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Revenue and Division Channel Framework of Madura Garments Group B9 Ishan Agrawal (11P081) Jaya H Choubey (11P083) Kumar Rahul(11P087) Abhishek Narayan (11P145) Madhur Paul (11P147) Contents Madura Garments3 Background4 Louis Philippe: 4 Van Heusen: some Allen Solly: 4 Geist: 4 Planet Fashion: five Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Channel Structure6 Data around the Channel Structure of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle8 New Product Development10 Marketplace Overview13 Product positioning: 13 Product pricing13 Competitor Channel Strategy13 Process followed15 Concerns in Channel Strategy16 Concern: Selecting Route Members16

Issue: Fostering Route Member acknowledgement of the fresh products16 Concern: Stocking and Visual merchandising17 Issue: Keeping Product Differentiation17 Recommendations: seventeen Issue: Item Positioning: seventeen Issue: Product line expansion17 Issue: Sales Organization and Revenue Culture: 18 Sales Lifestyle: 18 Personal Selling Method: 19 Recruitment, Selection and Training of Sales Personnel21 Step 1 : Time Planning21 Step 2: Sourcing activity21 Internal Sourcing21 External Sourcing21 Step 3: Approval22 Training and Development: -22 Probation Appraisal Forms: twenty-two Territory and Quota Management23

Evaluation of Sales Personnel24 Challenges confronted in implementing recommendations: twenty six What can be done to cope with these problems? 26 References27 Madura Apparel Background Madura Garments, a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo is India’s leading attire retail company. It involves the brands: Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly and PeterEngland. Apart from these types of it has a distribution agreement while using international company Esprit which is why it has exposed exclusive company outlets.

John Philippe: Paillette Philippe was the first truly international clothing label presented in the Indian market in 1989.

Accepted as a Superbrand, Louis Philippe epitomises classiness, class and status, responding to the requirements of the design conscious, modern day Indian guys. The brand gives superbly crafted range of silks, trousers, blazers, ties and T-shirts which makes an exclusive trend recognised by simply its exclusive icon The UpperCrest. The manufacturer creates an image of elegant, confident, enthusiastic, cool ensemble with concealed details, slimmer cuts. LP the junior brand via Louis Philippe, has introduced fresh fashion formals range intended for today’s aged successful urbanites. The range exudes elan, style and accomplishment which character today’s youth.

Van Heusen: Van Heusen, India’s premium work-wear brand, brought to India in 1990, has provided corporate dress altogether a new look and meaning through continuous merchandise innovation and exclusive collections such as Autumn Winter, Ashton kutcher & Tony adamowicz, Worldwear, Informals, IQ Garments, winter use, knits, innerwear and components. Cool Pants, designed employing breakthrough technology adopted simply by NASA, or maybe the Oxyrich shirts with air ions to neutralise excessive stress levels in the intelligent clothing (IQ)range, are a few samples of the traditions of advancement that commenced with the invention of the scruff of the neck in 1919.

Worldwear is Van Heusen’s extension in the best-selling selection ofcorporate wear for the global Indian. Allen Solly: Allen Solly has established itself as the leading western have on brand defining the closet of the modern Indian. It has popularised the Friday dress up concept in India. While using launch of its can certainly wear selection in Dec 2001, Allen Solly has made a successful foray into the developing women’s work and everyday wear marketplace. The brand has won the most admired brand ” Ladies wear IFA 2004, june 2006, 2007, most admired brand -trousers IFA 2005, many admired manufacturer , smart casuals IFA 2006.

It includes also received the IFA Images 2001 best company award in the readymade menswear category. Esprit: Esprit provides a fresh look and a new design to the existing range every month. The rand name offers many different choices together with the availability of the various collections in all the shops, to keep fulfilling the demands of the growing buyers. EDC by simply Esprit tackles young, spontaneous people who live for the moment and exhibit this way of living with an individual look. Globe Fashion:

Planet Fashion is the apparel selling arm of Madura Clothes, Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. It properties not only the leading (inhouse) menswear brands like Paillette Philippe, VanHeusen, Allen Solly and Peter England, although also Levi’s denim, Mucchio Carlo knitwear and most just lately, Jocky innerwear in chosen stores. This aims to end up being the complete attire solution for any man , a one-stop destination for all his apparel needs. The product portfolio ranges by corporate formal wear to casual leisurewear, accessories, t-shirts, interwear and lately, denims and innerwear. In the dynamic readymade clothing industry, acceleration in re-acting to changes in trends and customer likes, and regular introduction of recent styles are critical to success. This in turn depends on the accessibility to constantly current information, up dated and appropriate market info, which is crucial to Madura Garments pertaining to strategic decisions involving introduction of new goods, quick response to customer needs, inventory management, and total market competition.

