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Parental influence and celebrity effect essay

Parents and celebrities are looked upon currently as idols, while teenagers decide who also they want to consider as position models, the simple fact remains that both superstars and parents are very similar in some aspires and different in others. A few argue that mom and dad are in favor of effect on kids others believe they not necessarily and that famous people are the ones who impact teenagers the most. This young age is very crucial for kids; is actually when they are damaged the most by people they look up to plus the footsteps they follow.

Young adults are exposed to a wide variety of kinds of tradition and way of living every day it makes it hard for them to determine who they want to set as an idol.

Teenagers usually look up to superstars for style and style. They try to copy the look of a specific celeb to gain acceptance amongst their friends which in most cases is all what matters for some teenagers.

Nevertheless it is almost impossible to copy a celebrity in everything besides their “look”. These famous people strongly effect those young men to the point where teenagers start looking to the celebrities’ life-style and career. They program their foreseeable future accordingly and think about how they may achieve what a specific celeb achieved. Not keeping in mind that it may not be what their parents thought of for them.

Father and mother on the other hand also have a major role in their kids’ lifestyle. They make an effort to make their children grow the right way however method they decide. Some teenagers only admire their parents because they believe that what ever their father and mother do has to be the right point and no one particular else can do it better than these people. Thought parents’ ways can be extremely different from society and other youngsters around them, it may still be what’s best for their kids. Similarly other parents think that celebrities can be a negative influence on youngsters therefore they will ban their kids from viewing television or reading magazines fearing that their particular young ones may possibly stumble upon a subject or a one who may seem very appealing to them that they attempt to copy their appears and gradually turn out to be their role style.

The main issue with influence in teenagers is that the moment they may be exposed to the earth, everything their very own parents informed them is unique than what they see. They become witnesses to new types of lifestyle and meet new people with different interests. Mostly they are encountered with celebrities. This causes the teenagers to look after the superstars as totally new characters which can be attractive to look at. This isn’t the teenager’s mistake because that may be just the approach kids increase up. That they see a thing that is appealing and they try to replicate or perhaps emulate that. What parents fear the most is that their kids stick to the steps of the wrong movie star which leads these to take disciplinary action against their kids.


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