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__Dyed hair ??? ___wavy frizzy hair ??? ___frizzy hair ??? ___straight hair ??? ___fair frizzy hair ??? ___a fringe hair ????????????????????? ___a parting hair ????? ___a pigair ?? ___a pory butt?????????????? (????? ) ___a bun?? ___streaks curly hair =high mild ??????? ___lank hair ??? ___greasy locks???? ___dry locks ?? ___shiny hair??????????????????? ___dandrufy ? ___a wig ?? ___a toupee???? ___bald ??????? The individual I like to speak about is my friend Dina.

She actually is buitiful girl and kind person. She love her family so much.

She gets got a long hair his colour is usually blond. She is white. She has buiteful relatives. She was study hard in her schoole. She’s clever person. Her desires is reading in history. Let me be friend for her. I’d personally love her to very much. How are you? I would really prefer speke about skryep my dad. He functions in a doctor. He shourt and excess fat and near a wint. He no longer love jop. He live in a marth Matroh. He don’t stay in Mahalla. He don’t take pleasure in crowed. He love us a lot. He hope found me doctor. I’d like discuss personality incredibly beautifol. He’s called Magdi Yakoup. This individual helps sicknes.

He is an old man. He’s successful. This individual makes surgery opparation in heats. This individual gaves kids new lifestyle. The personal I will describe is usually my sis. She is beautiful. She has a good hair. She is blond. She’s kind and helpful. She actually is clever in her operate. She is a teacher of English. Your woman like attracting. She is suitable for me. I wish to be like her. My father is definitely my ideal. He is taller and slim. He has a strong personality. He is fantestic character. He’s a teacher. He like watching TV and he just like films. He works hard in his institution. I like him so much because he kind and clever. Anybody who I would like to describe is my sibling.

She is doré. She is short and fit. She is kind and different in the sister the 2nd. She has child. Ilove her so much. I see her ber week. She’s very occupied all the week. She is a nurse. She gets a big cardiovascular system. She loves her partner and all the folks. She is a gorgeous person. I’d like to talk about my father. He is good-looking. He offers fine dark hair and white obvious skin. He could be smart and successful in the study. He can working now as a educator in one primary school. This individual works hard and all the students love him. His favourite hoppy plays football. He’s too kind and considerate. I love him too much.

I hope that he can live quite a while. I wish him a long your life. I’d like to discuss my father. He can a educator. He performs at one particular secondary school in Mahalla. All the students and his colleagues like and respect him as he is difficult worker. He could be too kind and thoughtful. I love him too much when he treats me personally gently. He likes angling and preparing food but my mother abhor him to generate anything with the food prep. She complains from him as he making your kitchen untidy. However , my mother likes him and his cooking so much. Finally he is a funny and lovely person who everyone want to be a friend for him. I identify my mom. I love my mother.

The girl with kind girl and good at workhouse. She actually is a educator of The english language. Student like her since she really like them and the girl teach English very well. She is a jaunatre face. She love myself and other relatives. She try to keep myself and my brothers a fantastic persons. She actually is cheerful. She actually is helpful. Your woman helps other folks if someone asked her any helping. Her interests is reading and seeing t. v. about news. She desires to15325 me to become doctor and I will try hard to achieve her dream. I enjoy her and i also will brand my girl that name like her. I will illustrate my mom. She is my buddy. I love the lady so much. She’s so kind and friendly. She doing work in her residence.

But she didn’t full her education, but she is very ingenious. She make well. Your woman keep the residence tidy and order. The girl like to go with her others who live nearby to the markets, this is her favourite hobby. At last, the girl with lovely woman. She loves shopping. We describe my mother. She is tall and fit. Your woman got long black curly hair. She has sight green. She’s great. She’s kind female. She is clever in the workhouse. She is deals good and nice. Your woman like sport and video games. All people appreciate her. My personal mather can be paitent. Although her a lot more hard, she is smiling at all times. My mather is jaunatre. She is support a life. She is character great. She’s beautiful.

She’s ideal. She is tired for her children. She’s teacher. She’s like fascinating adventure. I love my mom. my mom is my explanation to live. Your woman looks after me personally and my brothers. She is housewife. The girl with quiet tall. She is kind and useful. She instruct me how you can communicate with persons. She is blond with green eyes. The girl with a great female. She educate me how to depend on me. She is my ideal. I would really like to be just like she. The girl with a friendly with me. She said to me easily want to do any thing tell her regarding it before I really do it to tell me that is certainly write or wrong mainly because she would prefer to see my and my brother good person and all sorts of people like ours.

My spouse and i thinks Our god to givemy mother similar to this. I should can it ‘s best to pleased her because she learned me and looking following me. The girl likes to read on and my personal brothers. My father is a fantastic person.

