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Tragic hero essay

In respect to Aristotle, “A tragic hero is a character that is not eminently good and just, yet in whose misfortune is brought about not really by vice and depravity, but by simply some error or frailty…” The tragic hero provides a weakness that produces them to provide an inner have difficulties. The materials piece procedes narrate the lining struggle the tragic leading man has along with how they defeat it. The hero undergoes a cycle that helps these people conquer their struggle and become a better person.

Therefore , via an examination of departure, test/trials and transformation of the protagonist in the written function The Stone Angel simply by Margaret Laurence, Hagar Shipley and Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom, Mitch Album, it really is visible that both protagonists have gone throughout the journey that makes them a tragic leading man. For the tragic leading man cycle to start the protagonist must depart. In The Rock Angel Hagar is scared of being delivered off for an old age residence so she runs away.

This really is seen once she says: “Of course. I’d almost neglected. They’d kennel me up in a car and deliver myself like a package of aged clothes to this place. ” (Laurence, 185)

Since Hagar has not journeyed alone in an exceedingly long time the girl with anxious your woman may be found. This is confirmed in the quote: “He’s not starting the bus, although. He examines me, also after We have managed to sit down in the nearby seat. The facts? Will this individual make me get back? Are others staring? ” She queries everything although no one is looking at her curiously. (Laurence, 146) Seeing as Hagar is usually need of your new house she chooses to live in a great abandoned house: “A door’s ajar. I push that and walk in. ” (Laurence, 152) Even though Hagar can be frightened by idea of living alone the lady still finds it thrilling being alone, which could be a difference in her: “To move to a fresh place- which is greatest excitement. ” (Laurence, 153)Hagar forgets her worries and explores the left behind home. In Tuesday’s with Morrie, Mitch starts his departure along with his old mentor.

Mitch’s trip starts when ever he’s watching TV and listens to about his old teacher dying: “I heard these types of words from the TV set- “Who can be Morrie Schwartz? “- and went numb. ” (Albom, 23) After hearing the awful media about his professor Mitch decides to check out him, which in turn changes his life. Going to Morrie provides sent Mitch back to as being a student: “Although I was unaware of it, our class experienced just commenced. ” (Albom, 29) Mitch doesn’t feel relaxed visiting his professor since it causes him to reflect on how much he has evolved: “I traded dreams to get a bigger paycheck, and I by no means even understood what I was doing. ” (Albom, 33) He understands that leaving everything after getting graduating changed him into a guy he under no circumstances wanted to turn into. The departure is important because it causes the tragic leading man to begin the change needed to overcome all their flaws. After departure the hero must face tests/trials to further their very own change. When Mitch seems to lose his job his community is turned upside down. He realizes having been not as important as he thought he was: “Instead, We stayed house, watched these people on TV. I had grown use for thinking viewers somehow necessary my steering column.

I was amazed at how easily things proceeded without me personally. ” (Albom, 45) Getting so engaged by his work he does not realize people have various other means of entertainment. Mitch understands a lot following being reunited with his mentor. He tries to put him self in Morrie’s place therefore he may see what Morrie perceives: “I tried to see what he noticed. I attempted to see as well as seasons, living passing in slow motion. ” (Albom, 85) After countless meeting with Morrie, they finally talk about family members where Mitch reflects on his relationship with his brother. After, Mitch admits that functioning is his way out of thinking about his problems: “And each time I would get the addressing machine – him speaking in The spanish language, another signal of how much apart we drifted- I would hang up and work extra. ” (Albom, 97) The most important trial Mitch faces is usually watching his professor perish. “”You okay? You all right? ” I actually said, looking to hide the fear. ” (Albom, 106) Mitch is scared of his teacher dying.

Hagar’s tests/trials happen while she’s at Shadow Point concealing. Hagar, frightened has second thoughts regarding leaving Marvin’s house. “What on earth possessed me to come here? What happens if I take ill? ” (Laurence, 153) Another evaluation Hagar confronts is not having her amusement with her as she is used to getting pampered. “I wish I had formed a umbrella cloak. Really cold in this article. ” (Laurence, 248) Experiencing her decision Hagar understands she misgivings her decision about not letting Ruben bring Arlene. “I don’t mean that, about bringing her in this article. ” (Laurence, 247) Hagar also looks the fact that John cannot forgive her since he could be not alive anymore, although Murray pretends to be Ruben and reduce her. “”It’s okay, ” he says. “I knew on a regular basis you hardly ever meant it. “” (Laurence, 248) Both equally protagonist go through tests/trials which will make them reflect about their past, which sets off their change. The finally stage with the tragic main character cycle is usually transformation.

This is where the protagonist’s make an effort to fix their flaw and finally stop their struggle. Hagar’s transformation starts off when she walks up after ingesting all night with Murray. “The morning mild stings my eyes. ” (Laurence, 249) This kind of quote marks the start of the change. Although there is a noticeable alter Hagar continue to does not know it and gets cascarrabias: “Quite sure, Move myself or certainly not. It’s all the same to me. ” (Laurence, 281) It is not simply Hagar that is confused by the sudden transform Doris is too: “Speechlessly I actually nod. For what reason all this hassle? In another minute I’ll take those wretched thing back to closed them up. Doris leaps it in her purse thinking the same thing. ” (Laurence, 279) Hagar finally realizes shunning Doris will harm herself. “I only eliminate myself by simply not receiving her. ” (Laurence, 308)

In the end rather than seeing other folks as a annoyance, Hagar chooses to help her roommate. “Certainly. You just wait. I’ll obtain it for you, you’ll see. ” (Laurence, 300) Mitch’s transformation begins when he understands just how much the professor has evolved him. “Things that before would have helped me embarrassed or squeamish were now often handled. ” (Albom, 154) The mentor in the end did what this individual always wanted, for making Mitch even more emotional significant. “I love to think it was a fleeting moment of satisfaction to get my special old teacher: he had finally made me weep. ” (Albom, 186) Morris left Mitch with a lessons he would never forget.

“But if Professor Morris Schwartz trained me anything, it was this: there is no such thing as being a “too late” in life. ” (Albom, 190) Hagar Shipley, from The Stone Angel and Mitch Albom from Tuesday’s with Morrie are both tragic heroes’ that overcome their particular flaws by going through a journey that includes: departure, tests/trials and a transformation. As tragic heroes these protagonists have a flaw or weak point that causes those to struggle. The hero must go through a journey to overcome their particular flaws and also have accepted these people. Both Hagar and Mitch, by the end of their story have beaten their weakness and become better persons because of that.

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