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string(72) ‘ set of laptop programs that helps a person carry out a job is ____\. ‘

1: Personal computers and Digital Basics TRUE/FALSE 3. Fb and Tweets are examples of social networking choices. F six.

An operating system is an example of software software. Farrenheit 7. Due to increased adaptability, a videogame console is now considered your own computer. farrenheit 8. The goal of a hardware is to serve computers on the network. To 9. In the binary quantity system, a couple of is used to represent the value 2 . F 10. The number on the lookout for can be considered a character. T 14. Because many digital gadgets are electric, bytes take those form of electric pulses. F 13.

A compiler like the one shown in the accompanying figure converts every statements within a program to machine language in a single batch. T 16. An interpreter converts and executes 1 statement at any given time. T 12-15. The operative code identifies the data. Farrenheit 16. The operand is actually a command term for an operation. F 18. All computer systems are circumstance sensitive. N 18. Trojans are computer system programs that seem to conduct one function while basically doing something else. T 19. To assure you are able to remember the password it is a good idea to base this on data you can easily remember such as your birthday. N 20.

It is best to use a distinct password for each account. Farreneheit MODIFIED TRUE/FALSE

If False, change the underlined work for making it The case!

1 . Digital technology has made this easy to produce copies of music without having loss of top quality from the first. _________________________

2 . Free source projects encourage copying, cost-free distribution, expert review, and user adjustments. Open

three or more. An area where data may be left over a permanent basis is storage. storage

5. The group of instructions that tells a pc how to execute processing duties is a laptop program. _________________________ 5. Minicomputers were intended for small businesses. ________________________

6. A(n) supercomputer is known as a large and expensive laptop capable of simultaneously finalizing data intended for hundreds or thousands of users. mainframe

7. The word server can refer to a mix of hardware and software. _________________________

8. A(n) mainframe focuses primarily on compute-intensive concerns. supercomputer

being unfaithful. A light switch is like a(n) analog gadget. digital

twelve. DIPs and PGAs are both shapes of bundled circuits. _________________________

11. The results of statements which were compiled are object code. _________________________

12. A set of equipment language instructions for a program is called resource code. equipment 13. The ALU uses registers to keep data that is certainly being refined. _________________________

18. A(n) keylogger is a form of malicious code. _________________________

15. A(n) account manager stores end user IDs with their corresponding accounts and immediately fills in login varieties. password


1 . Digital electronics use electronic ____ to represent data. a. circuits c. transistors m. switches deb. components

installment payments on your Key factors in making gadgets increasingly smaller and less expensive include ____.. transistors c. both a and w b. integrated circuits g. neither a nor n

3. The first digital computers were built during World War II to get ____. a. census taking c. conversation b. code breaking deb. troop position

4. Primarily sales had been slow to get the personal computer because of ____. a. selling price c. insufficient software w. size deb. lack of availableness

5. In 1982, the percentage of households that had a computer system was less than ____ percent. a. 10 c. 60 b. 31 d. 70

6. A worldwide computer network originally designed as a army project is definitely the ____. a. World Wide Web c. Wide-area network b. Internet d. Local-area network

several. ____ let members to post comments and questions that can be read and responded to simply by others. a. E-mail data c. Chat groups w. Bulletin planks d. Social networks

8. ____ are wherever people exchange typed text messages in real time. a. E-mail data c. Talk groups w. Bulletin boards d. Online networks

9. ____ provide a space for reaching friends or friends of people friends. a. E-mail data c. Talk groups b. Bulletin panels d. Online networks

10. A team of computers connected by born or cellular technology is a(n) ____. a. network c. the online world. Web m. Internet

eleven. The ____ is a number of linked files, graphics, and sounds. a. network c. cyberspace m. Web d. Internet

12. ____ is actually a term that refers to agencies that exist largely within computer system networks. a. Web c. WWW m. Internet g. Cyberspace

13. ____ may be the process of converting text, numbers, sound, images, and video into info that can be refined by digital devices. a. Digitization c. Scanning n. Digital change d. Rasterization