To effectively deliver usana products to buyers, Madura Garments employs multiple distribution channels. This includes all their dedicated network (Planet Style and Outfit Circle stores), multi manufacturer outlets, suppliers, agents and branded exports, which absolutely add up to a lot more than 21 suppliers with 1000+ retailers and 150+ manufacturing plant owned stores spread over a huge territory. Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Route Structure Control Channels: Variable Brand Retailers: This route of Madura has declined over the years. At present, it is surrounding around 20-25% of the revenue share.

In respect to a assistant manager at Madura, customers today are reluctant to buy outfits from MBOs, with contemporary well-staffed malls and distinctive outlets offering more customised service. MBOs usually take up branded space approach intended for stocking several products. MBOs are located through the entire country including Tier 2 and Rate III towns. MBOs have got enabled Madura to increase their reach nevertheless they offer inadequate returns, towards the order, of only 2%. The funnel structure for any Multi Brand Outlet is known as a multilayered a single. Usually, it is just a three level channel.

These products move through the factory to major bulk suppliers who then distribute tham to local distributors who have finally take those product to the retail shop floor. This multilayered funnel is responsible for reduced return. Factory Wholesalers Marketers Multi Manufacturer Outlets Unique Business Shops: Madura Vogue & Way of living has more than 1, 500 exclusive brand outlets with over you million square feet of selling space across the nation. The company significantly ramped up its distinctive Brand outlets business in 2011 by adding 250 stores in that single 12 months only.

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The latest count stands at 1129. Exclusive Business Outlets bring about around 30-35% share in revenue and offer 10-15% go back which is top among that provided by some other channel of Madura apart from planet vogue. It is essentially a zero level channel with goods provided directly from the company to the outlet. The shorter channel can also be seen as one of the reasons to get higher come back. Department Stores: It has more than you, 000 distinctive branded retailers with over 1 mil square feet of retail space across the country.

You’re able to send brands are usually present in above 100 malls. All major department shops like Central, Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, Reliability and Maximum, to name just a few, stock distinct Madura brands. Planet Vogue: In 2001, Madura Style & Lifestyle envisioned offering a unique purchasing experience to delight it is customers. Rapidly, the company opened a distinct, specialized menswear showroom at Industrial Street in Bangalore. The thinking in back of the store was going to provide a remarkable retail knowledge and offer guys a one-stop destination for all of their apparel requirements.

Each of the brands is a complete lifestyle manufacturer and comes with an exhaustive selection of shirts, pants, knits, winter season wear, meets and accessories. They offer the very best range across formal, semi-formal and everyday occasions and across various price ranges. Paillette Philippe suits the style-conscious contemporary man. Van Heusen formals are a good choice to get the corporate client, while Allen Solly is usually unconventional and associated with Comes to an end Dressing, and offers relaxed put on for the young and committed trendsetter. Peter England is usually value for money, and caters to the mid-price part.

In order to go after its objective of offering a complete wardrobe solution to it is customers, Planet Fashion has become looking at brands beyond the Madura Style & Life-style stable. Identifying the need for brand names in winter wear, inner wear, and trousers, it presented Monte Carlo, Jockey and Levi’s in select stores. Realising that wedding clothing for men was a huge untrained market, World Fashion also tied up with “Manyawar for its variety of ethnic menswear. With a good presence in 88 towns across India as well as in the Gulf and SAARC countries, Planet Fashion stores greet more than three million clients each year.

Entire world Fashion provides 146 stores, which by the end of the 12 months will feel 200. The winning full model has become successful not only in premium places, but likewise in small towns just like Udupi, Bareilly and Dehradun. Planet Style is the most significant chain of stores available in India, with the average store footprint that runs from one particular, 500-6, 000 sq foot, depending on it is location. To drive its development objective, it includes launched a fresh format of store christened , World Fashion Avismal, which is pertaining to both men and women while offering a large section for the growing equipment market.

