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We while people understand our term in many ways. Each of our name is actually connects us to our family, and we will be the image that may be associated with each of our name. Inside the passage, Mrs.

Viola’s friend sees deficiencies in importance in calling Margaret by her actual term, as “that may be, nevertheless the name’s very long. I’d under no circumstances bother personally. I’d call up her Martha if I was you.  In doing this, “Old Speckled-Face,  as Margaret called her, attempts to dehumanize her and displays the standard state of mind of the common, rich white colored people inside the 60’s and 70’s.

In seeing Margaret’s name since something that will not matter, being her identity is who she is, she therefore makes Margaret ‘not matter’. The author’s indignation toward her employer for impertinently renaming her substantiates Marguerite’s strong sense of self-pride, today revealed when confronted with racism. Angelou’s reaction to her Mrs. Viola’s renaming exhibits the delicate forms of amount of resistance that blacks could use. In a way, Mrs.

Cullinan’s kitchen offered as a polishing off school for Margaret because black women “were given as comprehensive and unimportant preparations to get adulthood because rich light girls displayed in magazines. The was that a large number of white women learned about more high-class patterns, while dark girls discovered housekeeping. In being a servant in Mrs. Cullinan’s home, she learns the same issues that white girls might learn by finishing school. Angelou details Mrs. Cullinan’s house as “exact” and “inhuman” to articulate her ideas that white people are very different via black persons.

She also makes the assumption that every white folks are caddy, superficial, and lonely, based on her experiences together with the white females on the porch, which may show some tendency changing some of the story due to racism. Initially, Margaret determines that she is going to write a composition about the tragedy of “being white-colored, fat, old, and without kids, ” because she recognizes Mrs. Cullinan as living a miserable, horrible lifestyle. Nevertheless after standing up for Margaret by insisting her good friend address her by the appropriate name, your woman finds a brand new respect intended for Mrs. Cullinan. Mrs.

Cullinan believes that she has obtained control over Maggie, however , she gets in fact forget about her symbol of power over Angelou. Mrs. Angelou regains her name, and with that, her sense of self. Even though she was treated wrongly by her employer and her snooty friends, Angelou reveals herself to have racist prejudice and a tendency to include them in to her producing, as shown in her narrative. 2. Alliteration * “Impish elf * Used to bring the reader’s attention to the very fact that this can be when Mrs. Cullinan can become a different person, which is the person that her white-colored friends observe Motif * Repetition of “Mary and “Margaret * Used to demonstrate two attributes that Angelou struggles with as she fights to keep her personality in a world of prejudice 2. Diacope * “This cup went right here and only here * Accustomed to show how Angelou perceives her employer as being single-minded * Asyndeton * “There were goblets, sherbet eyeglasses, ice-cream eyeglasses, wine eyeglasses, green a glass coffee cups of with complementing saucers, and water spectacles.  * Used to highlight the “extensive and irrelevant things that white persons find important to function living

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