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CHAPTER-V STUDIES SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS Studies: This phase is intended to summarize the findings of the examination. The following have been completely observed in this kind of study. Studies of basic percentage analysis * Majority of the participants are man.

* Most of the respondents are single. * Many the participants are degree/diploma. * Most the participants are scholar. * Majority of the person are part of the profits group of lower than Rs. 15000. * Majority of the person participate in the age band of 21-30 years. * Most of the person happen to be from one family. 5. The majority of the respondentsare from relatives having 2-4 members. The majorityof respondents know KFC by good friends. * Most of the respondents choose KFC to get taste. 2. The majority of the participants are browsing KFC monthly. * Almost all of the respondentsprefer rooster in APPLEBEES. * The majority of the respondents are went APPLEBEES with friends and collegeous. * Almost all of the respondents will be feel that lies on a main road. * The majority of the respondents happen to be feelingthe selling price in APPLEBEES is very high-priced. * Almost all of the respondents feel the quantity given by them is sufficient for their needs 5. The majority of the respondents are pleased about client services in KFC. Almost all of the respondents feelthe hygiene top quality in KFC is common. * Almost all of the respondents go through the KFC food is good. * The majority of the respondents feel the KFC focus its image towards students. * The majority of the participants feel that category added to KFC food started to be healthier is vegetables/fruits. 5. The majority of the participants feel the dairy/proteins added to current KFC food is very little. * Most of the respondents feel the packaging of food products in KFC is safe. Suggestions: On the basis of the result of the study and dental discussions organised with the customers, the following ideas are made.

APPLEBEES is one of the rising chicken eating places which is in a maximum in our city but not each of the income group people to afford it, numerous fell that the price of the varieties in KFC is incredibly high, which in turn if reduced can be provided also by middle plus the lower income group people. APPLEBEES is getting a good name and fame across the world but a very familiar problem that is growing even now is that, they think that the quantity my spouse and i. e, this article of the dish is very fewer, it would be better if they provide with a little even more quantity exact same rate.

There has also been since issue that, it will be better if the KFC restaurant can begin with residence delivery which is very useful specially for kids as well as the old age people. KFC can look forward in opening various retail outlets in feasible areas so that everyone in and around the town can enjoy the ‘its finger licking good’. APPLEBEES is only offering with poultry, which is a junk food. Thegeneration today arefacing a lot of health risks, so it can be better in the event that they also give health and hygienic food so that this will this will also be a good source of profit as well as a very good name. to can also increase all of the dishes to attract the customers. Bottom line: From the analyze it is very clear that, online marketing an upcoming concept in India has adopted its place which can be conveniently studied coming from KFC the industry niche market. KFC has a great product in terms of chicken items are concerned. Nonetheless they have to boost other varieties to attract customers. And they must target the children, and one more aspect intended for KFC is the fact it must as well reduce all their prices to compete their particular competitors just like McDonald, Dominos and Lasagna Hut. The consumer continues to have many choices with regards to fast food eating places.

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