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The audiolingual methods composition

It is based upon the strength view of language as well as the behaviorist theory of learning. The audiolingual approach to terminology teaching has a lot of commonalities with the immediate method. Both equally were regarded as a reaction against the shortcomings from the Grammar Translation method, the two reject the use of the mother tongue and both pressure that speaking and being attentive competences forwent reading and writing competences. But additionally, there are some distinctions. The immediate method pointed out the instructing of terminology while the audiolingual approach concentrate on grammar exercises


The structural view to dialect is the watch behind the audio-lingual approach.

This approach centered on examining how the elements of vocabulary related to each other in the present, that is, ‘synchronically’ instead of ‘diachronically’. It had been also argued that linguistic signs had been composed of two parts, a signifier (thesound pattern of any word) and a signified (the idea or that means of the word). The study of vocabulary aims at explaining the overall performance, the”parole since it is the only visible part of terminology.


Behaviorism is a viewpoint of mindset based on the proposition that every things which in turn organisms do ” which include acting, pondering and feeling”can and should be regarded as actions. It disagrees that bending occurs through associations, habit formation and reinforcement. When the learner produces the desired patterns and is strengthened positively, most likely behavior end up being emitted once again.

The Audiolingual method

The purpose of the audiolingual method is correct pronunciation and grammar, the cabability to respond quickly and effectively in talk situations and knowledge of adequate vocabulary to use with grammar patterns. Particular emphasis was laid upon mastering the inspiration of vocabulary and learning the rules pertaining to combining them. It was thought that learning structure, or grammar was your starting point pertaining to the student. Here are a few characteristics of the method:

¢ language learning is habit-formation, ¢ mistakes are bad and really should be avoided, as they are considered less than comfortable habits, ¢ english language proficiency are discovered more effectively if they are presented orally first, then in drafted form, ¢ analogy is known as a better groundwork for language learning than analysis, ¢ the meanings of words could be learned just in a linguistic and social context. The main activities consist of reading aloud dialogues, practice of version sentences, and drilling.

Crucial structures from the dialogue serve as the basis to get pattern drills of different sorts. Lessons in the classroom focus on the best imitation from the teacher by students. Not only are the learners expected to produce the correct outcome, but interest is also paid out to correct pronunciation. Although correct grammar can be expected in usage, not any explicit grammatical instruction is given. It is educated inductively. Furthermore, the target language is the only language to be used in the classroom.


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