what can be described as the most detrimental day of his your life (an flight

loses his luggage and his apartment product explodes, doing damage to all of his

possessions), Jack meets the flamboyant Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), a soap

salesman with an unconventional look at of existence. Since Plug is in need of a

place to live, Tyler encourages him to maneuver in, as well as the two share a

dilapidated house in a toxic spend part of area. Tyler educates Jack

lessons about liberty and empowerment, and the two begin to bodily

fight each other as a means of release and rebirth. Rapidly, others identify

about this one of a kind form of therapy, and Fight Club is born an subway

organization (whose first and second guidelines are: You may not talk about

Battle Club) that encourages guys to beat up each other. Yet this is only

the first step in Tylers sophisticated master strategy.

In addition to lead actors Pitt, Norton, and Bonham Carter, all of

which do flawless work, there is a pair of noteworthy supporting characters.

The first is Beef Loaf (Meat Loaf the singer), whom portrays the ineffectual

Greg. Its a surprisingly strong performance, with the singer-turned-actor

recording the technicalities of a intricate character. Jared Leto, (The Thin Crimson

Line), is the blond Angel Face.

Advised in a typical fashion, Fight Club might have been participating.

However , Finchers gritty, restless style converts itintoavisual

work of art. The overall encounter is just as unique as watching

Kubricks A Clockwork Fruit. This is an account that unfolds in an moon like

alternate universe where the melodies of life have the same beat as in

our bait but are within a different key. Fincher likewise shows sufficient restraint

that his flourishes seem like essential parts of the storytelling technique

instead of gimmicks. And there are many of them. In one scene, a

character types apartment is laid out like a page in a furniture directory

complete with text blurbs superimposed on the screen describing the various

pieces. There are occasional solitary frame distractions that expensive by thus

quickly that they may complete unnoticed. The film starts with a really inventive

close-up one that literally gets underneath the skin. Also in play: a non-

linear chronology, a voiceover by a narrator who might not be entirely

trustworthy, frequent breaking of the fourth wall, and an occasional freeze-

frame. While was true of Finchers other 3 films, Deal with Club is usually dark and

fast-paced. Theres not a lot of moment for introspection. You possibly can call

this kind of MTV design, but , unlike many equally frantic films, theres grounds

for each quick cut over and above preventing audiences from turning out to be bored.

There’s no denying that Fight Club is a violent movie. Some sequences

are so challenging that a portion of the observing audience will turn away. Nevertheless

the purpose of exhibiting a blood vessels bath should be to make a telling level about the

bestial characteristics of guy and what can happen when the numbing associated with day-

to-day drudgery trigger people to proceed a little crazy. The men who become

users of Fight Club are victims in the dehumanizing and desensitizing

benefits of modern-day culture. They have become cogs in a wheel. In order

they can get back a sense of identity is by getting in contact with the

primal, barbaric instincts of pain and violence. As the film moves along

Fincher systematically reveals each new submit an ever-deepening spiral

that descends in to darkness and madness. There is also a weighty element of

épigramme and black comedy. Sombre humor is found everywhere, from the

pithy quips traded simply by Jack and Tyler to the way Jack interacts with his

boss. When ever combined together, the épigramme, violence, and unpredictable

story make a long-lasting and powerful statement about modern-day society.

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[pic] Composition

My report about the nature of religion will away line the following. The

survey was going give information on sex, age group, nationallaty, career

marital status then a simple ranking witch the person needed to rank, sport

, money, family, religion ext honestly and lastly they had to reply to three

queries witch wished to know how important religion was to them, if perhaps they

could live devoid of religion and ultimately the last problem related to loss of life.

In the 1st five queries many people that I surveyed was aged from 16-

18, 19-25 and 26-35. Most nationalitys that I selected were Turkish

because I understand so many Turkish people, their were only some who were

diverse background. Most of the people who I actually surveyed were single or to young to

be married.

In this surveyed which has been executed I have found that lots of people

benefit money mainly because as we know um body can really survive without having

funds or credit. The next the majority of popular rated was wellness, also overall health is

very important to most people mainly because life can be difficult not to become healthy.

Persons really value their income and their careers because it supplies

them with all their wants and wishes. Some people thought that lifestyle would

be hard if they had dropped their faith, this may be because religion

supplies hope and sincerity. The 8th query was tough for some

visitors to answer they just stated Yes as it does or perhaps didnt

response it. The question was how does religion assist you in your life?

To conclude I believe that a lot of people especially young adults don’t

practice their religion mainly because they have other items witch is to

important to stop for religious beliefs or that they dont make time for

religious beliefs. In my opinion religion is a tips for a healthy your life, and

that individuals tend to be religious when they get older.