The first Planet Fashion Enorme store opened up at Indiranagar, Bangalore in December 2011. Planet Trend has ascertained that zero stone is usually left unturned to create a store that truly lives up to thier name. The new retail store showcases select international brands such as Calvin Klein, Navegacion, Esprit and EDC. For the people particular regarding exclusive dressmaker, there is a section dedicated to personalized tailoring. Globe Fashion Grande is also starting made-to-measure support, where the suits will be custom made tailored in the company’s factory set up with Italian effort. The ladies section is one-of-its-kind in Bangalore.

It offers the pret line of Ritu Kumar, the exclusive printed bridal sarees from Satya Paul, the pure cultural collection by Seven East and the cultural fusion range of Global Desi. On the formal front there exists and, a western fusion range, Allen Solly and Van Heusen Women. All this is associated with footwear and handbags. Madura Style and Life-style employs a direct distribution route to World Fashion retail channel from the warehouses. The model of circulation employed is definitely Consignment model wherein the stock is completely owned by the company and merchandising and Visual marketing is dealt with by the Business retail personnel.

The returning on this organization realized is usually 20% and it forms a 10% share from the company’s income. Value Channels: The value stations comprise mainly of exhaustion channels. This channel comes with specific revenue like staff sales and sales through factory retailers and also multi-brand depletion stations like Brand Factory and Lootmart. The stock is completely owned by company in case of company certain sales whilst it is franchisee owned in multi-brand destruction channels.

The return understood is negligible for the organization. E-commerce: Electronic digital commerce, commonly known as e-commerce or e-commerce, is definitely the buying and selling of goods or providers over electric systems including the Internet and also other computer systems. Electronic commerce draws on these kinds of technologies because electronic funds transfer, source chain managing, Internet marketing, on-line transaction processing, electronic info interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

Modern electronic digital commerce commonly uses the World Wide Web at least at 1 point in the transaction’s life-cycle, although it might encompass a wider array of technologies including e-mail, mobile devices and mobile phones as well. Electric commerce is usually considered to be the sales element of e-business. Additionally, it consists of the exchange of data to assist in the loans and repayment aspects of organization transactions. Madura Fashion and lifestyle does not sell its products by way of company owned online space but rather markets to big online retailers just like Jabong and Myntra in India.

As of now, e-retail can be not a big part of the provider’s revenues. The stock can be franchisee owned or operated and distribution is taken care of by the business itself. It is a part of the industry’s long term upcoming to start retailing through its very own brand portals and through mobile-based applications. Industrial Revenue: This is a special case exactly where specific purchases are addressed by the business itself. This might be a case in case of very large instructions or a valuable B2B business. This is a negligible portion of the company’s annual revenues.

Export products: The company export products merchandise to be able to countries in which it operates in and to different retailers to. This is well guided by permit agreements involving the parent brands and the firm. Data on the Channel Composition of Madura Fashion, Way of living Channels| About| Model| Return| Revenue Share| 1 . Trade | MBOs (Multi-brand outlets)| Buy and Sell| 2%| 20-25%| installment payments on your EBOs (Exclusive business outlets)| Buy and Sell EBOs and Consignment EBOs| Acquire n SellConsignment| 10-15%| 30-35%| 3. DS (Department stores)| Shoppers End, Lifestyle, Utmost, Westside| Purchase n Sell| | 15-20%| 4. PF (Planet fashion)| | | 20%| 10%|. Value Channels| Factory shops, Brand Stock, Loot mart etc| | Marginal| 0| 6. E-commerce| | | | Marginal| 7. Industrial Sales| | | | marginal| almost eight. Exports| | | | 5%| Cool product Development New Product Development is known as a process which consists of developing, testing and considering the stability of products which can be new to the industry. It is a finish process of taking a new merchandise to the marketplace. If a company has many new releases in the canal, then expense of development per new product is much less. Also, it should be noted that most item ideas are aborted before launch.

