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The effect of recent technology around the social

In the 21st century, Modern tools played a very important role inside the lives of folks especially with the youth. Nowadays, according for some research, registrants of this generation are one of the main users with the inventions made by great minds by using modern technology. Most of the students depended all their performs may it be relevant to school or not to this kind of technology and thus they forgot to do issues in their individual way and using their very own thinking and in addition they even permit themselves always be manipulated by simply all the comfort the new technology brings them.

The analysts decided to carry out the study to determine the effects just like its benefits and drawbacks this issue may create for the social life-style of the kids nowadays.

The researchers should also identify elements that lead to the youth’s unrestrainable addiction to modern tools and its magic. Statement from the Problem This study hopes to identify the effects as well as the pros and cons of modern technology to the social well-being of youth in accordance to the use of devices as instrument that helped in showing signs of damage their cultural lifestyle.

Specifically this study aims to: 1 . Identify the effects of Modern Technology a. Advantages to the Youth’s Social Lifestyle b. Disadvantages to the Youth’s Social Life-style 2 . Enumerate factors that caused the Addiction to Modern Technology Significance of the Study Filipino teenagers have become fond of applying gadgets.

Mobile phones here, ipad device there, devices everywhere. They will don’t know that excessive usage of these modern day technologies decreases their capability to socialize with other people or other teens. It is very important to conduct research to let the youth know about the effects of modern tools specifically prove social lifestyle and its potential effect to manipulate their way of living.

It will be sure to let them realize that they have to control or limit the utilization of these things as to prevent further more bad effects that might occur to them. Declaration of the Issue The study will be conducted within the school grounds as the students who were involved with the issue were commonly identified inside the location. The students will probably be given forms and follow-up questions for the analysts to obtain the outcomes needed for the study. The research workers needed 100 respondents to have possible results from the study done.


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