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The adage “All that papers is certainly not gold” cautions us against forming our opinion about things on the basis of superficial impressions. It also implies that one should try to ascertain the true mother nature of items and to understand the reality hidden behind their glittering facade. However , take pleasure in for enchantement is deeply embedded in human nature.

Benefiting from this natural vulnerability of man to glamour, money rich companies rope in glamorous film and athletics personalities in promoting their goods and services.

Soap and tooth paste used by charming actresses and dashing athletes sell like hot truffles. Companies’ sales are increased and buyers, particularly the ones from the lower middle classes, postpone many essentials of life to have a flavor of different goodies recommended by way of a favourite actors. Man might read super hero stories from films and see those are true and often fell into temptations and believe that those are great yet actually these are also guys. hose glitters in movies imagines him to be great but actually he is also a man in our midst.

One would anticipate that our reading of this kind of stories will make us sensible and prevent us from slipping prey to temptations of outward magnificence. But man, weak as he is, never learns by others’ experience. He often courts tragedy by giving in to temptations. Our company is repeatedly aware and alerted by the sensible and the skilled not to take persons and things prove face worth. The most innocent masks may possibly hide to their rear the most sneaky of tricks.

But very often even the smart fall food to tricksters. Even Sita, the consort of Lord Rama, was tempted by the glitter of the golden deer she saw bounding around her forest new and wanted Rama to create it on her. Rama seriously expostulated Sita to your investment deer as it could be a snare of some villain, yet she was so thrilled by the guiles of the deer that she pressed him to keep the Ashram in search of that. A few minutes later on, Sita observed a stress call for help out with Rama’s tone.

She, thereupon, requested Lakshman to go and relieve Ramal from relax. Lakshman tried to convince Sita that no person was courageous enough to harm the invincible Gajo, but Sita was thus nervous that she compelled Lakshman to leave the Ashram. In his absence, the Rakshasa full Ravana kidnapped Sita. It later turned out that the gold deer was actually the satanic force Marichi in disguise dispatched by Ravana to lure Sita. Sita’s temptation illustrates the quality of the outdated saying “All that glitters is certainly not gold”.

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