Thus, if a company features only one item in creation and that product is aborted prior to launch, in that case significant costs are incurred both economically and in terms of comfort of the new product team. A new product might manifest itself in various forms and still have associated funnel issues. They are discussed under. 1 . A brand new product might be a product that leads to an entirely new market. In this case, the entire route strategy has to be designed for the modern market. It really must be checked perhaps the new product being introduced works well by existing channel or not. In the event that not, in that case this involves the complete process of building a new route.. A new product may be a product that adapts or perhaps replaces a preexisting product. In such a case, the existing channel may work with little redecorating. 3. The brand new product might be such that this significantly broadens the market to get an existing item. For example , new models of computer printers use same kind of cartridges. Here also, the existing channel may be all you need to serve the new product. 4. A fresh product might also be an old merchandise introduced into a new market. In such a case, a channel seite an seite and like the channel in the old marketplace has to be founded after learning the market demographics.. An old merchandise packaged in different ways or an old product advertised in a different way may also be known as new product. In such a case, existing funnel may be sufficient if target audience and setting are same. Our Louis Philippe footwear get into category identified by stage no . 1, that is, it is a product that has opened up a completely new market. LP has since long focused only on clothes and clothes. Now, Madura wants to influence its brand and sell different merchandise beneath it. Footwear is a completely new product category with new set of competitors coming into picture.

It requirements modification of existing funnel or developing of a completely new channel. Existing stores which will carry VINYLSKIVA garments is probably not willing to inventory footwear likewise. The importance of new product development is usually immense. New releases can be used to: 2. Increase/ guard market share by providing more choice or upgrading older items. * Charm to fresh segments. 5. Diversify in to new marketplaces. * Boost relations with distributors. 2. Maintain the business’s position as being a leading edge business. Even out highs and troughs in demand. 5. Make better utilization of organisation’s resources. Stages in new product development: 1 .

Thought Generation: That involves theory of new suggestions. Eg: Sales, R, Deb and development department raccord to generate fresh ideas. Sales force identifies a brand new market opportunity, R, Deb develops is design and production division determines its production feasibility. These capabilities may be mix performed as well. Analysis of shoppers or market research by an external agency could also spur cool product development. installment payments on your Idea Verification: Ideas are checked for technological feasibility, economic viability and marketability plus the poor ones are decreased. Product is assessed on their demand, marketability and earnings potential.

Concepts may be rated according to marketing, development and strategic factors. several. Concept expansion and tests: This level involves turning ideas in to tangible goods that consumers perceive as being valuable. Principle testing involves testing new products with a band of consumers to learn if the concepts have strong consumer appeal. 4. Web marketing strategy development: A primary marketing strategy for the new product is designed based on the product concept. a few. Business Evaluation: A review of the sales, costs, profit predictions and breakeven points pertaining to the new product to find out if these elements satisfy the firm’s objective.. Product Development: Engineering and production problems are solved and the thought is converted into reality through representative models and ruse. 7. Evaluation Marketing: Starting a product in a geographical location. 8. Commercialization: The product is introduced in the market. Timing is critical to be successful. Product has to be well targeted and situated. The VINYLSKIVA footwear with the stage of commercialization. Before ideas considered were VINYLSKIVA artificial jewelry, LP clothing accessories, VINYLSKIVA sunglasses and so forth But shoes was made the decision by supervision to be best suited and in sync with the targets and practical constraints.

There are three ways to introduce new products under the auspices of existing products: Series extension: Applying an existing brand name on items within the same category. Company extension: Applying an existing brand name on products in a fresh category but within the same broadly identified market. Brand stretching: Using an existing name on a merchandise in a different market. Using LP brand to present footwear can be described as case of brand name extension. The fears of manufacturer dilution will be minimized by the fact that shoes also type part of style and clothing and are important to style assertion of a person.

For the purposes with this project, we certainly have identified issues in the channel that are associated with changes in the marketing environment, most typically regarding a new application and introduction. On discussion with the funnel managers, it was found that a person major issue that were there been facing with their route is launch of new items into the route. Madura Fashion, Lifestyle would like to leverage its brand names to introduce merchandise other than clothing. Madura Style and Way of life introduced Paillette Philippe Shoes in the Spring Summer Collection, 2010.

The footwear offered as a means of brand name extension. The rand name wanted to move forward from becoming an apparel category player into a wider way of life brand. Diversifying into more recent product types, expanding the current product stock portfolio and aimed towards newer clients seemed like smart to go about doing this. The reason they will chose to enter the footwear category were many. Market Overview The Of india footwear companies are expected to make total income of $2. 5 billion in 2011, symbolizing a chemical substance annual development rate (CAGR) of 12. 3% between 2007 and 2011. In contrast, the Chinese language market increases with a CAGR of five. %, as well as the Japanese market will decrease with a chemical substance annual rate of change (CARC) of -1. 1%, over the same period, to succeed in respective ideals of $13. 7 billion dollars and $13. 9 billion in 2011. Sales generated through clothing, footwear, sportswear and accessories suppliers are expected as the most lucrative for the Indian footwear industry in 2011, with total income of $2, 314. being unfaithful million, equivalent to 91. 5% of the market’s overall value. In comparison, sales through discount, variety retail outlet, and standard merchandise stores will generate revenues of $103 mil in 2011, equating to four. 1% with the market’s get worse revenues.

