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string(86) ‘ Level 1 Cache and simultaneously rites the update to Level a couple of Cache, it truly is called: a\. ‘

Final Test ” CNIT 17600 ” Summer 2011 Name: _______________________________ Multiple Choice (1 stage each) 1 . Which from the following may be the technological advancement(s) that allowed the next generation of computing to begin with? a. Cleaner Tubes , Alternating Current Electricity Systems n.

Transistors , Alternating Current Electricity Systems c. Transistors , Direct Current Electrical power Systems d. Integrated Circuits , VLSI e. Probably none of the Over 2 . Inside the model of modern day computing devices, applications that end uses directly connect to are located at which level? a. Level zero ” Digital Logic w. Level one particular ” Control. Level three or more ” Program Software g. Level a few ” High-Level Language electronic. Level 6 ” End user 3. Inside the model of modern day computing devices, the physical circuits and gates that actually perform the essential operations the pc are located at which level? a. Level 0 ” Digital Logic w. Level you ” Control c. Level 3 ” System Software program d. Level 5 ” High-Level Dialect e. Level 6 ” User some. Which from the following aspects of the central processing device is responsible for retrieving instructions and then translating all those instructions in executable operation codes and operands? a. Arithmetic Common sense Unit m.

Control Unit c. Registers d. Program Counter e. None of them with the Above a few. Which from the following is currently the most popular file format for addressing signed amounts in computing systems? a. Signed Size b. Your Complement c. Two’s Match d. Nine’s Complement e. non-e in the Above six. The unsigned 8-bit binary value of 10410 can be: a. 1101000 b. 01101000 c. 11010000 d. 10010111 e. None of the over 7. The signed size 8-bit binary value of 10410 is definitely: a. 1101000 b. 01101000 c. 11010000 d. 10010111 e. None of the above 8. What is the value of the two’s complement binary quantity 10011001?. 153 b. -153 c. -102 d. ciento tres e. non-e of the Previously mentioned 9. Which usually of the pursuing character requirements is the foreign standard intended for representing info? a. EBCDIC b. ASCII c. BCD d. Unicode e. All of the Above Inputs x con 00 01 10 eleven Output f() 0 zero 0 1 Figure one particular , Boolean Logic Fact Table 15. Which of the following Boolean operators describes the truth table described in Figure 1? a. OR PERHAPS b. AND c. NAND d. XNOR e. XOR Inputs back button y 00 01 15 11 Result f() zero 1 one particular 0 Determine 2 , Boolean Logic Truth Stand 11. Which will of the subsequent Boolean workers defines the facts table referred to in Determine 2? a. OR. AND c. NAND d. XNOR e. XOR Inputs times y 00 01 twelve 11 End result f() 1 1 you 0 Number 3 , Boolean Reasoning Truth Table 12. Which of the following Boolean employees defines the fact table described in Figure 3? a. OR m. AND c. NAND d. XNOR electronic. XOR times A y B C D Number 4 , Digital Decoder Circuit 13. Using Physique 4, which in turn output will be set to may well 1 when the inputs are x=1 and y=1. a. A m. B c. C d. D at the. All of the Over 14. Which usually of the next is a PROCESSOR Instruction Type? a. Info Movement b. Arithmetic Procedure c. I/O Instruction d. Boolean Logic Instruction e. All of the Above 15.

Which usually of the following is an enhancement towards the von Neumann architecture to enhance the obvious speed of any CPU? a. Resource Disputes b. Framework Hazards c. Data Dependencies d. Pipelining e. non-e of the Above 16. Which in turn of the following CPU elements is responsible for modifying the normal circulation of procedure execution? a. Accumulator m. General Purpose Registers c. ALU d. Control Unit electronic. None from the Above seventeen. Which from the following describes the process with which the least significant bits of the address determine which memory bank the data will be placed? a. Low-Order Interleaving m. High-Order Interleaving. Byte Interleaving d. Phrase Interleaving at the. Nibble Interleaving 18. Which will of the pursuing is typically applied using capacitors for storage area of pieces? a. RAM MEMORY b. MASS c. SRAM d. ROM e. All of the above nineteen. Which from the following is normally implemented applying D flip flops for safe-keeping of bits? a. MEMORY b. DRAM c. SRAM d. RANGE OF MOTION e. All of the above 20. Which with the following types of recollection is top in the memory space hierarchy discussed in class? a. Main Memory m. L1 Refuge c. L2 Cache m. SSD electronic. non-e in the Above 21 years old. Which with the following types of recollection is top in the recollection hierarchy mentioned in class?. Working memory b. L3 Cache c. L2 Éclipse d. Subscribes e. Not one of the Over 22. A CPU will usually check which will of the next memory locations first to find data not really currently within registers? a. L1 Éclipse b. Working memory c. Secondary Storage d. The CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT randomly chooses which recollection location to check on first at the. Not one in the Above twenty three. When a expected data item is available in specific level of the memory structure when the PROCESSOR searches for that, it is known as: a. Hit b. Strike c. Miss d. Webpage Fault e. non-e with the Above twenty-four. A Direct Planned Cache system that has 18 blocks of main memory and 4 prevents of cache.

