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Red pony by steve steinbeck term paper

Steinbeck, Grapes Of Wrath, Symbolism, Rite Of Passage

Excerpt from Term Paper:

Tiflin; and as a result, he tried to make it a point that Jody gets older responsible and independent (SparkNotes).

Strengths Weaknesses:

The strength of this guide is that three of the four stories from this book had been published separate short testimonies. The components in common which hold these tales together so that they can be considered a book are heroes, setting, and themes (SparkNotes).

All four short stories are certainly not very much connected tightly as the chapters in a book. Firstly, they will stand by themselves, where every section doing a thought. Secondly, the connections among all the parts are much alternatively loose, without having explanation of anything that have been left pending in the previous portion of the story (SparkNotes). For instance, when Billy brought the pony in the third portion of the story, mcdougal did not state anything about Jody’s reaction or maybe the care of the horse in the final section as though the pony was never available in the final chapter in the book (SparkNotes). Another some weakness, however , is that there is not much connection located between the several sections whereby the reader gets a sense of extension.


Steinbeck’s work is definitely tremendous. Just like his much longer novels (Grapes of Difficulty and East of Eden) do more than narrating an sum it up story, and leaves someone pondering the true nature of humanity, and what it is to reside society as everyone knows it. Very much the same, his short stories also highlight a persons condition, maybe less directly (SparkNotes). General, Steinbeck’s works is profound and provocative; and also offer solid story lines. No doubt that Steinbeck is known as a true expert, and a great American writer who well deserved recognition through the Nobel Award for literature (SparkNotes).

In contrast to most novels for adults this book is much different for the reason that author Ruben Steinbeck will not attempt to diminish or cover old age and death, but since a substitute provided these topics as they are in actuality, like the stories narrate how a leading persona, Jody Tiflin, became very reliable as he addressed the relax and sorrow, in addition to the success of actual life (SparkNotes).

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