The Indian boots market knowledgeable strong development during 2011 after likewise having strong growth this year. The market is predicted to continue growing firmly over the outlook period to 2016. The performance from the market is forecast to speed up, with a great anticipated CAGR of 12-15. 1% intended for the five-year period 2011 , 2016, which is likely to drive the marketplace to a value of $5. 1 billion dollars by the end of 2016. Comparatively, the China and Western markets will certainly grow with CAGRs of seven. 8% and 0. 3% respectively, over the same period, to reach particular values of $20 billion dollars and $14. 1 billion in 2016. Product placement:

The product was positioned as a premium category product targeted at customers who had high throw away incomes. The item could function as a potential lift for acquiring new customers as well transforming the rand name into a superior lifestyle player. The route strategy would serve a major factor in achieving the desired consequence. Product charges The product was introduced inside the premium range in the Indian market. The starting cost was Rs 2400 and the closing selling price was 5400. Competitor Channel Strategy The Indian shoes or boots market was densely inhabited with competition. The competition can be split up into three wide-ranging categories.

The first category is item specialists who also manufacture and sell their own items. The second category is the manufacturer extension items that are found by companies and distributed through the programs. The third category is the personal players consisting of the unorganized sector of the market. The channel strategy for different firms that have released products in this market category depends on a whole lot on the range of procedures they are taking pictures. Channels like Market advancement partners (MDPs) are generally used in areas which have been geographically or perhaps logistically difficult to handle entirely.

Different brands employ distinct channel strategies. Another factor that establishes the funnel strategy of the brand may be the positioning. A great economy company is more liable to enter small markets through MDPs because the target buyers reside generally there and because it makes business sense. Contrastingly, a premium person may choose to use a strategy of opening only Exclusive business outlets (EBOs) to preserve it is shopping knowledge and exclusivity. Experience as well plays a major part in deciding the channel strategy. Generally, primary category players have a wider syndication network as this is their earnings generating business.

Consequently there is also the required encounter to carry out the operations. Listed here are an attempt to summarize the size as well as the channel strategy employed by difficulties market market leaders in the American indian footwear marketplace. The data utilized for this research is indicative and approximate. Brands| Special Business Outlets(EBOs)| Management Creation Parters(MDPs)| Multi-brand Outlets (MBOs)/Department Stores(DS)| Turnover(Rs Cr. )| Lee Cooper| 100| 750| 1500| 200| Red Tape| 200| 500| 1500| 400| Woodland| 300| 1000| 1500| 750|

Bata| 1300| 30000| 1000| 1540. 59| Liberty| 350| 4500| 1500| 310| Franco Leone| 25| 0| 850| 100| Nike| 150| 600| 1000| 700| Adidas| 350| 750| 1000| 585| Puma| 150| 500| 700| 550| Reebok| 900| 700| 1000| 1400| From the above info, we can notice that the primary category players in the Of india market, the product specialists possess a noticeably different route strategy coming from products which can be brand extension cables. Product specialists usually depend on a licensee model with Management Expansion Partners (MDPs) to open exclusive stores around the company.

Nevertheless , these special stores are different from company owned stores which can be relatively handful of in quantity, but still far greater than the number of Lifestyle EBOs that bring footwear as brand extension products. Method followed Issues in Channel Strategy Issue: Selecting Channel Members The channel technique has to be in a way that the product meets its probability of act as a brand accelerator and the Lifestyle promise of the brand. It has to be consistent with the brand’s core assure of flexibility, individuality and success.