If memory block 13 is in house in disparition, which of the following memory blocks is likewise in disparition? a. 9 b. 12 c. a few d. 12-15 e. Each of the Above 25. Which from the following attempts to be the most efficient use of limited cache solutions? a. Direct Mapped m. Fully Associative Mapped c. Set Associative Mapped d. Indirect Planned e. Not one of the Over 26. If a block of memory needs to be removed from the existing level of memory space hierarchy it can be referred to as the: a. Filthy Block w. Block to get Removed c. Expendable Obstruct d. Sufferer Block e. None of them in the Above twenty seven. When a obstruct of data is written to in Level 1 Refuge and simultaneously rites the update to Level a couple of Cache, it really is called: a.

You go through ‘Cnit 176 Final Exam’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Write-Back n. Write-Through c. Write-Around d. Copyback e. non-e with the Above twenty eight. A hard drive is typically seen using which of the pursuing? a. DMA , Character I/O n. DMA , Block I/O c. Funnel , Persona I/O g. Interrupt , Block I/O e. Not one of the Over 29. Precisely what is the smallest unit of data which can be retrieved from a hard disk and provided for main memory? a. Zone b. Byte c. Track m. Block electronic. All of the Above 30. The RAID procedure by which consecutive blocks of information are created across diverse physical hard disks is called: a. Mirroring w. Parity c.

Slotting deb. Striping electronic. None with the Above thirty-one. The REZZOU process by which exact replications of hindrances of data are written across different physical disks is named: a. Reflecting b. Parity c. Slotting d. Striping e. non-e of the Over 32. Precisely what is the term that describes when the CPU stops executing one process ahead of all necessary instructions are complete then begin doing another method? a. Timesharing b. SPOOLing c. Group Processing d. Context Switch e. Not one of the Above 33. An additional term for multiprogramming is definitely: a. Multispooled b. Multiprocessor c. Complicated State Transitioning d. Multithreaded e.

Not one of the Above 34. Which from the following is responsible for providing the foundational conversation with the program devices intended for input and output? a. CMOS w. DOS c. BIOS deb. CPU electronic. non-e from the Above 35. The exceptional, reserved sector on a hard drive that shops the information to bootstrap the operating system is known as the _______? a. CMOS b. DOS c. Grasp Boot Record d. BIOS e. None of the Previously mentioned 36. Which will of the following programming ‘languages’ requires the largest number of CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT instructions to execute a sole program control? a. initial Generation Languages b. second Generation ‘languages’ c. third Generation Dialects. 4th Era Languages elizabeth. 5th Technology Languages 37. An operating system is among the most popular type of: a. GUI b. Nucleus c. System Software deb. Tightly Combined Multiprocessor at the. non-e in the Above 32. Which of the following OPERATING SYSTEM components is usually directly in charge of interaction while using system equipment? a. Command word Line n. Applications c. Service Part d. Kernel e. None of them of the Over 39. Which of the next OS elements is directly responsible for finalizing and answering text-based suggestions from a user? a. Command Layer m. Applications c. Service Layer d. Kernel e. None of the Previously mentioned 40.

What is the technology that generally replaced text-driven, command-based interaction with the os? a. BIOS b. 2 c. GUI d. Program Software e. Not one of the Above forty one. Which from the following identifies the average benefits that contemplate the expected frequency of occurrence of possible final results? a. Arithmetic Mean m. Weighted Arithmetic Mean c. Central Tendency Theorem deb. Trigonometric Indicate e. None of the Previously mentioned 42. Which in turn of the pursuing is the most common network buildings today? a. Ring w. Star c. Bus d. Mesh e. Not one with the Above 43. The network used today that is the mixture of DARPANet and NSFNet is named: a.