14. Technology ____ can be described as process through which several different technology with distinctive functionality develop to form a single product. a. volution c. affluence b. rotation d. diversity

15. Much more than ____ percent of cams sold today are digital. a. 80 c. 90 b. eighty-five d. 99

16. Digital imaging has already established an effect inside the following areas: ____. a. medicine c. photo digesting b. online video d. each of the above

17. ____ tools cloak an individual’s identity on the net. a. Anonymizer c. IDENTITY free m. Free ID d. Cloaking

18. A pc is a multiple purpose gadget that can perform all of the pursuing EXCEPT ____. a. retail outlet data c. accept insight b. process data d. think on their own

19. In a computer, many processing takes place in ____. a. storage c. he CPU n. RAM m. the hauptplatine

20. An electronic component which can be programmed to do tasks is a ____. a. CPU c. transistor w. microprocessor d. probably none of the above

21. A known as collection of info that is present on a storage space medium is recognized as (a) ____. a. memory space c. document name n. file g. non-e in the above

twenty two. An area of your computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be refined is ____. a. PROCESSOR c. storage b. recollection d. folders

23. Some computer programs that helps a person execute a task is ____.

You read ‘Computers and Digital Basics’ in category ‘Essay examples’ a. an operating system c. application software program b. system software m. Windows

twenty-four. A set of computer programs in order to a computer monitor itself and performance more efficiently is ____. a. a software suite c. program software b. system software d. finalizing software

25. The grasp controller for all those activities that take place in a computer can be ____. a. application application c. the operating system w. system software d. the CPU twenty six. A(n) ____ is a microprocessor-based computing system designed to meet the computing needs of an specific. a. pc c. ALUMINE b. mainframe d. hardware

27. A typical personal computer that is certainly connected to a network is a ____. a. mainframe c. server. workstation d. gaming console

28. An effective desktop computer used for high-performance duties is a ____. a. mainframe c. server b. workstation d. console

29. A compute-intensive problem runs on a ____. a. server c. supercomputer m. mainframe deb. super PC

30. Info becomes ____ when it is provided in a structure that people can understand and use. a. information c. graphs b. processed deb. presentation

thirty-one. The type of data where text message, numbers, images, sound, and video have already been converted into under the radar digits since represented inside the accompanying determine is ____. a. details c. digital b. analog d. non-e of the previously mentioned

32. The type of data that is certainly represented applying an unlimited scale of values since represented in the accompanying physique is ____. a. info c. digital b. analog d. none of them of the over

33. The binary quantity 10 signifies ____ inside the decimal quantity system. a. 1 c. 10 m. 2 d. 100

34. The type of code that uses only seven bits for every character can be ____. a. ASCII c. EBCDIC n. Extended ASCII d. all of the above

35. The type of code that uses eight portions for each figure is ____. a. ASCII c. EBCDIC b. Prolonged ASCII d. all of the over

36. Digital devices may use ____ being a code to represent character data.. ASCII c. EBCDIC n. Extended ASCII d. all the above

thirty seven. You might represent ____ employing character rules. a. color dots c. Social Security numbers m. bank balances d. none of them of the previously mentioned

38. Info transmission rates are typically expressed as ____. a. bits c. hertz b. octet d. non-e of the above

39. Storage area is typically expressed as ____. a. portions c. hertz b. bytes d. none of them of the previously mentioned

40. 1, 024 octet is a ____. a. terme conseillé c. gigabyte b. megabyte d. tb

41. you, 048, 576 bytes is actually a ____. a. kilobyte c. gigabyte n. megabyte deb. terabyte

40. 1, 073, 741, 824 bytes can be described as ____. a. kilobyte c. igabyte b. megabyte d. terabyte

43. A super-thin slice of semiconducting materials packed with incredibly tiny circuit components is a(n) ____. a. integrated circuit c. microchip b. computer chip g. all of the previously mentioned

44. The accompanying figure represents two sorts of processor chip carriers. Normally the one on the left is a ____. a. PGA c. PID w. DIP d. GAP

45. The accompanying figure represents two types of chip companies. The one within the right is a ____. a. PGA c. PID w. DIP deb. GAP