The other features this product can perform in order to appeal to a wider set of audience in a pure category play, to interact brand loyal customers and act as a hook to get potential customers. The major tasks needed to be performed by the funnel members happen to be * EBOs: Complete the Lifestyle look and drive premiumness * DS and MBOs: Create a greater play to get the brand 2. Depletion programs: Recruit clients for the brand name Madura Style, Lifestyle presented these products in EBOs, Department Stores, MBOs, Planet Fashion and the ecommerce platform. Suggestion:

Footwear is definitely introduced in Exclusive Company Outlets (EBOs), MBOs (Multi Brand Outlets), Department stores (DS) and Entire world Fashion (PF) showrooms. The remaining four programs are not relevant for a new product like shoes. Moreover, EBOs and DS are very brief channels ( 2 step), so firm has more control of them. Issue: Fostering Channel Member acceptance of the new items Recommendations: 5. Reinforce the belief of the route members the product might sell simply by sharing the results of consumer response * Convincing the dealer of the large potential worth creation by product Issue: Stocking and Visual selling Stocking and display dealt with by the company in the case of EBOs and large Multi-Brand Outlets just like Shoppers End etc 5. Stocking and display to be handled by retailer when it comes to trade channels. * Schooling imparted for all store managers for the Visual Promoting. * Retail outlet Management taken care of by the company in EBOs, and the vendor in the case of large MBOs and trade channels Issue: Retaining Product Difference Louis Philippe footwear is comparable to other items offered by Madura Garments: they project precisely the same sense of quality, design and respect.

They are differentiated on these grounds and they are premium priced. They are bought from certain stores to enhance the exclusivity aspect. Since they are present across India in various retailers, it is important that route members likewise help produce a differentiated item by offerring the same to the customers. Advice: * They must be displayed correctly and stylishly and great services should be provided by suppliers to the consumers because your customers’ knowledge at the wall plug adds to the way the product is definitely perceived to get different from other folks. The salespeople present at the store has to be well trained and must talk the high-quality and style with the footwear towards the customers. Issue: Product Positioning: The store support is required in the form of proper merchandise display and display. Since the competition is very solid in this segment, focus on item positioning is important. Recommendations: Madura Garment should certainly provide appealing incentives as promotional allowances and special merchandising bargains so that the retailer positioning is within line with all the image forecasted by the company. Issue: Production expansion

Seeing that Madura Garments is foraying into a cool product category of shoes or boots, it is important to help the funnel members whom are used to the apparel category. Recommendations: 5. Explain to the channel members the reason for the addition of footwear category and its feasibility * Repeated communication while using channel associates to ensure a smooth flow info about the demand for the footwear * Company will need to aid the channel people in inventory, choosing a display pattern (if required) and merchandising 5. Ensuring hassle-free products and producing provisions intended for return of dissatisfactory stocks and shares

Issue: Product sales Organization and Sales Tradition: Currently Madura Garments have 82 stores in India and your five outside India. In India it has retail outlet across 40 cities in India, starting from high pavements like Connaught Place and South Ex girlfriend or boyfriend to small towns just like Bareilly, Karnal and Dehradun. International existence inDubai, Sharjah, Qatar and Kathmandu. Revenue Culture: 5. Components of product sales culture. 2. Role of sales lifestyle in making a sound product sales organization Personal Selling Process: It is the personal presentation by firm’s salesforce for the purpose of increasing your sales and conversions and building customer associations.

Personal selling is paid personal interaction that endeavors to inform clients and convince them to purchaseproducts or solutions. Personal Advertising Process includes the following methods: Prospecting Pre approach Way Presentation and Demonstration Handling Objective Final Follow up Business records: Salesman refers to you can actually records and gets touching several aged and fresh contact. Through this way sales may bepromotedRetailers: The sales force get the valuable prospects from the merchants since they are in direct contact with the customer and are also familiar with the taste, needs, inclination. 1 . Pre approach:

After identifying the prospect in the prospecting stage., the 2nd step of salesman to find out about the outlook likes, dislike, preference, mother nature, behavior, economical and interpersonal status. 2 . Approach: With this stage prospective client and the jeweler come in contact with one another face-to-face. Madura Garment company and its item are well most respected to all. The brandedproduct likewise generated the curiosity among the prospects. three or more. Presentation and Demonstration: Sales person gives the description about the product to the prospect through this as comply with: Salesman comes within the store or the shop of the possibility can promptlypresent it for the prospect.