You browse ‘Blond and Person’ in category ‘Essay examples’ He works as an engineer. Everyone love him. He is great, well-dressed and tidy. He could be very useful person. He contains a big understanding and very intelligent. He assists me in my life and examine as he can. He performs for a hard. He is often busy yet although he comes with myself to the membership on Thursday. As a whole, I believe he is the most wonderful person I ever before know. My dad is a great person. He could be a teacher. Everybody respect him.

He is wide open mind. He’s very useful person. He have information about all you can imagine. This individual always help me in my study. He find out a lot regarding our religion El-Islam. He could be preacher in mosque. Generally, I think dr. murphy is the most amazing man in the world. My brother Ibrahim. He is kind and funny. He is operate a company. He could be blond. He could be short. He’s my friend. He is my reflect. He advise me and provide opportunity speak. He likes travel, and trips. This individual likes lifestyle. I would like to spell out my granddad. He is very kind person. He is taller man, fit. He just like plays rugby. He is look smart. His eyes are grayscale he performs in tanta university.

He’s professor in this university. I prefer him that he is kindly, helpful, patient and friendly. I pleased because he is usually my uncle. I loved him. My dad is a great gentleman. I appreciate him many. He is taller and fit. He appear likes Ahmed Al-saka. He has a dark-colored her, a tiny lips and a wide eye. He is an ingineer. He can a hard gentleman in his work but he can helpful. He likes his work so much. His preferred hoppy plays football and watching to. v. news. Really he could be a man with the word that means. Ever since We first attained my amazing friend Noha on a trip for Alexandria several years ago, this lady has been my favourite, irreplaceable friend.

At first glance also you can see her long, jaunatre hair, as well as slender human body which make her look actually amazing. She has a beautiful confront with green eyes, small nose and enormous beautiful mouth. The most attribute thing regarding Noha is definitely her feeling of humour. She is societal and often many thanks everybody in different circumstances. Moreover, the girl with ambitious and optimistic. She seems quick-tempered but in truth deep straight down, she is actually an amiable person. In her free time, she goes either to the mosque or perhaps the club with her parent sister. In conclusion, Noha seriously deserves appreciation due to her good ualities. She shows people how to be a better person. I am hoping our companionship will never end. Ahmed is definitely my outdated brother and my best friend as well. He looks likes Rogdy Abaza. He’s handsome, well-built and strong. He features black fair hair, black eyes just like coal and lightweight skin. Moreover, He contains a good physical appearance as he can be stylish and well-dressed. He could be a kind and ambition. He can very religious and his only hoppy is definitely reading Koran. He is a student in Technology University. This individual likes study regarding science a lot. He research hard and hopes to be like Ahmed Zeweil. He constantly helps myself to overcome any concerns face me.

He retains my secrets. I really esteem and appreciate him. My own mother is the central person around me. She really deserves to become talked about constantly. She is somewhat short nevertheless beautiful and good-looking. She actually is a teacher in my supplementary school. She works hard and all scholar s love and esteem her. The lady always helps me during my study. Your woman want myself to be a doctor. She gives advices as the best woman in the world. The girl with intelligent, smart and available mind and funny that my father seems that she is his heart. She is kind. She assists the poor persons. Really I prefer her a great deal and won’t be able to live without her.

Let me tell you about my mother. This is a person who appreciate it the majority of. She is quite tall. This lady has long curly hair. She is a teacher. The girl with very gorgeous. She is ample and kind female. She assists other people. She actually is cheerful. I really like it quite definitely. Now, The girl with very unwell, I hope her a speed recovery. Your woman works in El-Mahalla Extra school. Your woman goes day-to-day except Comes to an end. On Comes to an end, we go to our farm building. It is very big. We take a look and have lunch break. After that we play jointly. Finally, We ‘d like to be like the lady. My mom’s sister or my aunt is the one who I want to speak about most.

The girl suffered a lot, but under no circumstances asked for help as your woman think that asking for help is usually symbol of weakness. Your woman always have a smiled confront. My aunt lives in Abu-Ali in Gharbia. She is my own idol. This wounderful woman has good attributes. She is impetuous, kind, smart, generous, She always dons awide black dress with a black veil. She is spiritual too. The girl always show religious testimonies. Finally I am able to said that she actually is a pretty girl. I will describe my grandmother. She has an ideal words which i need for my progress. She has a beautiful smile. Some people says I appear to be her once she was teenager. I do think it is authentic and I i am happy for that.

My grandma has many skills. She may cook extremely fast. She is good storyteller. My spouse and i admire her because she actually is very clever, and the lady had a large number of goals in her existence. My mom goes to her work and leave me personally and my mate and sister with her. She covers us because she really loves us just like I and my brother and sister love her. The lady was a great Arabic instructor but now retired. So I wished to be a teacher like her, with small big difference, I’m The english language Teacher. The girl was spending so much time every day and untile right now she wants to learn something totally new every day. The girl always can advise me, when I i am making a decision. I think it is the finest person on Earth.

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