46. The ____ houses every essential poker chips and provides attaching circuitry between them. a. program board c. circuit board b. ousing board m. chip board

47. C, BASIC, COBOL, and Java are samples of ____ coding languages. a. low-level c. system w. computer g. high-level

forty eight. The human-readable version of your program is known as ____. a. source code c. human being code b. program code d. program code

forty-nine. A(n) ____ converts all the statements in a program in an individual batch as well as the resulting number of instructions is put in a new file. a. compiler c. converter b. interpreter m. instruction

55. A(n) ____ converts and executes 1 statement each time. a. compiler c. ripping tools b. interpreter d. teaching

51. An accumulation preprogrammed activities such as addition, subtraction, keeping track of and comparability is called a(n) ____. a. compiler code c. machine code n. interpreter code d. teaching set

52. ____, since shown in the accompanying figure can be straight executed by processors’s circuitry. a. Machine sets c. Programming dialect b. Equipment language g. none of them in the above

53. The ____ is a control word to get an operation including add, evaluate, or bounce. a. op code c. ALU w. operand d. instruction code

54. The ____ coming from an instructions specifies the info. a. operative code c. ALU w. operand g. instruction code

55. The ____ is the part of the microprocessor that works arithmetic functions, as shown in the enclosed figure. a. instruction pointer c. ALUMINE b. RAM MEMORY d. control unit

56. As proven in the associating figure, the ____ fetches each instruction. a. MEMORY c. ALU b. training pointer d. control product

57. The accompanying figure represents the instruction circuit. The first step is usually Box A and represents the ____. a. fetch training c. implement instruction n. interpret training d. increment pointer

fifty eight. The associated figure symbolizes the instruction cycle. The second step is definitely Box M and represents the ____. a. etch training c. execute instruction n. interpret instructions d. increment pointer

59. The accompanying figure presents the instruction cycle. Another step is definitely Box C and represents the ____. a. fetch instruction c. do instruction b. interpret teaching d. increase pointer

60. The associating figure symbolizes the instruction cycle. Your fourth step is Box Deb and represents the ____. a. fetch instructions c. do instruction b. interpret teaching d. increase pointer

61. In terms of a great authentication process, the phrase ‘something a person knows’ refers to ____. a. a password c. biometrics b. n IDENTIFICATION card d. none in the above

sixty two. A ____ is a series of characters that becomes a individual’s unique identifier. a. FLAG code c. user IDENTITY b. pass word d. all of the above

63. In terms of an authentication protocol, the key phrase ‘something a person possesses’ could make reference to ____. a. a password c. biometrics b. a great ID credit card d. none of the over

64. In terms of an authentication protocol, the phrase ‘something a person is’ identifies a(n) ____. a. password c. biometric device b. ID cards d. probably none of the over

65. A problem a hacker can cause following breaking into your computer include(s) ____. a. making an application for credit in the name c. pply to get a mortgage making use of your data w. sending embarrassing e-mails m. all of the over

66. A term which will refer to a person who manipulates computer systems with malicious intent can be described as ____. a. black hat c. hacker m. cracker d. all of the previously mentioned

67. A ____ harm uses password-cracking software. a. brute push c. scam b. sniffing d. cracker

68. ____ intercepts information sent above computer sites. a. Brute force c. Phishing w. Sniffing g. Cracking

69. A hacker posing as a legitimate representative of an official organization such as the bank can be an example of ____. a. incredible force c. phishing m. sniffing g. cracking

seventy. Password administration functions include all of the next EXCEPT ____. a. creating passwords c. providing password strength b. tracking passwords d. recording keystrokes Case-Based Critical Considering Questions Case 1-1 Karen is trying to get arranged and one of her concerns is that your woman doesn’t really know what kind of equipment correspond to her needs.