Salesman shows the type of quality that customer is looking for and also shows some new trend garments, this saves time, also the client tends to make an easy buying decision. Salesman demonstrates the product to improve the interest from the customer. four. The Close: This can be the last level of the business presentation and demonstration, in this salesman does the examination after the demonstration as: Sales person judges the mood, attitude, perception of the prospect. In most over the display, the salesman faces every doubt with a laugh and his encounter and confidently answering to any queries of the prospect.. Followup: This is a critical step in creating customer satisfaction and building long term relationships with customers. If the customer skilled any complications whatsoever, the salesprofessional can intervene and be a customer counsel to ensure completely satisfaction. Recruitment, Selection and Training of Sales Employees Madura aspires in keeping its Career policy non-discriminative. The insurance plan is framed in a way that that ensures uniformity and the same opportunity. Greatest care is taken to checkany kind of discrimination based upon caste, religious beliefs, colour, age group, sex, countrywide origin etc .

Merit based Selection of individuals. 1) Finding the candidate by placing your order for forms 2) Verification the candidate 3) Collection test 4) Personal interview 5) To make certain all individuals are assessed objectively and fairly. 6) To designate the Right candidate for the Right job. The recruiting process starts with the coming of a openings in the firm. A vacancy can arise in the next ways: Madura Garment uses following resources planning: – Step 1 : Time Planning AOP (Annual Functioning Plan), this method is taken up every year. It can be taken up at Personal Level and Entity Level.

A lot of points like Revenue generation, Acquisition number, etc . Step two: Sourcing activity There are three types of sourcing completed at Bombay dyeing. Following your resumes of candidates happen to be chosen then your same can be sent to the department head where the openings arises. The department mind will then candidate the same and so they ask the HR section to fix a job interview with the picked candidates. There are two sort of interview which is taken up by Bombay dyeing, firstly the Functional interview and then the Functional Mind and HOURS Head requires the interview. Internal Sourcing

This system supplies the existing workers an opportunity to sign up for higher content aswell regarding vacancies consist of departments hence allow them a take up more challengingjob profile / responsibilities in other/same division. This thus becomes a kind ofmotivation component for the employees. * Employee Reference 5. Re-employment of former employee External Finding * Positioning Consultant 5. Job Sites: timesjobs, Monster, NAUKRI. * Campus Recruitment Step 3: Authorization * The recruitment completes in about 10 15 days Selection: Training and Development: –

Training and development just might be one of the speediest growing areas in any organization. The significance and value of training has been recognised by the business world largely. Training is definitely an take action of increasing the knowledge and abilities of an staff which they have to perform all their jobs. Requirement for Training and Development within an Organization: 2. Contributes towards organizational objectives * Receiving the requisite knowledge, skill and attitude 5. To achieve individual growth 2. Need for get across functional managers * Prepare employees to get higher level careers * Training Need Recognition

The need for schooling is identified in the subsequent manner: Probation Appraisal Varieties: The identifier appraises the performance with the employee and gives the suggestions as to the kind of training necessary by the individual. Thus the training need recognized. Through Performance managing approach: – In the system, the individuals are likely to identify schooling areas forthemselves along with their superiors doing precisely the same. This is utilized by the HOURS. Departmental and Divisional Requires: – When a new product is started in a specific department, employees of that dept. are required to be trained for using the same.

Transfer: – In the event that an individual is definitely transferred from a single dept. to other, he needs to be trainedPromotion: – If an staff is promoted, he may require training in the abilities to handle the newposition. Also a gap occurs in his current position and fill this gap, training maybe necessary. Territory and Quota Supervision Sales Terrain Management by Madura Apparel it’s Actions to Produce Maximum Results: – How you prioritize your revenue territory managing activities is determined by whether you are owning a territory that has existing clients, or if you are building yourcustomer base from day one.

If you manage a place that has existing customers, your first concern should be to bring in yourself to every single one of your consumers. This should be a pleasant, low-key introduction along the lines of: “I wanted to present myself and discover if there is anything at all I can do to help you. “Then, as you are communicating with your customers, you can ask: “Would you mind sharing with me how you think my own company’s marriage with you continues to be going to date? What have we been doing well? Where could we all improve? ” The Benefits of Revenue Territory management for business: – Ideal quota and territory projects for best make use of selling resources* Immediate integration of planning outputs into a creation commissions system for accuracy and reliability and low priced operation* Easy adjustments to attribution and change crediting * Improved pay program effectiveness 5. Maximized owner motivation * Increased sales manager efficiency and effectiveness* Alignment of individual goals with tactical objectives Quota Management: – Analysts approximate organizations may lose just as much as 10% of total twelve-monthly sales in “lost opportunity” revenue depending on misaligned areas and quotas.