Supernet b. Net c. CombiNet d. SkyNet e. None of the Previously mentioned 44. Which of the pursuing models is the de facto standard pertaining to current network communications? a. OSI w. SNA c. TCP/IP deb. DEC e. Not one of the Above 45. What is the most widely used internetwork layer addressing protocol around the Internet? a. IPv4 w. IPv6 c. TCPv4 deb. TCPv6 elizabeth. non-e of the Above 46. Which with the following network devices sectors a single network into multiple parts (4 or more) and uses Layer a couple of (Data Website link Layer) tackles to determine when a frame must be forwarded to a different segment? a. Repeater w. Hub c.

Bridge g. Switch electronic. Router forty seven. Which from the following groups is responsible for drafting and approving updates to TCP/IP protocols? a. W3C ” Internet Consortium w. IEEE ” Institute of Electrical and Electronics Technical engineers c. IETF ” Net Engineering Job Force deb. ACM ” Association of Computer Machinery e. ISO ” International Standards Corporation 48. Which of the next groups is liable for drafting and approving Ethernet standards? a. W3C ” World Wide Web Range b. IEEE ” Commence of Power and Gadgets Engineers c. IETF ” Internet Executive Task Force. ACM ” Association of Computer Machinery e. ISO ” International Standards Business 49. Which of the next transmission press are almost invulnerable to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference? a. Coaxial Cable television b. Unshielded Twisted Set Cable c. Radio Frequencies deb. Fiber Optics e. All of the Above 55. An IP address and TCP port amount form a(n) ________. a. URL w. Socket c. Connection Identifier d. All the Above elizabeth. None of the Above 51. A(n) _____ contains a protocol, Internet host, port, and useful resource path? a. Uniform Source Address n. Uniform Reference List c.

Uniform Reference Allocation d. Uniform Reference Location electronic. All of the Above 52. When multiple components are part of a single reasonable grouping, it can appropriate to work with the ____ selector to them pertaining to formatting. a. Class n. ID c. Child m. Type at the. Probably none of the Above 53. An element comprises of ____________? a. Opening and Closing Tags b. Attributes c. Starting Tag, Closing Tag, and Attributes g. Opening Marking, Closing Indicate, and Optionally available Content e. Probably none with the Above fifty four. When using the CSS box style, content is configured with all the following CSS declaration obstruct. How wide, in pxs, is the resulting box? idth: 250px, extra padding: 10px, line: 5px sound black, perimeter: 5px, a. 250 w. 280 c. 290 g. 300 electronic. Probably none with the Above fifty-five. Referencing an external CSS file uses the ____ element. a. href b. link c. compar d. type e. Not one of the Over 56. Style follows a strict buy of priority to resolve clashes. The buy of priority, from maximum priority to lowest priority is ____. a. Interior, Inline, Exterior, Browser Standard b. Inline, External, Internal, Browser Standard c. Inline, Internal, External, Browser Default d. Web browser Default, Exterior, Internal, In-line e. non-e of the Over 57.

In HTML, which will character is employed to indicate a closing marking? a. * b. % c. deb. / e. Not one with the Above fifty eight. The indicate is similar in formatting to ____. a. Italic n. Bold c. Underline deb. Heading one particular e. None of the Over 59. The tag is similar in formatting to ____. a. Italic b. Strong c. Underline d. Going 1 e. non-e with the Above 62. Which of the following is definitely NOT valid XHTML? a. b. c. d. e. All of the Above are valid XHTML sixty one. What amount of XHTML affirmation eliminates support for the element? a. XHTML 1 . 0 Introductory b. XHTML 1 . 0 Frameset c. XHTML 1 ) 0 Transition d. XHTML 1 . zero Strict. non-e of the Previously mentioned 62. The model that is dynamically created by the browser every time a website is loaded that defines the structure of each element and object on the page is called _________ a. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION , Framework of Components Model n. EOM ” Element Subject Model c. PSM ” Page Structure Model deb. DOM ” Document Object Model electronic. non-e from the Above 63. An XML document MUST begin with which usually of the subsequent? a. w. c. b color: green What color is text? a. Red b. Blue c. Green deb. Browser Arrears e. None of the Previously mentioned 69. Using the following markup, what color will the phrase “color end up being?, b color: blue What color is this text message? a. Reddish b. Blue c. Green d. Browser Default elizabeth. Probably none of the Above seventy. Which from the following is definitely the preferred method of formatting and displaying XML content as a webpage? a. A web browser will render XML automatically b. CSS c. XSLT d. XML modifiers electronic. non-e with the Above Corresponding (1 level each) 71. Can be embedded or exterior a. CODE 72. Requires the use of a possibly strict, transition, or frameset DTD 73. Provides the composition of a internet document seventy four. Enables info portability n. XHTML c. CSS d. XML elizabeth. XSLT seventy five. Translates XML into HTML or other usable output

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