[pic] Dissertation

Robin Hood includes a lot of stories but non-e of them would be complete with no

his cheerful men. Some of his cheerful men were: Little David, Maid Marian, Will

Stutely, Tricket (Robins Dog. ), AllanaDale, Rich the Big cat heart


Small John was Robin Hats right hand man. He was almost of the same quality at

archery as Robin Hood. Almost. Although call him by his name says normally little

john was actually very tall, having been strong an intelligent. Like Robin Hood

Little John a new number of different names.

There is a composition that was supposed to have been written l8rs Little David:

Thre tymes Litell Johnn shet aboute

And alwey he slet the wande

The proude sherif of Notingham

By markes can stande.

The sherif swore a full greate othe:

By simply hym that dyede on a tre

This man is the best arschere

That ever yet saw we all. ‘

Reason the spelling mistakes I use taken the poem from the net

examining the composition correctly would say that Very little John was Actually better

archer than Robin Hood him self.


Maid Marian was Robin Hoods take pleasure in and lover. The facts about her will be

great as well. It is said that robin engine fell in love with her but then

others declare he rescued her down the road. Some stories say that

Mareian was amazing with her swords, yet others that your woman was a fragile maid

of even a pagan priestess. Nevertheless people usually believe that female have

been as good as males in any skill. This is not authentic however because

woman were not allowed inside the military, particularly in the middle ages.

Their fighting role came out only if men required it, like when they

needed to defend the castles. Anyway the important case is that robin the boy wonder hood and

maid marian were crazily in appreciate. The way they sensed is illustrated in this

examining below:

Robin Wood lay down happily together with his head in Marians

panel. She sat between the root base of the lime green tree

dressed in a one-piece smock of green girded with a

quiver of arrows, and her feet and arms were bare.

Your woman had let down the brownish shining design of her

hair, which was usually kept braided in pigtails

for convenience in hunting and cookery, and with

the falling waves of this she framed his head. She

was performing a duet with him softly, and tickling the

end of his nose with the fine hairs

These two characters were the primary characters in the story!: M


Robin Hood was obviously a legend in may ways. It is said that he was also existent

in the thirteenth century plus the 14th century. It is also declared that Robin Hood

was actually a variety of. Some people that investigated the entire

Robin Engine story discovered that he basically never occupied Nottingham or

Sherwood forest but in Barnsdale in Yorkshire. Yorkshire is around 30 mls

away from Sherwood forest and Nottingham.

Robin the boy wonder Hoods brand was given to a lot of outlaws that day and age. If you

were devote prison you automatically marked as Robin the boy wonder Hood. My spouse and i dont find out

about them but I would have loved being named after some one so skilful and

nurturing and fantastic at what he does!

In fact when the stories say that Robin Hood fought on behalf of

full Edward it absolutely was not essentially true. You see king Edward (I, 2, III) was

way from then on time, to help make the stories authentic king Rich would have recently been

the full. If it was king Edward Robin Bonnet would have been in the year 1272

to 1377 placing him before 1190.

Many people think that call him by his name was cast from robber and hoodlum. In

those times thieves had been called Robertesmen.

[pic] Essay

Hardware: the machines, wiring, and other physical components of a


A digital computers equipment is a intricate system of four functionally

diverse elements-a central processing unit, input gadgets, memory-storage

devices, and end result devices-linked with a communication network, or coach. The

coach is usually integrated into the primary circuit panel, called the

motherboard, which is plugged into all the other components.

The central finalizing unit: the part of a computer in which operations are

controlled and executed.

The heart of the computer is the central finalizing unit, or perhaps CPU. Additionally

to executing arithmetic and logic operations on info, it instances and

regulates the rest of the system. Mainframe and supercomputer Microprocessors sometimes

consist of several associated microchips, known as microprocessors, every single of which

functions a separate task, but most other computers require only an individual

microprocessor as a CPU.

Type device: Parts known as input devices permit users get into commands

data, or courses for digesting by the PROCESSOR.

Output system: Components that let the customer see or hear the results in the

computers data processing

Motherboard: a published circuit panel containing the principal components of

a microcomputer or perhaps other gadget, with connectors for various other circuit planks

to be slotted into.

High temperature sink: a device for fascinating, gripping, riveting excessive or unwanted heat of the


Fan: a great apparatus with rotating blades that provides an impressive current of air pertaining to

the computer.

RAM MEMORY: random-access memory space

Hard disk: a rigid non-removable magnetic hard disk drive with a large data storage area


CD Rom: a compact disc used in some type of computer as a read-only device pertaining to

displaying info.

VGA: online video graphics mixture, a standard for identifying colour screen screens

intended for computers.

Audio card: a device which can be placed into a laptop to allow the use

of audio tracks components for multimedia applications.

Modem: a tool for interconverting digital and analogue signs

especially to enable a computer to get connected to a telephone line. This

can also be used to deliver data.

Network card: Is employed to operate which has a network, to operate interactively

also to

Interact with others to exchange info and develop useful contacts.

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