With Callidus Quota Administration, businesses get back this lost revenue, guaranteeing quotas reveal up-to-date market dynamics and territory potential. * Allows identify for you to better align quotas to increase revenue depending on historical efficiency * Provides easy-to-use equipment to uplift, discount, and prorate subspecies targets since needed * Supports building of multiple goal cases based on how best to achieve corporate and business or revenue region revenue goals * Effectively simplifies the workflow processes about quota syndication, adjustments, and approvals * Provides up dated visibility into sales quotas and achievement to date

Compensation and Inspiration Compensation: – Madura Apparel group compensate there jeweler by providing all of them the followingbenefit: – Basic Salary: – The fixed amount to always be paid relating to a approach to job classification or marketbased criteria (round about two to three lakhs ). Incentives: – Additional varying pay depending on performance against objectives and payable incash, stock or tax-deferrable plans (1% prove sales target). Protectives: – Programs which insure workers against decrease of life or perhaps earning potential, and which usually insure against major current expenses. a life insurance policy * medical insurance * survivor’s income 5. dental insurance * disability profits Paid Time Off – Vacations, holiday seasons, family keep, jury duty, etc Inspiration: – In Madura Clothing group inspiration to salesman is done appropriately: – 2. Performance Appraisal is the technique of Evaluating the Achievements of the Sales Force regarding Requirements from the Job 2. The Appraisal System is Essentially a Comparison of Sales Force Objectives With Real Achievements in the Field * Offering the product sales achiever prize to the finest sales guy of the year. Doing good practices, means no tendency in the organisation. * Continue to keep improving the significant standards Analysis of Revenue Personnel For almost any industry it is quite essential to have a cost effective & efficient division channel that adds worth in to whole value sequence. Effective distribution channel and integrated supply chain supervision help in regarding industry and make that more competitive. India has large and diversified linen industry with different segments and sectors, so that it has fragmented sales and distribution network Sales Funnel

Madura Clothing group do their merchandise promotion by providing advertisement in T. V, Radio, Magazine, Magazine, street side ads etc . In Madura Apparel group, there are numerous popular way of life brands and internationalbrand. These types of brands receive below and Madura Clothes Group likewise opened exclusivebrand outlets: – * John Philippe * Peter Great britain * Allen Solly 5. Van Heusen * Geist * Globe Fashion Issues faced in implementing advice: 1 . Discontentment in the channel members certainly not selected intended for the distribution of this product.. Inventory management in the face of changing fashion preferences of the persons. 3. Funnel members require of a obvious return plan. 4. Fostering collaboration and shared expense in the growth of the product, visual merchandising, inventory and sales team management. five. Training and management of sales force. 6. Evaluating channel members performance using contemporary trade and retail metrics What can be done to address these difficulties? The company has to invest in providing long term partnerships with the channel members.

The performance in the product is the main criteria intended for evaluating the success of a product. However , the success of the merchandise also is dependent a lot within the acceptance of these new products in the channel. The corporation has to give attention to continuous dialogue and information sharing between theses channel partners. The corporation can also give to extend credit rating support to the channel users in certain cases. The flow inside the channel needs to be maintained. The stocking should be handled by the company itself following the recommended process.

Overall, greater dexterity is required in every spheres from the channel interactions. References 1 . http://www. sifyims. com/pdf/Sify-ES. pdf file 2 . Mister. Suman Saha, Manager, Important Accouts, Madura F&L (9743999672) 3. Mr. Deepak Thakur, Group Manager, Lous Phillipe, Madura F&L (9743999434) 5. Mr. Ajay Vendala, Supervisor, Strategy, Madura F&L (9743999287) 5. Mister. Suraj Holla, Manager, Technique, Madura F&L (9743999239) 6th. Mr.. Ruben James, Staff Manager, Planet Fashion 7. Mr. Neeraj Asopa, Shop Manager, Paillette Phillipe. http://business. highbeam. com/412143/article-1G1-228248861/length-product-line-distribution-channels 9. http://www. thehindubusinessline. com/todays-paper/tp-marketing/article990515. ece 10. http://www. icmrindia. org/casestudies/catalogue/Marketing/Louis%20Philippe-Excerpts%202. htm 11. Mister. Rajat Joshi, Store Administrator, Allen Solly, Ambience Mall 12. Mister. Rakesh Mehra, Store Director, Louis Phillipe, MGF Shopping mall 13. Globe Fashion Display room, Mehrauli Road, Gurgaon 14. Salespeople at different retailers

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