71. Karen needs an appointment publication and is considering one that is digital. Just for this one tool, she would not want the unit to do anything apart from maintain her calendar. You suggest she consider a ____. a. PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT c. hand held computer n. smart phone m. BlackBerry

seventy two. After you and Karen discuss a little longer, she recognizes that your woman might need a device that moreover to her session book may have features including e-mail, World wide web access, a built-in camera, and GPS NAVIGATION. You advise she consider a(n) ____. a. ipod device c. portable computer b. regular PDA d. PROCESSOR

73. If Karen were looking for a device that in addition to voice marketing and sales communications, offers total qwerty keypad, text messaging, email, Web access, removable storage, camera, Radio, digital music player, and software options intended for games, monetary management, personal organizer, GPS DEVICE and roadmaps, she may possibly consider a(n) ____. a. regular PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT c. andheld computer w. smart phone m. iPod Case-Based Critical Pondering Questions Case 1-2 Robert and Andre are discussing how quickly technology changes. They are discussing how it seems equipment are merging to create new releases especially in the technology field. That they understand this is a process known as convergence.

seventy four. An example of a classic form of affluence is a ____. a. time radio c. television m. cell phone deb. microwave oven

seventy five. A great sort of convergence in modern technology is ____. a. clock the airwaves c. tv b. cellular phones d. HD-TV

76. A barrier for the rapid deployment of many goods resulting from affluence is ____.. rare technology breakthroughs c. people not necessarily ready b. legal issues d. both b and c Case-Based Essential Thinking Inquiries Case 1-3 Jim just purchased a fresh computer and it has built him consider how it works. He is particularly interested in how information can be processed and stored in his pc. He is at a you intended for help.

seventy seven. Jim would like to know how come a compiler converts almost all statements within a program at one time and locations them in to an object code. You simply tell him it is so that ____. a. the code is ready to implement b. you may prevent the intro of new mistakes c. you are able to put it on a chip g. one of the previously mentioned

78. John knows that a collection of preprogrammed activities is an instruction established. He really wants to know what a great instruction collection is designed to perform. You let him know it is made to ____. a. carry out a specific task b. allow programmers to use all of them in innovative ways to get multiple jobs c. limit the number of tasks the computer is able to do d. permit the program to run on multiple machines

seventy nine. Jim really wants to know what machine language guidelines look like to the machine. You tell him they look as ____. a. a great op code and operand c. fundamental instructions, just like add m. a series of 0s and 1s d. ll of the above

80. The moment adding two numbers, Jim knows that every number is certainly going into its own register and the control unit provides the recommendations such as put. He wants to know the place that the result of the add should go. You let him know it goes to ____. a. the ALU c. the accumulator w. another signup d. the printer


1 . An ongoing process of social, political, and economic transform brought about by technology is the digital revolution.

installment payments on your At the consumer level, essentially the most significant push driving research into fast computers and even more sophisticated images processing is usually computer game playing.

3. The downside of convergence is top quality.

4. The expectation which a person’s information will not be collected or divulged without permission is confidentiality.

5. The ownership of certain types of information, ideas, or representations is perceptive property.

6th. Worldwide financial interdependence of countries that occurs because cross-border trade increases and as money goes more readily among countries is the positive effect.

7. A term that refers to the gap among people who have entry to technology and people who do not is the digital divide.

almost eight. Symbols that represent facts, objects, and ideas are info.

9. The manipulation of data is called finalizing.

10. The idea that a group of instructions to get a computing process can be loaded into storage is called a stored system.

11. Virtually any software or perhaps digital device that requests data via a storage space is referred to as a(n) client.

doze. The type of computer that is considered one of the speediest in the world is definitely a(n) supercomputer.

13. A special-purpose processor that is constructed into the machine that controls is definitely a(n) microcontroller.

14. The term that refers to the form through which data is stored, highly processed, and sent is data representation.

15. In the associated figure, the kind of sound influx indicated with a is analog.

16. Inside the accompanying physique, as mentioned by B, the sound trend has been chopped up into selections and so has become digitized.

18. Eight portions is a(n) byte.

18. A equipment language teaching has two parts, the op code and the operand.

19. Discovering a person by personal attributes such as fingerprints or retinal patterns is called biometrics.

20. Hackers can suppose your pass word by walking through a dictionary. This process is referred to as a dictionary attack.

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