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Persona assessment composition

Persona is the group of emotional qualities and ways of behaving which makes a person different from other folks, (Merriam-Webster, 2014). My character is something that I have got since birth. It identifies who My spouse and i am and just how others view me. Some people have amazing personalities and some prefer to home or consist of quiet locations. I have always been a person that enjoys seclusion. After taking the Jung Typology Evaluation, I now understand my individuality. This evaluation has allowed me to to establish my advantages as well as my weaknesses which will help me inside my academic job.

My personality type is INTJ. I are 78% introvert, 25% intuitive, 12% considering, and 56% judging, (www.humanmetrics.com, 2011). I found the test being accurate and agreed together with the results. Introverts are perfectionists that have if you are an00 of assurance. Most introverts are rational thinkers that open their minds to all choices. “INTJs will be ideal persons. They think anything at all is possible and everything can be negotiable, (www.

humanmetrics. com, 2011). We possess this kind of introvert quality. I believe that there are always exclusions to guidelines. As a student, the introvert trait can be very useful to me. I like to become isolated coming from noise, which means this can be helpful pertaining to reading study course materials and studying. I could use my introvert’s problem solving skills to work through difficult tasks. Being an introvert also allows me to use my own vivid imagination. This can be helpful when writing papers and doing tasks. “Students are expected to operate groups in traditional classes and the ones that prefer to operate alone are viewed as outliners or a problem, (Cain, 2012). Since an online college student my introvert trait enables me to focus on my studies because I can work by itself in my comfort zone.

In addition to being a great introvert, quality revealed that another highest trait I have got is judging. Judging can be quite beneficial to my academic success. This feature will allow me to make very good decisions and maintain me organized. “INTJs will be perfectionists which has a seemingly limitless capacity for improving upon anything that will take there hobbies, (www.humanetrics. com, 2011). Like a perfectionist will help me like a student. Perfectionism will

help me complete assignments which contain quality information.

My third highest characteristic is being intuitive. Being user-friendly can be challenging for me being a student. Most of the people that have the intuitive feature hate the normal day to day program. I are one of those persons. I like to always be challenged in new ways frequently. Because I am attending school online, this will allow me to be versatile with my personal schedule and alter things up just a little.

Overall, My spouse and i agreed with the results from the Jung Typology Test. That gave me an explanation of how come I do the things which I do. My personal introvert characteristic allows me to to have regular communication with my own thoughts and feelings which helps myself to explore with my imagination. My judging trait allows me help to make logical decisions. My intuitive trait allows me to organize for the future. This really is who We am and I wear the INTJ marker proudly.


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